As you probably already know, we are talking about the mark v by gepp rc and i actually had no idea. This drone was coming. Uh gebar c did ask me to review it a few weeks ago, but im pretty sure. I said no because i didnt think id have time to do a review, but im really happy. They sent it because, honestly, i have barely left my house for the past few weeks partially due to being really sick, then extremely cold temperatures in ontario, provincial lockdowns and finally being snowed in for a few days. So when this arrived today i was pretty excited to have a reason to go out also, if youve seen any of my last reviews, youll know that ive been a huge fan of gep rcs, most recent drones. So when this one came out, i was genuinely excited to try it as well and ill. Tell you right now: it definitely didnt disappoint Music. The mark 5 is geparsis newest flagship 5 inch drone and that specifically refers to the diameter of the propellers, but generally refers to this standard size of fpv drone that is typically used for freestyle and cinematic flying with a gopro, its a binderflyquad, meaning its completely pre Built and all you have to do is link it to a controller to get it up in the air and like most popular drones, these days, you can buy it in both analog and digital, and it also comes with two versions for 4s batteries and 6s batteries.

When you first look at it, the mark 5 definitely seems to have a pretty familiar design. The frame has a pretty common form factor and with these yellow tips at the end, it honestly gives me similar vibes to the nozzle 5v2, but it still does have some pretty unique features. One of the first things that caught my attention are these aluminum plates at the front in their promo photos. Geprc says that these are designed to provide extra protection to your camera during heavy impacts and honestly, this seems like a great idea. Ive crashed a lot with my other drones that use the typical standoffs up front and standoffs do sometimes bend out of place. Luckily, i havent had any big impacts with this drone yet, but i can definitely see these working a little bit better and a reason why you might want that extra protection on this drone is because the mark v hd, which is this one here, actually comes with The original dji camera, which recently hasnt always been easy to find – and i think a lot of people would agree – has the best quality video out of all the current digital cameras out there right now. So thats, a really nice touch. Another cool thing about these aluminum plates is they also create a pretty unique setup for your camera mount and the mark 5 actually comes with four different camera mounts that you can easily swap out theres your standard mount for gopros, one for smaller cameras and naked gopros And then two variations of a foam mount.

I typically use the standard gopro mount along with a plastic cover for my camera when im flying freestyle. Since i feel like this provides the most protection, then i tend to use foam mounts for cinematic stuff, because the soft foam adds a shock absorbing layer under your camera. That helps prevent the vibrations from your drone. From showing up in your footage to install the foam mounts, i would first squeeze around the foam a little bit. This seems to soften up the material which id like to believe makes it work a little bit better, but the next step would be to attach the extra plate that is provided and then use some double sided tape to mount the foam on top. Then you can use one of the longer battery straps that come with the quad and feed it through the gap between the two plates, and this will be used to secure your camera in place. Everyones gon na have a different preferred camera setup, so i think the fact that they provide you with all these options is really nice and its something that ive never seen. Another company do before. Finally, one more unique feature on the mark: 5 is its built in bluetooth, Music. This means you can wirelessly connect it to your phone and make changes to your drone settings and parameters on the go. All you have to do is power up the drone and connect it to the speedy b app, which is available for both android and iphone and ill leave.

A link to it down below wireless connectivity may be extremely common on photography. Drones like djis mavics, but its actually really rare to find on an fpv drone, but i think its great. It takes away the need to bring a cable or adapter with you, wherever youre going, which is one less thing to think about. Overall, besides those key features, i think the general design of the mark v is very clean and simple, and you can tell they put a lot of attention to detail, but the thing that matters, the most is its performance and well, what can i say, theres really Nothing i can criticize the tune is right on par with some of the best bind and fly drones, ive flown to date and based on their recent track record, i wouldnt expect any less from get varsity. I did take a few random notes, though. First, like most quads with an x shaped frame, you will see the propellers in the camera a bit. So keep that in mind if thats, something that bothers you. This is totally normal for this frame shape and it shouldnt affect your gopro footage. Unless your camera angle is really really low next, when it comes to controller sensitivity or rates, they are definitely set up to be more snappy and quick, making it a great freestyle setup straight out of the box. If i was buying this drone for cinematic purposes, i would definitely lower the sensitivity a little bit just to give me more precision, also, if youre starting out and want to make it easier to control.

Dont worry: these parameters are really easy to adjust yourself and theres tons of videos on how to do this. Finally, when it comes to flight time, unfortunately, its extremely cold here right now, which has been brutal for my batteries in these temperatures, id say that they drained after about three minutes of flying. But this wouldnt be a fair representation of the drones capabilities at all. On their website, geprc says they should be able to get six to eight minutes and thatll depend on how aggressively you fly. I think 6 minutes is a very believable estimate, though anyways sorry for the rather basic flights. My fingers were practically frozen and i really wanted to avoid losing the quad in deep snow. I absolutely loved flying it though, and i cant wait to put my own rates on it. I will definitely be keeping it around, so i think theres one more thing worth mentioning, and that is how it compares to other drones on the market and, in my opinion, i think its closest competitor is going to be the nazi evoque, so heres. What i think about that first, when it comes to performance, i would say that they are both equally fantastic and i honestly cant find a flaw with either one when it comes to pre built mass produced drones. Both are top tier products when it comes to the unique features that each one has well thatll come down to personal preference on one hand, im seeing more and more filmmakers, taking their fpv drones into extreme weather conditions and if youre, one of those people, maybe youll, Prefer the enclosed frame of the evoque, on the other hand, if youre more into freestyle, i do think that having the open sides of the mark v can be useful as well.

It makes the quad way easier to work on fix and upgrade and would also provide better airflow, also ill admit that, even though i tried really hard not to i did end up burying this guy in the snow today and i just unplugged the battery, let it Dry out and it seems to still work so, even though this doesnt have the protective cover uh, it can still take a beating also when it comes to the mark v. I do think that having the bluetooth feature can be very useful, especially if youre starting out, and you want to experiment a lot with your drone settings. The nozzle evoke, on the other hand, does come with the option of getting a gps module, which could be critical if you want to fly long range. So it is up to your personal preferences, but there is one thing that i do have to admit that iflight did better and that is accessibility and ease of use. For those of you who are just starting out with the mark 5, you really dont get any guidance on how to set this guy up theres, no directions on which way the propellers go. How to install the phone mounts, how to connect to a controller theres? No warnings, labels or anything, and although all of this is common sense for an experienced pilot, i know theres a lot of you guys out there who want to get started and would have no idea what to do so.

Geprc. I love you guys, but you really have to start putting in a little bit more effort into this uh, even just for the sake of safety, its not just gep rc. This is a large majority of all fpv companies. Finally, to finish off my comparison, the price of both of these drones is also pretty similar and ill put all that up on the screen for you, but, as you can see, youre clearly paying high end prices, but you are getting a top tier product anyways. I hope you guys found this video helpful if you did make sure to subscribe and do all that fun stuff.