It is minus 12 degrees celsius, i’ll put what that is in fahrenheit up there now today, i’m out here with this new cine whoop on the market. This is the gep rc crown hd it’s supposed to be different than other scene whoops that are on the market. Currently, one thing i can tell you about it is: the construction is really good. A lot of carbon fiber, cnc, aluminum, it’s uh, definitely designed to take a crash, and last also get bar c, is saying. This is different than any other scene whip on the market, because it’s less noisy so in their opinion, it’s, very, very quiet, and if you watch their videos of this, it is like going through this serene forest it’s super super quiet and there’s no sounds just the Sounds of birds, chirping and insects and that’s. Basically it, but you know, noise is subjective, what’s noisy to me might not be noisy to you and the opposite is also true. So i would equate this i’ve flown this in my house. I haven’t flown it outdoors. This can be the first time, i’ve flown it in my house to see how noisy it is. I will i will quantify it like this. If you are used to the sound of a jet engine, it’s pretty noisy right, a jet engine, so technology makes jet engines less and less noisy because they fly over populated areas. But to you the person on the ground, you could still look up and hear the jet and it’s still a jet engine, that’s kind of noisy it’s kind of like this.

It is less noisy than the other sceni whoops on the market. It’S quieter, but it still sounds like a sceni whoop, which sounds to me like a vacuum cleaner. Like someone running a vacuum cleaner beside you that’s what it sounds like so i’m gon na fly it out here, it’s the first time i’m gon na fly it and i’ll fly it around me and you’ll hear through my microphone right here. What what it actually sounds, like also, i want to mention there’s different versions of this on the market, so you can get it in analog and an analog it’s. A greenish color i’ll put a picture of it over here, that’s what it looks like i’m. Pretty sure the one i saw is green and you can get it in digital. This is the digital version. It also comes in a 6s version for a 6s battery or a 4s version for a 4s battery. This is 6s, so the one i’m going to fly today is a digital high definition, 6s version i’m going to show you a video from the camera up front, which is a nebula pro. It should record in my dji goggles and also from the gopro hero 8, that i stuck on this. They say this can handle a big battery and a gopro of pretty much any size. You want it’s, not super big in size, but we’re going to try it out today and see how it goes here.

We go so, as mentioned i’m, going to use my dji goggles to fly with this baby, since it is digital and to control this drone i’m. Going to use the dji fpv controller, so i have a 6s 1000 milliamp hour battery that i am gon na stick on our little crown plug in the battery and get some life all right just about ready to go now. The great thing about a cd whoop is that you can fly them low to the ground that’s. What they’re, designed for very cinematic and they’re really good for beginners, because you can bang into things and not break them. This thing’s all frozen now i’m going to fly back that way, there’s nobody back there over here we have people out ice fishing, so stay away from them. There we go. You should see me in the gopro hero8 looking at it. I’Ll just move out of the way, so i don’t get hit in the head. Let’S put this in acro mode. There we go and let’s arm it whoa. Can you hear it all right? Let me get out of the way here we go get over my head there. We go all right, just getting used to this baby, going nice and slow i’m going to keep it slow because that’s. What i want to see, how agile is it let’s go through the trees here? Keep it nice and low go through stuff over here, just missing the trees and going out this way, keep it down underneath everything so far, so good it flies just like.

I would expect a scenic whoop to fly, not an issue whatsoever and go nice and close to everything and, like i said these are great for beginners, because you can smash into whatever you want as long as you don’t smash into yourself or your buddy and the Drone will survive. This has got foam on the edges, so it’s, designed to bang into things indoors as well. You can see i’m going close to the trees. I really don’t care if i crash into something because it’s, like i said: it’s it’s, not gon na break and uh i’m, just humming along the throttle. I’Ve got it pretty much locked at one point, so it just stays at this height as i’m. Flying no issues whatsoever let’s go over this tree. This tree’s got hanging branches, let’s go under those, and i hit a few go under these ones and hit a few. There come on back this way, all right, so let’s slow it down and bring it close to me. Do you hear it now, there’s that vacuum cleaner, sound? I mentioned, hear that here, i’ll bring it in front i’ll, just spin it around slow here! Oh that blew my hair. A seating whoop is really good for the low flight like i’m doing here, low and slow but say you want to go and fly higher. Well, you can punch out. I can go up i’m on top of the tree. Now i can go over trees there.

We go uh ridiculous enough. You can do silly stuff like this. I don’t know why they put that in sceni whoops, but you can do that. They take a little while to recover when you do it. If you kill the throttle like i like to do, because just the way the fans are ducted it’s, not really designed for that and hey there’s, an audio system that i never noticed. It’S, pretty cool, see that see the things you can discover with a ceiling it’s like little speakers up here – hmm, never heard it on maybe in the summertime they put it on to make announcements or whatever, but i’ve, never heard it see. That’S the cool thing with these drones. You can make this really neat cinematography stuff, like that just following stuff. Now one of the great things of a sceni whoop is obviously, as i’ve mentioned in the video many times, flying slow and low to the ground and going through objects. It is so easy because, as you hit an object, i didn’t hit any objects here, but, as you hit something the cenium whip will just bounce off it. Won’T get damaged that it bounce off and you just carry on and try again it’s really good. For that. Now, of course, if you’re going full speed, add something like cement or pavement or concrete. Well, then it’s not going to work out too well in your favor. Now here i am just flying around exploring the local park there’s nobody around it’s a pretty much vacant day because it’s so cold out and i’m having a great time, but i found the family and i went over and talked to them and said: hey i’m flying This drone, and can you keep your kids away and watch what happens? Look in the right of your screen.

Look at the radio screen there’s a kid comes running, and i just see them at the last second and i have to pull up so. Thankfully this here crown hd has plenty of power to pull up. And yes, the father was my spotter for this year event and obviously he was watching this other child and miss that other child that came running at me now. Here i am flying around the structures i do like to fly through power lines. An awful lot, especially with fpv drones i was going to here and then i gave up, i just said: ah forget it um. Nobody was around this day once again, hardly any traffic, nothing so i’m, flying down the local roads and i’m gon na pull over to the left here and come and visit myself. You can see i’m sitting on the back of my jeep and i’m gon na bring the crown hd right over top of me now. It is so smooth a flyer and so so reliable that i can come nice and close go buzz. My head, you can hear the vacuum cleaner, sound as i go over now. This is kind of funny because i thought nobody was out here except me, and the parents with the kids, but look at there’s a guy right there waiting for a bus. He was shocked to see me and i was shocked to see him but uh yeah, so much for that that’s.

What happens and we’ll fly back over to me now i’m gon na bring it nice and low to the ground here and go around my jeep look at this so smooth so it’s, just so calm and quiet. You know if i turned off all the audio coming from this here drone. It would sound really good. Now, as i mentioned these type of drones, you always want to go low and slow and under objects, so that’s what i’m doing here and i’m just going to carry on, and you can even pick up speed and i’m going to go through some more objects. As i come forward to this little hut now here, i am coming back to myself and i love doing this. Look at this. I can just blow the snow up as i fly really close to the snow banks, it’s pretty darn sweet i’m over on the jeep. You can just see the top of my head i’m, just creeping behind these snow banks coming up to me and there i am i’ll, show you different points of views of this here, drone as it’s moving forward, but it’s really really sweet. I must admit i was very much impressed with the crown hd. I could just fly it so slow, so smooth, there’s, a bit of a window and it doesn’t really seem to bother it and it was so it’s, so very accurate. You can pinpoint it and fly exactly where you wish all right, so the get rc crown hd.

I will say this thing feels so freaking light there’s no gopro on it. Just a little mount that i’ve left on it and i have no battery on here. So i’m, just gon na weigh it i’m, pretty sure it’s over 250 grams. What do i have 317 grams total weight, 317 grams – that is the digital version. If you get the analog version, it will weigh less. It should weigh less analog, always weighs less than digital. So now you’re wondering how much flight time did i get during this review? Well, i tried different batteries. The biggest battery i used was a 1000 milliamp hour battery. I tried an 850 milliamp hour battery a 750 milliamp hour battery all 6s, and this is going to sound strange, but each one of those i was getting six minutes per battery. So, of course, if you put the 1000 on it weighs more than the 850 or the 750, but in the end i was getting six minutes and if i put the 750 on, i was still getting six minutes of flight time. So it was pretty decent. Now, as for the noise, it does make noise but it’s less than a normal sceni whoop it’s hard to explain unless i flew another sceni whoops 6s. Here that weighed about the same put the gopro and everything and had to lift it. You know the sound and then compared the sounds. You’D hear a difference for sure, but it’s not like a night and day difference not to me anyways.

So how do they do it with making the noise less well? Basically, when i look at the way they have the fans ducted the propellers, these little ducks the way they go in uh they sort of come in and then they go narrow at the bottom portion. So i think the fan blows and as it gets to the bottom portion, the air is sort of compressed. I don’t know it just doesn’t make as much noise or rattle as it comes off so that’s how they get around it. I have another drone i’ll be reviewing by getbrc and it has similar technology in it to keep it quiet. But overall, the construction of this is really good compared to some of the sceni whoops it’s, mostly all carbon fiber and some cnc aluminum it’s, pretty darn decent, of course, there’s plastic parts on it, but not that much. I think it would really withstand a crash quite well. It seems to be put together really well now. The one i flew is the model with the digital camera and the 6s motor, so with 6s motors you’re getting 1408 brushless motors and they have a kv rating of 2500.. If you go with the 4s, then you have a kv rating of 3500 and the cool thing is: is you can get this all in digital like i have here or you can get it all in analog and when you get in an analog it you save Yourself, like 100 bucks or more, but you get the same flight control system in it.

You get the same motors same power in the 6s and the 4s, so it’s not a bad deal and if you get analog well, then it’s a different camera upfront and a different vtx in the back to shoot out the signal. But it really doesn’t matter, because the analog weighs a little bit less than digital and the analog they put a good camera on the front. They put a retail version 2, i believe, and the vtx on the back shoots out at 600 milliwatts for the analog, which means you can fly far away, especially since you’re flying this low to the ground like just in inches above uh. You want a really good vtx in the digital it’s it’s, all controlled in your goggles, how many milliwatts it is, and it’s it’s, dji and vista compatible. That gives you the the range and the distance everything just works in digital and in analog everything works too. If you know what you’re doing so, the next thing i want to do is: let me just show you quickly what comes in the box and then come back to me and i’ll. Give you my final thoughts on this drone. Here we go and we’re off with a captain drone unboxing. So let me start by saying this is a box inside that box? You get a shrink wrapped crown hd drone or whatever one you ordered, and you get a goodie bag with all sorts of spare items that you’ll need and some things you have to attach.

You also get stickers. You can’t have an fpv drone without stickers, so let’s tear into that plastic now take a look at the antenna. My hand is covering it there. It is, you can see the antenna you just have to take that antenna and push it into place. There’S a tiny hole in the back. Some people have difficulty with that, because the hole is very small, just work it in and the antenna will stay in place forever and ever after that you’re going to take this little battery. This is like a grippy thing that your battery sits on and just stick it on any place on the top of the drone that you wish. Next take your battery strap. You have two of them that are included and just wrap it underneath and connect it and you’re pretty much all ready to go and here’s your finished product next, just bind it to your transmitter and your goggles and you’re all set all right. So what i did is, i grabbed some of the scene whoops i have here. I have a pile of them on the wall, but these are the most popular ones, so i have one by hglrc. I have the eachine one i reviewed recently and i have an eye flight one here, the bumblebee that a lot of people have bought and it’s a really good one. I like it so in comparing all these. I swear if i stuck them on a table.

Well, i’ve got them on a table here, yet you really can’t tell them all apart they’re all pretty much similar. So all i can say is honestly with all these. All i can say is this: one here will have the latest flight controller, the latest technology, the latest pits the latest rates. You’Ve got the nebula pro camera in the front. If you go, digital you’ve got some other features, a little bit less noisy and a little bit more time on the battery that’s. All i can say so. If you’re looking for a cd whoop, there’s lots of them here and this one would be a good choice. I’M, not going to say it’s better by miles because it’s not night and day by miles than these other ones, but it’s definitely a really good choice and i really enjoyed it. So you saw i had a lot of fun flying it so anyways. What i’m going to do i’m going to put links below to this one and i’ll, put links below to the analog version as well, and you’ll see a bunch of links there. So the 4s, the 6s, the analog the digital and, if you’re, looking for a cinewook. As a beginner or as a pro and you don’t have one yet, then you might as well get one with the latest technology, which would be this one. All right, guys, hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future videos with many more drone reviews.