Well today, i have something cool for you. This is the crocodile baby five by get bar seed. The reason it’s called the five is because it has five inch props now, if you’re not familiar with fpv drones and the fpv hobby, when a company makes a drone with 5 inch props, it usually means it can lift a full size gopro. So this year, drone can do that, but that’s not what makes this drone really really cool. What makes this drone cool is that the version that they sent me this was sent to me by getbrc has the full dji fpv system in it, so that’s the most expensive system on the planet for fpv, and this has it in it. So the reason people will actually buy the dji fpv system in an fpv drone is because then the drone has a little slot on the side to put a micro sd card in, and you can record video from the pilot’s camera at 1080p. 60 frames per second. So there’s no need of the gopro on top or any other camera. However, in this video i’m going to fly it with an insta 360 go 2 on top plus use the camera down here at 1080p, 60 and then i’ll. Take this off and i’ll put a full size gopro on it, but let me tell you a few things about this fpv drone before we go for a flight that make it better than a lot of other drones on the planet.

Now, what makes this drone kind of unique on the market is that they built it so that people could have a lot of fun with it fly it far, because it is a long range drone and if you crash it, it’s designed not to break so everything’s Carbon fiber, but to make it very strong, they put like four mil carbon fiber arms that adds a bit more weight, but they said well we’re going to make the arms strong, because, usually when you make a lightweight drone, you don’t make the arms very strong, because You don’t intend to crash it, but this one super strong plus they put the brace across here. It does have two mil carbon fiber on the top and the bottom, but no one ever breaks the top or the bottom portions. It does have a gps rescue on the bottom, so if i fly it too far and it goes out of range, the rescue will then activate and the drone will just fly up and fly back to me. It does have a beeper function on the bottom, which is screeching loud, which will drive you up the wall, so yeah there’s a little button to turn it on and off after you go and retrieve your drone. The beeper function will activate automatically when the battery you put on top is out of voltage power, so in other words that’s, probably why you crashed, or you crashed and the battery then drains.

So then, the beeper activates makes it very easy to find the drone since it’s very modern. They put an f7 flight controller in it, so you have the latest greatest and they put super high efficiency motors on here now. This is the cool thing about this. Drone is that you can fly it for over 30 minutes if you want, if you want to put the 3 000 milliamp hour lithium ion battery on it, you can go for over 30 minutes flight with this thing, but you can put other size batteries so it’s A 4s drone in this video when i’m flying it around i’m, going to have like an 850 milliamp hour battery 1100 milliamp hour battery, all 4s just different sizes to fit on the back behind the camera that i put on the front. All that adds weight. Now, speaking of weight, the last thing i want to tell you is the version they sent me is over 250 grams. If you want one under 250 grams, you have to buy the analog version. I believe that one is under 250., all right enough talking for me. Let’S go get some flight footage here we go all right, as you can see here. I have batteries of all different sizes that i’m going to try out today with this here beautiful little crocodile baby 5.. Now, since it has the dji fpv air unit in it, i have to use the dji fpv goggles to see the video from here for a radio i’m going to use the dji fpv radio.

All right, i have the insta360 go in here and i’m just going to yank it out there’s my little camera right here and this little camera is going to plunk in the front of this baby right up there. There we go all set to go next, plug this in power’s on that’s all set as well. So we are good to go. That’S that’s, how loud the beeper is. I have the beeper on a switch hang on a second. There we go there we go. I turned it off. I have it on a switch on my remote that i can turn it on and off automatically as well. There we go and let’s take it out for our first flight here arm the motors and see how she flies. I can hear it and she’s got tons of power, just as i expected all five inch drones for some reason. Just have such a ridiculous amount of power. You can do all sorts of cool things with them just flying around and doing what you want now. I can’t show you in my goggles, but there is an arrow that points back to me, because the gps rescue is functioning. So it shows me which way home is so i’m just going to stay over by me right now, just to see how this thing flies. Just to get used to it, i always have to get used to a drone for the very first flight to see how well it goes there.

You go i’m over here. It’S very smooth, let’s see how noisy it is as it goes by no, i didn’t even hear that let’s go by me closer see how noisy this is. Normally they make drones so quiet nowadays. Here we go gon na come right over me, that is quiet, my god, that is quiet for a drone, that’s, really good. All right! So let’s go over this way check out some stuff down here such a smooth flying drone. You could aim this wherever you want to not worry about crashing into anything. This is a really really good drone, okay, so i’m i’m, going to tell you right now, i’m already impressed with this drone. The way it flies it’s very smooth, it’s, like i’m, just touching the joystick slightly. I point it in a direction and it stays true to the direction. I stick it in there’s, no tail and waggle, or anything like that. Some drones, you get that you compensate for it, but i love it when drones don’t have it because then it just makes my life so much easier, that’s for sure all right, let’s go over here and of course you can do freestyle on drones like this here. I’Ll just bring it over this way. I’Ll just do the little typical freestyles. I always do slow it down slow roll it’s, very smooth that way smooth roll this way and horizon flips this forest. You can see there’s a line you can take.

I can see many lines there’s a lot of trees around, but what you don’t want to have happen is crash into a tree. So just go this way through all the trees and then back out so no problem there. Everything looks good. So what i’m going to do now is, let me just take this here drone and put a really heavy gopro on it and see if it flies just as nicely, because it’s it’s really really good right now. So let’s come back to me and find me over here: i’ll get out of the sun i’ll just bring it over to my feet, see how slow i can fly it. How smooth it is! Very! Very nice come on down over here there we are i’m up here, so i have a gopro hero8, which is way over 100 grams that’s, quite heavy i’m gon na stick it on the front and we’ll see when i’m flying if it’s, just as nimble with uh The hero 8 on it. So let me get the angle right for the camera i put on my captain drone battery, so we got the gopro hero 8 up top. We have an 850 milliamp hour. Four cell battery on the back. It fits nicely still have room. I could put something as big as a 1300 milliamp hour battery or a 3000 lithium ion battery, but let’s try it. With this see it feels like there’s a lot more weight but it’s a five inch drone, so it should be pretty nimble, so let’s try.

It macro mode arm the motors here we go a lot more weight now, yep still as blippy as previously see. If i feel the weight normally, i could feel the weight on drones. I feel it’s ever so slightly, but look doing the same thing. Not really a problem fly around it’s, not an issue yeah, not a problem. You go through anything you want to go through let’s. Take it up. Try some freestyle slow turns one way. Slow turns the next way coming down. Go up. Do a flip yeah, nothing there! It uh full size, gopro perfectly fine, obviously, with all that weight, you’ll get less flight time, but uh everything seems to be working. Even the gps is working again. You know i plugged in the battery and took off right away and the gps work, and it says uh it’s showing me the arrow back to myself so yeah i’m flying to the end of the field here, not a problem whatsoever and there’s. Nobody over there in the other field, so let’s just turn around bring it back. Flying up nice and high here go over the park and i’m a way back there. So there’s the world film up high, so watch this i’m going to pick up, speed and dive. There we go coming down super fast, hot and fast, probably going to hear the screaming of the motors any second now it’s coming down fast. Oh there she goes yeah. I love five inch.

Drones always have because they carry so much and they’re so freaking, reliable and they’re so strong. They can handle any type of crash, all the good ones that are made really strong like this one. They made this one really strong. They knew people wanted a long range drone and they wanted something that would survive a crash and also something that was long range that could lift a super heavy object and as well. If you didn’t put a heavy object on it and you want it to fly for like 30 minutes and like miles and miles away and i’m serious with miles and miles you can with this drone, you can certainly do that right now. The way i have it configured with all the weight and everything and the smaller battery it’s designed just to have fun flying around your local park like i’m doing here and look at something i can go through. Well, nothing exciting it’s, so so large couldn’t really miss that let’s go over here where i got something in the way go through that and then nothing exciting there. I don’t really have any objects to to go through around here, because it’s not really designed for that. In the park, all right, so what i’m going to do now is i’m just going to bring it on back it’s, not much. I can show you on this. All i can say is there are three models of this drone, so you have the most expensive one.

What i’m flying here, then, you have one a little bit less expensive, which has the cad dx system, which is a less expensive, uh digital camera system, still just as good as the fpv unit that i’m using here, except it does not have an onboard 1080p 60 Frames per second recorder and then finally, the next version after that you have the analog version and that one there is very inexpensive and it’s very lightweight, because uh digital cameras have a lot of weight to them, but analog cameras, not a lot of weight. Look at this, i can bring it around me here: let’s just rotate around my car. So what, however, deep your pockets are, is the one that is for you in something like this here i am right there, Music, all right, we’re all excited so let’s bring it on back. I don’t know if you can hear a beep. Do you hear a beep that’s, my beeper, on for low battery, so with the gopro on flying around uh for the amount of minutes i’ve been flying, yeah i’m getting a low battery, so there we go break it down, and here i am there we go. So if you’re new to the fpv hobby – and you hear that sort of beep, that is the beep to tell you that when you’re flying your battery’s getting low, you also see it in the goggles. When i was flying, i could see it in the goggles and that’s, because i put this extra weight up here and i only have an 850 milliamp hour battery to run the camera system down here, plus this here, gopro, so it’s not it’s insufficient.

But now let me show you the other beeper, so you can tell the difference. Watch this i’m going to unplug this battery. So this battery is controlling the beep. You hear watch take that out. Take that out and now we’re going to go into the finder beeper that’s a finder beeper that’s when you lose your drone, those are the beeps you’ll hear and that’ll go on for like an hour or so to help you find your drone and on the back, You have a little red light. You probably can’t see it it’s as it goes. So whenever you disconnect the battery that goes on or if your battery runs super low and goes to zero, that will go on and then you just press this button in the back here and that’s. It it’s all reset back to normal ready to fly another day. All right, the next thing i want to show you is what comes in the box when you buy this drone check it out. Here we have the box at the crocodile five baby comes in, and my box had this specification on the side. Gep rc likes to shrink, wrap their drones right out of the factory. Removing the shrink wrap reveals your drone. My version of the crocodile 5 baby has the dji fpv air unit and camera. When you get batteries for this drone make sure they have an xt30 connector. Here you can see how the drone is constructed, as well as the f7 flight controller, and here you can see the power cable for a naked gopro.

Should you wish to attach one two sets of gem fan: 5130 props are included. Other accessories include a battery grip, a battery, strap and landing foot pads plenty of screws are included, as well as zip ties and antenna protectors. Final items would be an air unit manual and stickers. First thing you’ll want to do is peel off the back of the battery grip and then attach the battery grip to your drone. Next, take the battery strap pass it underneath the frame and velcro it in place finally place the props on each motor. The props are in a props in configuration. Two screws per prop are required to secure them to the motors. If you wish, you can attach the soft landing pads to each leg, as shown here all right final thoughts on the crocodile baby, 5. I’M. Going to tell you, i love this drone because it’s so versatile it’s, one of those drones that you can make it do different things. Just by the way you can figure what’s on top. So if you get the version i have which has the dji fpv air unit, you have a 1080p 60 frames per second recording system in it. You do not need a camera on the top, so since you don’t need a camera on the top, you can put a 3 000 milliamp hour lithium ion battery on top and fly for 30 minutes and fly miles and miles and miles. I don’t know like three or four miles whatever you want.

Oh wait. You can put a crossfire unit on this and go like i don’t know eight or nine or 20 miles away if you want, if that’s, if that’s, what you’re into next thing. I love about this drone. Is that for guys like me, who are a park flyer you see, i live in canada, we’re not allowed to fly long range, so i can never take a drone like this and fly it like 10 miles out. We’Re not allowed to do that in canada, but i can fly around my park and i love to fly fpv drones around a park. So i love that this drone is a long range drone, but, unlike other long range drones on the market, this one is built to crash and smash and bash and do freestyle in a park. So in other words, i could put the gopro hero8 lots of weight. I could put a super large battery on the back four cell, like a 1300 milliamp hour battery, and i can crash it into a tree or into the ground and it will survive it’s designed for that. So it’s got the best of both worlds. If that’s, what you want so all in all, really really really a good drone for someone who wants to get into fpv drones. If you had this, you probably would not have to have any other fpv drone, because it does everything it’s long range and everything else. The only thing it’s not is, if i take everything off it, it is not under 250 grams.

That is about the only negative i can say, but they couldn’t do that, because then they couldn’t make the arms as strong as they did and everything else as powerful. As it is, unless of course you buy the analog version, then you have everything. I just said here. You have long range far far away fast freestyle park, flyer, everything and it’s under 250 grams, so you have the whole the whole, whatever enchilada all right. So with all that said, i’m going to put links to where you can find this drone below check it out, i don’t know what the price is, but i will tell you that the one i have, in my hand, is the most expensive, so you need deep Pockets to buy this one, but if you want the analog one it’s, not that expensive, it’s it’s worth the price, all right guys hope you enjoyed this video. If you did, please give it a thumbs up and i will catch you in future videos with many more drone reviews.