I know some of you have been asking me questions about this. So i’ll just uh explain my thoughts on these new models before i get them. I’Ll probably get these at some point down the road, but you know obviously i’m not going to be in the first batch reviewers as usual. There’S. Three versions of this there’s uh, one with the air unit, one with a vista on a nebula nano camera and an analog version, so the one with the air unit is going to be the heaviest it’s going to be coming in at 252.3 grams. Obviously, what should come with the full size? Dji camera? So if you need a full size camera then you’ll have to go with the air unit version. If you want the next one is the vista version with the nano camera. So apparently, nano cameras are still very readily available right now, even with the chip shortage, all the nebula pros are out of stock everywhere, as predicted and very hard to get so a lot of these manufacturers can’t even get them for their build, so they’re resorting to The nebula nano this may change in the future. If you’re watching this video sometime down the road they may have replaced, they may be replacing the nebula nano version with a nebula pro version instead, which is probably going to be the most popular one. I suspect, but this one here is coming in at 228 grams. The analog version obviously is going to be the lightest and the cheapest at 250 um 600 milliwatt video transmitter and it’s coming in at 214 grams, so the motor and frame and esd all in one flight controller is the same on all these they’re all using the This new f7, all in one 35 amp flight controller.

I haven’t tried that one, yet i suspect, it’s going to be better than the f4 that they used before, because it should have more uarts and they’re, probably not going to resort to any weird soft serial tricks with gps. The motor here is a 2004 motor at 2550kb, which is interesting, it’s the same kv as the one on the khmer 5 that’s a 2005 motor, but the khmer 5 also weighed quite a bit more. So if you compare the vista version, which is the nebula nano camera um at uh 228 grams, i believe my chimera 5 with the nebula pro camera came in at you know: 264 grams, so yeah it’s um. You know the iflight is a heavier frame and heavier motors, but it does have more power. The 2005 motors definitely have more power than 2004 motors, but the the frame is much more beefy on this one and i think that’s probably why the crocodile frame is a little bit lighter. But if you just look at the let’s look at some of the photos here, so they have some bracing arms here. Obviously i think this frame looks very similar to the four inch frame. I think this kind of blew it up the obviously the arms for five inch are gon na be a little bit longer in the back, which is why you’re gon na want this bracing frame here to deal with the resonance vibrations, because this thing just turns into A tuning fork, the longer the arm is, and you get all these vibrations to go into the flight controller, so that’s, probably why they do that.

But it looks pretty much like the four inch frame it’s a little bit more dead, catty the. I can see that these arms in the back kind of sweep back a little bit more to accommodate the bigger prop, so that definitely uh, i think, that’s the reason why they went with the bracing arms – and you know these arms are way skinnier than the ones On the camaro 5, i can just tell they look way way, skinnier, so the bracing arms help with the vibrations and also give it a little bit more strength in case of crashing but it’s fairly, similar looking to the uh four inch frame and not surprising. So you know, with this 2004 2550 kv motor, i think that’s a little bit better kb than the one. The the daitong one that came in at 2900 kv um thinking, that’s, probably gon na be a little bit too much, although i never flew that one. They sent me the 6s version at 1700 kpa, i believe so um now and another thing i’m suspecting, is that gip rc is probably going to have a better tune on this one versus uh, the the roma l5. They got from nigerian that didn’t come with much of a tune at all, and i do like the fact that they put the crossfire antenna in the front, which i i definitely approve of um yeah. So you know the the four inch version of the crocodile was probably one of my favorite four inch long range quads.

I expect this one to fly fairly similarly and probably have a pretty decent tune for what this is intended for. Long range cruising, if you’re trying to get this for racing or freestyle you’re, going to probably find the tune, isn’t going to be appropriate for that type of flying um and you might be disappointed. So, just be aware that i know that some guys uh complained that they bought, like the the. I think it was the crocodile four and they were trying to do freestyle with it and they felt like the tomb was very good for freestyle. But that’s. Not the intention of that frame, it’s really for long range cruising, and so for something like this with the 4s. I think it was the lithium ion battery that they have here the 3000 milliamp hour lithium ion battery with the sony btc six cells. You know it’s a 25 to 30 minute flight time now, that’s pretty typical for the size, and this kv and really also it’s, going to depend on other factors. Of course, like wind, your flying style, you know those kind of things but that’s i’m. You know, based on all of my experience, this is pretty accurate about what you should expect if you’re just kind of cruising around. If you’re, you know going in the throttle and trying to erase it and doing full throttle punch outs for crazy freestyle, then you’re probably going to expect much less flight time, maybe as low as 10 minutes on something like this, because it’s just going to be burning.

The the battery and causing it to heat up and just cause lots of inefficiencies so yeah they got the f7 in here now uh the 2004 motors there’s. Nothing really that surprising about this model, it’s, really like the four inch version. They just bumped up the flight controller to f7, hopefully with more uarts. They have three versions. You know air unit, vista version, analog version and the 2004 motor on this one should be fine. At this weight looks like they try to keep the weight down compared to some of the other ones out there. So you know again for long range cruising. I think this will be. It should fly fine based on my experience with previous products from get bar c, and they should have a pretty decent tune. You know they don’t make bad motors or anything like that, or you know, generally speaking, their stuff is pretty decent out of the box. You know whether or not it holds up to bashing and bandos uh hard to say you typically, a lot of these companies don’t hold up that. Well, you know to that kind of flying. So if you want banded bashing, you probably want to look at something else. If that’s that’s, the kind of flying you’re going to be doing anyway, um a couple of differences, the all one flight controller, even though it’s an f7 it’s, only 35 amps on this one. So again, you know if you’re pushing it full throttle, punch outs racing, probably not a good idea on this one, especially if you’re putting a big lithium ion battery in there and weighing it down and also carrying maybe a full size gopro, for example.

That could be a problem and what’s interesting is they have in their photo here a naked hero8 and a looks like a custom case from gitbrc. So i don’t know if this is something that they’re going to be selling separately. I know people are going to be asking about that or if it’s just going to be a case, you have to actually strip down a naked hero or strip down a hero8 and put that in yourself, i’ll try and find out and i’ll put some information in The description, if there’s just a case, i’ll i’ll, link that in the description as well, but if it’s an actual product that you can just buy, which would be great, i mean i actually picked it up myself, because you know stripping down a gopro is a real Hassle and it’s easy to make a mistake, and actually you know brick it and completely trash it. So, hopefully, they’ll come up with this where’s our product and then yeah. If it is i’ll link it down in the description, but anyway the more you weigh it down with the the limited 35 amp ac you’re, probably not going to want to push it that much anyway, especially on the heavier version like with the air unit. Definitely you don’t want to be pushing it. The camaro 5 has a also an f7 but it’s a 45 amp ac. So you can push that one. A little bit more it’s got a little bit more headroom, for you know when you crash and the props are stuck, you know it’s less likely that you’re going to pop a fet and burn an esc, so that’s.

Why uh? You know the 35 amp here is probably the lowest. I would recommend on something with a 204 and a 5 inch prop, but you know if you’re just cruising around it should be okay for that kind of flying. Okay, i think that’s going to do it yeah. Let me know if you have any questions about this. Hopefully, i’ll get one of these down the road soon i don’t expect it to fly too differently from what i just described here, it’s going to be pretty similar to the four inch, just maybe a little bit longer flight time, a little bit more stability and wind. That kind of thing um yeah but that’s, pretty much my thoughts on that.