I mean all right what we got here. Oh yeah, camera control thing nice. We got the gopro mount that gopro mounted well nice, though so im, assuming that just screws on oh yeah, theres, four little screw holes in there and then it just goes on like that. Well, theyre giving me an extra set of props weve got battery strap thats a spare one by the looks of it yeah some spare antenna mounts. I mean it sticks up quite a fair bit that then again when the gopros on it im, assuming the gopro, is going to be higher than that anyway. So it shouldnt be a problem thats for uh, a naked gopro plug obviously into the battery and then plug that into the bec on the naked gopro, and it will power it for you. Thats nice got some more of these anti vibration. Dampening o rings got some spare screws allen keys a little spanner got a camera protector. The one thing im well impressed about is the stickers i just love stickers. I love stickers and a key ring, which is great, and one of my batteries is finished right. So before we plug it in ive got to uh bind the damn thing, so is it gon na? Let me right its now binding. I had to go into agent x and update my crossfire module to a newer version for some reason it wouldnt, let me bind without it, but now it is updating the receiver lets plug this back in and make sure this is flat.

Yep make sure that its going the right way, yep yep roll well thats all thats backwards. Try that one get throttle pitch roll your yeah, okay. There we go its going to mode uh. No, we want that. The other way like that. Okay, dont want to do angle mode. Dont want to do horizon mode, put that on auto right, thats, the beefer, and then i also need ammo on a switch as well, which ive been told is the best way to do this, but turn ammo off and ammo. Should show up in here now there it is all right so thats air mode on air mode off Music right, and we will sort that flip over after crash eventually, but not right now, right so now. I need to make sure this is all set up. So save that stop. Actually, let me just make sure my rates see what the rates are like in here looks like theyre all pretty much: okay, yeah thats, fine, save that. So i think thats everything. So i finally got this thing bound to my transmitter. I had to upgrade my crossfire module to a beta version, some reason, so this module in the crossfire module that came in this actually would bind yeah its all bound now. So, if youre having the same issue, i am you need to make sure that your crossfire module is on the newest firmware. Then it should bind okay and update and yada yada.

So ive got the battery on this now im using the iflight usb to balance connector. So i can take the battery out of my gopro to make it that 40 grams lighter the battery im. Using for this is the gmb 1100mm 6s hv. So it charges up to 4.35. Volts per cell should just give me that extra bit of flight time that i need, so we are going to fly this now and see what we can do inside with it um i put all my beta flight settings on it all my um. My rates really was the only thing i needed to put on it. To be honest, i needed to make sure my osd had all the right elements on it, but thats pretty much it. Everything else is all set up ready to go so lets go ahead and fly this indoors and see what we can get out of it so: Music, yes, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, Applause, Music, right. So after that first flight, my first impressions of this flying indoors yeah, you can definitely tell its a 3.5 inch ive flown the pro tec before and ive flown the squirt before the handling on it yeah. It is very good, its very smooth, the the wash you get off of the props pushing against, because obviously the ducks are open at the sides that the air coming out of the sides, especially when youre going through tight gaps.

You can feel that air pushing against it gon na, go out and fly outside now and see how well it performs outdoors, especially with the wind and all that and then well go from there right. So when i went outside, i did two different videos. The first one im going to show you here is with higher rates that i would normally use on my five inch drone im going to do some flips and rolls as well just to see how well the prop wash handles and stuff like that, and then on. The second video im going to lower the rates down to what more of a cinnaboop should be just to see how much smoother it can be: Music, Applause, Music Applause, Music, Music, Music right so conclusions after flying it indoors and outdoors yeah. I like it, obviously, because it is a 3.5 inch. It is quite difficult to fly indoors because the ducts are open. Air does come out the sides and it is difficult going through gaps, but it is doable with enough practice, im sure its possible. One of the reasons why i got this drone is because you can go from indoor to outdoors quite easily the range of flying. You can do with this is obviously greater. The fly is very smooth the tune on it that uh guest party put on it is great with the right rates on it. It is lovely to fly the flight times on it.

It varies to be honest outside. I think i was getting about five minutes indoors. I was getting about six six and a half minutes, probably seven, if i actually pushed it other than that, i havent really found anything wrong with it. Yet i mean it does look quite cool as well. Actually, i do like the uh design of this thing. The guards do feel strong as hell. I dont think theyre gon na break in a crash anytime soon, but only time will tell. I guess.