So if youre new to this channel, i hope youll hit subscribe and you will get the notification bell so that you will get notified when we release new videos, because we do a lot of fpv, cinewoop and all kinds of drone stuff on this channel. So the cinelog 35 hd gives you a bigger frame than the cinelog 30 or the 25. geprc has come out with several different sizes of this pretty much same formula and same design uh as as this one. But this one is a little bit bigger and its a pusher. It allows you to mount something like a gopro hero, 10 hero 9 and even a hero 8 will fit right on it. You can also mount the insta360 go peanut, as well as the go 2 right here with this built on little mount on it. It uses an xt, 30 connector and it can use a variety of different ones. I think an 850 milliamp hour is going to be a good size, one for this, its about the right size to fit right here and stay in place and again really really great for getting amazing shots as youre flying through gaps and cutting around following stuff. Through the air etc, its just got a lot of versatility to it. The prop guards that are built around it are really very solid feeling. The fact that its a pusher, where its pushing downward and the motors are mounted facing downward, gives you a little bit more protection, its also pretty easy to actually set up, because you can get to both the usbc and the micro usb ports.

Now the other nice thing about this is that you have uh these dampeners theyre these little rubber pieces and in the past these rubber pieces would sometimes pop out. They now have a screw built into them to keep the whole thing from coming out. If you crash all right, so we have the tpu mount, which looks really cool and we um had to take this little guy off in order to uh put it on there, but were having a really hard time getting the allen wrench in the right place. So that we can screw this in and get the actual camera bolted back in, because when you undo it, the camera comes unbolted. So you can see the camera is currently like loose and so what i think im gon na do rather than trying to um, rather than trying to put the screws in. I think im just going to bolt the camera down using two of these bolts and then just zip tie the camera onto that platform. Instead of trying to screw it in. I think thats going to be a better solution and be a lot easier to put on and remove, and you know i know everybody likes my singing so hey how you doing im just screwing in some screws. If you dont make them tight enough, your camera, you could lose, but when im finished tightening these, i think we all be good. So there they are theyre in just like.

We thought they should all right. So those are in oops yeah. Those those seem to be in pretty good. These are little speed wings, so these will make it fly faster, Music, so Music, Music, Music, so Music, Music, Music, Music, so Music Music. This is the kind of quad youd want to use to get some really cool. First person view shots from a cinewoop. I like it a lot uh geprc really comes out with high quality stuff. I mean its already built its already tuned, its already configured theres a link below. If you want to check it out, one quick note about it: it does work better with the bigger series batteries or the fatter batteries more of this type than this type, because of where it sits here in the strap. The fatter battery just sits in this space.