Welcome to my channel well in this episode were going to take a look at the gep rc cine log 30.. This ones a little bit different looking than the cine log 25, because its larger in size. They also changed up the colors. So you can see that ive got red on this side, uh gray. On this side, i got some red props on this side: black props. On that side. Now let me say this its windy today. Every time i come out to review a pusher drone, its windy. So if you see this camera or the image of me going side to side thats the wind blowing, everything is just blowing around here. Can you see the tree back there, its blowing? Every time? I come out to do pusher thrones its blowing, so im gon na. Do this one really quick to get going all right. So here is my get bar c cdlog, 25 and here is ill put it this way. So you can see it 25, and this is a 30., so 25 means 2.5 inch. Props and thats whats on this and 30 means 3 inch props. If you put three inch props, you need bigger motors, smaller motors. You see how this is going. The bigger the drone gets well, the specifications just seem to go up in most cases anyways. So i flew this one before and i loved the cine log 25 i raved and raved and raved about it.

So ive got to love this one: the scenilog 30. ive. Only flown it in my house and its pretty decent, the only big difference is you know, honestly. I think the flight controllers are the same. This ones got five blade of props on the bottom and it does have a cadx nebula pro camera. I believe this one here has the uh kedex vista polar, which is a new camera on the market because of the chip shortage. So dji got out of the business of making these little cameras and all this stuff because it was too expensive for them with their chips and everything so cad x still does it they use. I dont know some sort of different types of chips, and this is their new version never flown with this outside. So im going to be trying it today in the wind. Also, the motors are obviously different uh. They both take 4s batteries, and this one here i think it was rated to take maybe max 450 or 650 battery. You know it adds a lot of weight and this one here its just standard at 650 and you can go up from there. So today, when i fly wheres my battery, so i do have a 650 a for cell 650 right here, really high c rating. So it should be good problem. Is i mentioned it? Every video, the camera i put on the front uh. This is an iflight, go camera its like the smo4k, its like the naked gopros theyre very light.

They only weigh, i think, like 30 grams, or something like that, so you use them on pusher drones problem is they have no battery whoa? The wind is blowing again problem. Is they have no battery in them, so they have to take the power from the battery. You stick on the drone, but that batterys supplying all the power to the motors, the flight controller escs, the camera in the front, the video signal coming back. So when you then add this camera, it sucks out a lot of power. So your flight time shortens, which is unfortunate. What else do i have? Oh? I have oh, i thought i had a bigger battery. I have a smaller battery of 550.. This ones got a really high c rating, so my my prediction right now is: it should fly. Well, since its windy out ill try to keep it lower to the ground and fly it around and bust it around here at least youre going to see this flying on a windy day. I will say if youre a newbie and you want to fly a drone. An fpv drone for the first time avoid windy days, always fly on non windy days if youre, just starting out for your first while its very difficult to fly fpv on windy days. Uh – and this is a pusher drone – ive been flying for a long time. So itd be easy for me, but yeah you never know.

We could have a crash today, and i should mention just like my senilog 25, its totally digital. You can get them in an analog version, but since its totally digital i have the dji fpv goggles here and the dji radio. I asked them not to put a receiver in it, so its just plug and play im just going to connect right to the cadx vista, polar thingy, and this will connect direct to it and we can just go fly with just this all right. So ive got the 650 milliamp hour 4s battery on the back, and i am going to plug in the power right now. This wind is actually kind of cold yikes. So there we go so we got power, escs all boot, up im, leaving the camera kind of forward uh, because im going to try to keep it low to the ground and fly a little bit slower, so ive got it set at you know you can fly At medium speed, this way all right so im just going to spin this camera around so its looking over at me, and it will be looking at me as i take off all right so goggles on uh, just to remind you, im gon na show you video From the polar camera which is recorded in these goggles, as well as the 4k iflight uh gocam up front, so you should be seeing an image of the camera. Looking at me from the gocam – and let me just find acro mode here, acro mode and then arm it, it is pretty darn windy.

Here we go, take it up nice and slow there. We are fly over me by beside me now. One thing i have to warn you about is that this here, drone uh is not designed to fly in the wind, so i have to keep it low to the ground here so thats, why you see me flying really low to the ground in all these areas? There i am over there and coming back to me, you can see. I have a camera, a gopro on the ground over here, so im going to fly right up to it. Ill just go sideways here and come over to the gopro. I can hover down here because im out of the wind, but if i go in the wind, not as good theres a little gopro there and go around theres my little jeep, it flies just like the previous model, which makes it just freaking amazing for flying. Now. You can see it is windy out here and its doing quite well check this out. If i go up and look at the electric uh prop up here that blows in the wind, it faces the wind, so the wind is coming from that direction and its just uh cranking up so lets go down nice and low down here and uh whoa. The winds got me again, so im just going to get out of the wind and drive around the school back here there we are should be a nice smooth flight stay along the fence, try not to hit the fence lets go this way and go over here And try not to plop into the water.

You can see. The wind is blowing the water, something fierce and go down close to the water whoa, not into the water. I was looking at something else there we are so lets. Go this way come back up to me there we are. I have some speed because im going with the wind now, oh somebody on a motorcycle. So as im flying here, you probably notice. If i show you the camera from the forward section, you can see the two motors up front, obviously thats, because i have the camera looking directly forward its an easy drone to fly. Pusher drones are really simple: to fly. Uh they stay low to the ground. You can just buzz along theyre, like a hovercraft in many regards theyll go between me and the whoa me and the camera lets try to get that a little bit better here. Try not to walk my bank bag into my head with all this wind blowing. Here. Lets go under lets. Go underneath the jeep a little bit there. We go theres the guys over here. Oh, what are they doing? Oh hes gon na fly plane all right. Theres jacques, over here theres. This helicopter right up in the air stay under him so that jock right there, he probably doesnt even notice that i have a drone around him because with the wind he cant hear it. And if i look this way well see his helicopter there, it is lets.

Go up ill, try not to hit it. This is heli thats, a big one, all right. So what im gon na do now is uh im. Just gon na fly. Oh fly over this and im gon na bring im in the wind here im going to bring it back to me. Ill go around this little yeah. The winds blowing its hard to get around the shed geez im, almost touching the roof. All right bring it down. Blink, oh thats, not the best landing, but i landed okay, so youre interested in this drone. I bet – and you probably want to know what comes in the box so im going to show you that now check this out heres. What comes in the box? This is the box, your drone comes in, and these are the specifications of the drone i received opening the box. We find our drone and you will see that it is made out of carbon fiber and plastic up front. The camera is the polar vista and its on a nice dampening system. So no jello, the brushless motors, are 3850 kv. On the bottom of the drone, you can see the cadx vista system is covered by a carbon fiber plate. Also, looking here, you can see the f4 flight controller here we have the polar antenna that goes along with the vista unit. If you buy additional 4 cell batteries. For this drone make sure the batteries have an xt 30 connector, a cable lead is provided to power.

An external camera total weight of the drone without a battery is 158 grams and now ill show you the additional items i found inside the box. One would be spare props, the next would be spare propeller guards and the third one would be these bumpers. Also, a battery strap as well as a skid plate for the bottom of the drone. There was also a camera protector, a pile of screws and what looks to be like a crossfire antenna attachment. And finally, there was a battery grip plate and some instructions on the polar vista as well as gep, rc stickers and now my final thoughts on the geprc cine log 30. Well, if you watched my video on the cine log 25, my thoughts are identical. They havent changed at all. This was a very, very good drone and still is a very good drone. You can still buy it in digital or analog, and this is equally as good and you can buy it in digital or analog its just larger in size. So you can put a larger battery on it and get more flight time. Uh the cadx polar camera seems to be pretty good. I thought the image looked well in my goggles. I didnt take it super long range. This is not a long range drone. So its not designed to go super far, but the video transmission was pretty decent for where i was flying now, if youre thinking of getting one of the cine logs the 25 or the 30 in analog or digital, whichever format you want to get, let me tell You the following its a hard, hard difficult choice because they are both under 250 grams and you can put a battery on either of them and theyll still remain under 250 grams and you can put a camera on both of them and depending on the battery, you Put theyll still be under 250 grams, its they are so light in design yeah its pretty amazing, so they have the same range.

It doesnt matter, if theyre analog or digital uh for flying around here, because youre flying low to the ground, its just the image. Coming back to, you is a lot better in the digital format and they can do pretty much the same thing. One is just larger than the other, so this is gon na, be my opinion right now, just to help you out. If youre gon na fly 100 outdoors and never fly indoors, then obviously this one here, the 30 is best because you know with wind and stuff like that, its probably going to do a little bit better in the wind, bigger props, a little bit more weight. But overall, but if youre going to do more flying indoors or going into tight, tight tight underneath things tight, tight, tight spaces or whatever then youd want the smaller version. The 25 thats thats about the only advice i can give on the two, because theyre both really good drones. So for now i say: if you enjoyed this review, please give it a thumbs up. If you have questions on the 30 or the 25 just put them below, and i will get back to you – the links are down here. Someplace ive put links to this is on the get rc website links to there. I think its also available on banggood banggoods. Pretty good, because if i ask banggood for a discount code say if this is sold on banggood and i ask them for a discount code, theyll give me one.

So sometimes you can buy a product that i show on my channel and if you buy it off of banggood, you might get it for a lower cost because theres a discount code as well. So i believe these are on banggood and if they are, i will have a discount code below for banggood. All right so go check everything out and, like i said, if you have questions on either of these, i love them. Both cant go wrong with either ones and yes, as a beginner, you could fly these because theyre, so so so uh theyre so docile they fly so nice. So, with all of that said, i say thanks for watching and well catch you in the next video Music.