Now this is the analog version and i was uh fortunate enough to acquire one of these, unfortunately, and not fortunate enough to acquire the dji version so um. My thoughts are going to be basically based on just the analog version and keep in mind. The digital version is going to be heavier with different flight characteristics and mostly it’s, going to be less flight time and just kind of fly around a little bit heavier. But uh most of my predictions in the first video i put out based on just the specifications, i will link that video down in the description. Most of my predictions were pretty much spot on because i’ve flown a lot of these and um just pretty much met. My expectations in terms of how it would fly now i’m mostly fly digital these days, mostly dji. So the analogs are, you know: they’re lighter they just they’re a little bit more nimble, they’re, more agile because they have a lot less weight, so they are going to feel like they fly better than the dji versions um. But i can kind of sort of mitigate that and because i know what the dji versions feel like on similar power setups. So one thing that i wasn’t sure about is on the um motor because it’s a lower kv it’s, i think it’s, around 30 yeah it’s a 37 kv motor. I had a feeling that maybe it was a little bit underpowered and it wasn’t for the analog version, but maybe another 20 grams for the dji version it might be.

It does help that has the fire bladed props uh, the lower kevin murders, give a little bit more flight time, so they will fly this with the uh recommended 4s 450 and it gets pretty decent flat time around four minutes. Approximately on the analog version, um again, i’m, not sure what the digital version is going to be like um, probably a little bit less flight time but 30 seconds less and it’s going to fly a little bit with a little bit less agility. But in you know, overall, it flies like um like pretty much all the other ones out there um like to be at fpv one um it’s, a smaller motor with the 1204. You know now. The 95 xp3 has the 1404 motor that one has way more power than this one for sure that one, i can tell you that, even even with the um, the the heavier digital dgi version, it is heavier now the design here on the gip rc versus the 95 x v3 is that they put the vista in the middle versus in the back, so it does sort of help with cg, and then they move the gopro, the naked coil or further back and a little bit more centralized. So in terms of cg, it does feel a little bit more compliant on the pitch axis over the 95 xb3 again i’m, comparing analog to digital here. So i take it with a grain of salt.

The rubber grommets are definitely better on the gap rc uh because they have five of them, and so this is this whole section here is more stable, with even with the weight of the naked gopro plus the fpv camera is also dampened, as well, because it’s attached To this carbon plate, so this is a much better design than the 95 xb3, so you just get better fpv video and gopro video um this on this one, because it’s all damp in here and stabilized, and even in a crash with all these extra grommets here, They’Re pretty secure less likely to come out to pull out versus you know five versus three of them. The one thing that i couldn’t predict and could not know is how these the little this little design element here. Basically, where you have a lip it’s straight on this little duct and then it kind of tapers out, i wasn’t sure what that would sound like, and it does appear that there’s a little bit of an effect there in terms of noise dampening because i do know These five liter props are noisier, but they you know, i think it has to do mostly due to the extra weight of the dgi systems, but i think this does help a little bit now. I obviously have to get a dji version of this and you know compare the um the noise levels, but what it did was i actually tried a heavier battery about either was a.

It was a 4s 750. It was about 25 grams. More. I think if i remember right and it did sound noisier on the heavy battery, but not as noisy as the 5 bladed 1106 version of the 95x v3. Now i try to record a sample of the different noise levels and it doesn’t come out of camera at well at all. In fact, strangely enough after i watched the video it uh when i listened to it, listen to the sound the this actually sounded louder on the recording versus live so that’s. Why? I don’t trust um these kinds of things being recorded on microphones because you get some very strange results, sometimes it’s louder. Sometimes it seems like it sounds lighter and sometimes it doesn’t sound light. It just doesn’t come out well on camera. I can tell you that live this setup here, even with the extra weight with this little lip here does seem to sound less noisy. Now i, when i tried my little app on the phone, the sound levels were pretty similar, maybe a 1 or 2 db difference, but it’s like even that wasn’t like something i could totally tell the difference so yeah, i just i’m. Just basically going off of my perception and trying to share that with you, it did seem like it has somewhat somewhat of an effect, not sure exactly to what degree and how much you’ll be able to receive that or not is kind of up for and it’s Cut up in the air i’m – not really sure about that, and i did find interesting that this little lip is on the bottom, where i would expect it to be to be more effective up here on the top where it’s drawing in the air.

I think a lot of other um ducts that you see on on basically traditional cinnalips that are not inverted. The lips are on the other side, so since the air will be going this way you should it would expect to look on this side so i’m, not sure why it was like this and maybe it’s, because this is a a duck that was designed for a Non inverted whoop and they’re, just reusing it for the invertebrate. You know i’m. I think this is kind of an accident and i’m, not really sure if flipping it over would make any difference. So if you flip this over and flute with the air coming going this way, instead, what would it sound uh? I guess um. You know i’m, not really sure how to test that, because this design is meant to be inverted. You can’t fly it around or flip. It over – and i suppose you could take all this stuff off, but kind of you have to put all the stuff on top here. Just that would be a really really super long test. Anyway, basically most of my predictions were confirmed. You can watch out of the video if you want to listen to everything i said about that, and it flies fine flies great um and get rc has a good uh unit. As usual. They don’t know what it did want to know what it is, but they seem to have pilots on their staff that are actually flying these things and able to determine.

Oh, you know the kind of changes they need to get a decent flying machine out of the box, and so, if you’re looking for something that is going to fly well out of the box without you know messing around with it, which i didn’t make any changes To at all, i just basically hooked up the receiver here and uh flew it, and that – and this is the flight you’re going to see so here’s the um. This is a naked gopro hero 6 black uh with real steady, go. I believe uh pretty typical for nikki nikki gopro from you know. I flew this at this little office park all the time you know it flies great looks great, so i can’t really say much more, but yeah that’s pretty much it for this guy um yeah.