I’Ve reviewed those already and um. Well, i know that a number of you guys are were asking me questions about this. Instead of answering each of you guys individually, i was kind of doing a lot of messaging back and forth on these models. I’M. Just going to make a video, i don’t have it yet. I don’t know when or if i’m going to be getting this model at all, because gep rc promised me the tiny go raid fly kit um several months ago, back in november, uh it’s now february and it’s nowhere to be seen so i’m not expecting that anytime Soon – and i know that some of you guys have asked me, questions about the ready to fly kit and i haven’t even looked at any of the reviews that are out there yet um. I have no idea if that’s any good or not so um yeah. I can’t really offer you any sort of an opinion on that other than the fact that um, the in terms of the parts and everything they seem decent in terms of specs. But i have no idea how that stuff goes together, especially how the controller works, because that’s kind of a mystery to me that and the goggles they look like the bid fpv vr o2 goggles it’s. Nothing really unusual there it’s just how does the drone and the controller work together not really sure about that? But i can tell you more at least a little bit about how this cine log will fly, because it’s pretty similar to the two that you see here, that i’ve already reviewed so i’m going to base it based my sort of expectations of this model.

On what i’ve seen before and where this, what the differences in specs are so there’s, three different versions of the cinelog there’s, the hd pro the micro and the analog, so the hd pro is: has the the cadex nebula pro camera, the the micro has the cadx Nebula micro camera, which is a slightly lesser quality camera than the pro, and i would recommend getting the hd pro version, it’s only twenty dollars more um and then there’s. The analog version, which is gon na run about a hundred dollars less than the the dji versions and um. You know that’s also gon na weigh less it’s, probably gon na fly a little bit differently as well, compared to the um dji versions, because it’s lighter it’s, probably going to have a longer flight time, etc. And but you know, i say that at the end of the day, it’s still analog, but let’s just go ahead and look at the specs of the uh hd pro. So they have a number of photos here. We’Ll, look at some of these and i’ll kind of point out some interesting things that i’ve found about it, but let’s just go over the specs real quick. Now they make some interesting claims here that um the way the prop guards are it’s um, more efficient and also makes less noise um uh that i can’t tell like that. I can’t really say uh. Well, i can point out something that’s, maybe uh, not necessarily true about that, because i think their prop guards are upside down.

I’Ll show you that here later, uh 1204 3750 kv motors uh f4, all in one flight controller, which we’ve seen before uh 20 amps that’s the same ones on the rocket light. The this motor and kv is interesting choice they’re targeting a 4s 450 to 4s 750 battery and um yeah. I disagree with the motor choice. I think it’s too small, for the weight it’s. I think the digital version is coming at 126 grams. Add in a naked gopro, plus the weight of a force 450 to 4s, 750 it’s going to be pretty heavy and and you can have sort of the same sort of probably the hot motor issues that the um 95x v3 had um it’s going to feel heavy. You know because it’s just a lot of weight, i think i would have much rather seen a 1304 or 1404 motor. But again this is not what i expected to behave like based on my experience with other ones. In the past and they’re saying you know five and a half minute flight times out of 450, i mean five and a half minutes, maybe on a forest 750. it could be possible. It depends on the on the pit tune. Now uh cape varsity is known to have pretty decent uh pit tunes so um, you know again a lot to see if i ever get it. I could let you know i don’t know right at this point: um the does it just have this kind of interesting new camera damping system i’ll point that on the photos it it’s much better than the 95x.

In my opinion, let’s see here no low noise, optimization, uh, low center gravity design, so basically they put the vista instead of the back uh it’s on in basically underneath the flight controller in the center. So the center of gravity is more centralized, of course, there’s all djs stuff here, but here’s the rest of the specs real, quick, nothing unusual here, vista nebula, pro they’re, using the same uh, jim van d63 fight related props. Really, the big thing is the 1204 motors and the weight you know at for 12. If you’re gon na use a 1204 motor, i would want the weight to be under or closer to 100 grams. You know you’re still adding a naked gopro and everything so um it’s a bit heavy for that motor. In my opinion, i just think it’s not going to fly that great anyway. So look at the photos here, let’s point out a few things i think they’re interesting. So this is the top view if you see the camera mount here for the uh gopro or the naked gopro, which they don’t show them out in this picture. You know there’s a little carbon play here. The nebula pro camera is on a gpu mount underneath that’s mounted underneath this little plate here. So the whole thing is vibration dampened, including the fpv camera that’s. The mistake that uh beta fpv made is they mounted the fp camera directly to the frame which then all the motor and prop vibrations go right into the fpv camera, while the hd camera is totally fine.

What they’ve done here is they’ve combined that into one well. Basically, the naked gopro plus the camera is going to be vibration, dampened on this plate, which has five rubber grommets. So instead of three, you have five knots. It’S gon na be more stable and um. You know it’s gon na be able to carry that extra weight of the fpv camera, as well as the nike gopro there’s. A little cable here that comes out from the flight control that’s, going to the naked gopro for power and probably for control, looks like the flight controller is right underneath the top plate here and you can orient your battery, strap either side sideways or front to back. So i think i would put the battery strap on these two slots here and run the battery sideways. I think that would be optimal. You could do it front to back, but i think the vtx antenna gets annoying and then the camera mount uh dampener gets in the way. So i would recommend going the sideway route uh, the the uh. This antenna comes out. The back you’ve got a xt30 with a little capacitor on there. You can see the props. This is the top view here, and you know these are individual prop guards. It looks like with a foam bumper. It goes all around it’s kind of holding everything together uh. It does look like there’s a little bit of a curvature to this popcorn i’ll show you that here, a little bit later in these other photos, let’s go ahead and look at the next one.

Here says the side view, so you can kind of see the vistas on the bottom there and then it’s going to be covered with the carbon plate. I’Ll show you that this segment here is the camera dampening plate with the naked gopro mount i’m. Assuming this is probably going to come with it, because this is really designed for naked gopro, but you can see the fpv camera mount is mounted to the underside of this carbon plate here, let’s see let’s go to the next one. This is the back view and uh. Nothing too unusual to note here in the back or in this on this photo it’s another view from the side front side. Here you can get a better look at the how the fpv camera is mounted to that vibration dampening plate, so there shouldn’t be any jello in the fpv camera feed, at least based on these. These photos here there’s the front view you can see again. Those two screws are holding that tpu mount that’s holding the camera. That should hold that all the whole thing should be dampened from vibrations from the motors and props. Again, you can see that here here’s a there should be here here we go here’s the bottom view. This is interesting, so this is what i wanted to point out, see how there’s like a lip to the bottom of this prop guard. The the air is flowing downwards, it’s a push, pusher setup, so this lip should be on the other side.

If it’s supposed to be, i guess, acoustically, some more or less noisy or whatever i don’t really find it. It makes less noise either way because the edge of the prop isn’t really right up to the edge of the prop guard. There is a lot of gap that gap causes the extra noise it’s possible that having the lip reverse like this might help with the noise. A lot to see, if i ever get this but yeah that’s, i would think that it would have to be the other way where the lip is on the top side where the air is being in is being brought in and then um. The taper should be on the bottom side, but not quite as not quite to this extent so i’m, not really sure, if it’s going to be that one that much less noisy than either the the wingsuit or the 95xv3. Those are both fairly noisy on these jim fan, d63 props. But you can see the vista here on the bottom and there’s a carbon plate here with a foam pad basically it’s for landing, and this does you know, stick a bit down off of the uh prop guard, so you’re not landing on the part guards you’re landing On this little foam pad and so it’s very unlikely that you’re going to be damaging the props and if you have anything unless it’s like really sticking up a lot and there should be another downward here’s another.

This is again here here. You can see the that lip of the prop guard. There is basically kind of flared out so they’re saying that that should reduce the noise i’m – not i’m. Skeptical i’m not really buying it, but i could be wrong and then uh here’s. The center part here with the carbon plate that’s protecting the vista as well as this foam uh pad. Here i mean you probably don’t need the carbon plate, because the vest is pretty tough since you’re leaving the heat sinks on you could probably just put a foam pad there and that would have been just fine just if you want to save some, because you got The weight of the screws, the little standoffs and the carbon plate there that’s all, you know a lot of extra weight that maybe could be cut out there if you want to reduce the weight and okay here are the motors 1204 we’ve seen this before these are The same size on the i think the rocket light from before, and you know if you saw those that review from before that was a fairly heavy quad um. I think it was on a two prop, so this is. It should be a little better on a two half inch prop, but still it’s um yeah it’s, not really the the best motor. In my opinion, i think a 1404 or 1304 would better, i think, that’s in terms of all the photos and the specs.

In my opinion, you know again, i think it’s going to fly. Okay, not amazing. I mean if you’re just doing center whipping is you know, you’re not really flying that fast anyway, but it’s still going to feel kind of heavy and you’re going to feel like you’re, going to want a little bit more power, especially if you’re going to be maneuvering In certain tight spaces, i always had that feeling with both of the 95x and the um, the wingsuit s it’s, just that these are these models is just more more there’s more weight on than i think that there should be a nick there’s, a lot of weight That could be cut out now granted. I know their target. The chargings were like beginners and like new pilots and they’re, going to crash a lot, so they don’t want people to be breaking things very easily, but at the same time you know if you make these tanks they’re going to fly like tanks so that’s pretty much. It that’s my opinion on this um there’s another model. Let me see if i can find it yeah there’s this other model that some of you guys asked me not as many of you but it’s called the crown hd cinewoop and just looking at the the photo here. It looks like a clone of the take. Can the diaton take him? It’S got the same aluminum front end there for the camera mount um, nothing special.

I mean i think, it’s a 1507 motor three inch, propellers yeah this one. I don’t think i would even bother reviewing it anyway, because this it doesn’t seem like it’s any different from the take hand or any other like the cinebe um or is it the bumblebee, the green hornet, the veyron there’s? All you know there’s like five or six of these, that look exactly like this, and i don’t expect it to fly any different or have any really different flight characteristics. So i’m not really going to talk about this in another video anyway, but i know some of you guys asked me without that one. You know, take a look at my diatone takeon video. This one will probably be pretty similar to that one anyway. I just wanted to put this video out just because i know a bunch of you were asking me about the the uh. If you forgot the name of the cinelog, i think what’s called the cinelog synology25. You know it’s going to be pretty similar to the 95xv3 and the wingsuit s. In fact the weight is kind of in between. So you know, the 95xv3 is 116 grams. The cinelog 25 is 126 grams and the wingsuit s is uh. 140 grams. Now granted it’s a lot heavier. The wingsuit s is a lot heavier because it does have the 1404 motors, which gives you a lot more power, so you don’t, you don’t, feel it doesn’t feel quite nearly as heavy and as as loaded down as the 95 xv3.

In my opinion, but it overall it’s still a very heavy quad. Everyone stick the naked grouper on there anyways gon na. Do it for this video.