This is weird, though, right in the ear hole thats. How i get weird, how do you get weird daniel, well daniel didnt like to get weird not appropriate for youtube? Just describe it, though, in describing its not appropriate for you to whisper it into my ear thats, not in my ear, though, come on get weird im a ventriloquist whisperer, no, no im just here im waiting! This is enough. Weird just bypass the weird tickle tabasco fish. Wow yeah its weird: this is a gift from magnificent bastard, kenneth brown, kenneth brown. You may give us bastard Music, hell yeah, so heres the thing, not only george, so you know that tabasco is barrel aged yes, three years, oh, i didnt know its three years: wow. Okay yeah, it is very so its serious not only that these guys aged a no age statement, dickle just some dickle bourbon, i think its all on an island in uh uh. I dont know about that tabasco island in tabasco barrels, then that wasnt enough, they distilled tabasco into an essence, and they put that essence into this whiskey that had already been finished in tabasco barrels. Yeah, not just a finish an essence. Should i say what im so excited about this? I dont im not like theres. Only one dish i like tabasco in is it cajun, no, its not spicy beans and rice with sausage bits? No because the tabasco ruins the cajun spice for me, he didnt know i like it in theres this, like quinoa uh, like uh, grilled veggies bowl, that i do thats like or couscous or quinoa, its always really amazing, grilled veggies, and then you and an egg.

But you know like an egg in it and then you just dash tabasco over it. Really. I guess you lost me every step of the way yeah. I know you do the quinoa and you do the veggies and you do the egg its like yeah yeah and then a little tabasco for a zest, okay, ready for the nose. I am so looking forward to this. I know i know i know you would. Oh, it really does it really does taste like youre holding a bourbon okay and someone opens tabasco next to you at the table, so heres what heres? What is interesting and fun for me, the tabasco is there oh yeah, but its not so heavy handed that this becomes like a joke novelty, its not a flavored tabasco its, not a its, not a joke novelty. No, but you got to have a recognizable amount of tabasco, otherwise whats. The point whose idea was this lets take tabasco barrels, look whoever it is! Look at this look all of the yes uh dickel is doing a partnership with uh leopold, the todd leopold. Oh dude. Three chamber: yeah dickles, doing cool like experimental, sh good on them; okay, okay! Now that you already go back to it, are you really are you going woo yeah, because i was going to say the more i go back to it, the more i acclimate to the take a deep breath, the more i acclimate to the basket, and then i Just get the whiskey take a deep breath.

It smelled a little bit like spicy cheetos, all right. So if you go, if you go deep yeah a little bit, the spicy cheetos a little bit yeah like any time you get like a flavored chip, theres a fire on it, im talking about the flaming hot cheese, yeah flaming, hot cheetos, wow thats. So weird, i kind of all right, so are you ready before we get into the taste? Okay, your expectations see in the bottle, know what it is. Your expectations for the nose met. Okay, because i i was hoping it needs to be recognizable. Yeah thats like the lowest threshold, but i dont want it to be a joke. I want it to be, you know not on novelty. I want it to be somehow. I dont know how they put pull it off, but somehow giving me a layer of tabasco with a bourbon that feels like it could work whether or not it does well see. I smell diggle bourbon and i mean dickle whiskey in there you can smell the whiskey. It starts as the whiskey, its not buried. This is like you got some black job on the team who comes up with this idea, but then you also have some very competent people who figures out how to execute that crazy idea into something thats reasonable during people. Havent tasted, yet here we go its sweet, it is sweet and oh theres, the spice. Oh, that is weird. I actually dont mind.

It gets you right in the back of the throat yeah, you know what it is its just like eating: those flaming cheetos where you eat it and youre like its cheetos, and then you swallow and youre like thats, not that spicy and then three cheetos in and Youre, like oh there, it is, and now the spiciness the tag in the back of the throats starting to subside a little bit. What is that chemical? Is it cap sand, capsaicin, capsaicin yeah? It has that capsaicin burn sorry, so uh the gosh. This is really fun. This is bizarre. I really like it the bourbon. Well, its 70 proof barrel finish. I dont think its a bourbon. Is it no its not even high enough to be a whiskey okay, so the boozy flavors that lead up to this burst of recognizable spiciness? That is it, you said it too. It is sweet. Its also simple were not getting crazy. With the layers on, i cant say with the boozy flavors that could be parallel. The whiskey flavors um were not getting super developed theres, not a lot of flourishes, but that sweet, oh its, just really weird. I cant believe we gave this its own episode hold on. Are you kidding me but theyre so pissed off? I know if youre, just like all right were risky friday lets just put this with screw you, man, yeah. This is amazing. I know youre a tabasco guy im the best well, not only that im, just like cool experiments, guys yeah, okay, it is, admittedly a simple boozy sweetness but yeah.

I think the thing that really makes this fun is it balances surprisingly. Well, with this spicy element, it does with the spicy elements its fun. You know what i think to have some people pour this for kicks and laugh about. Oh theres, this fast haha thats, so silly that, oh, i think thats worthwhile, oh um, but what i think this would be most interesting. Could you imagine the cocktails? You could build around that? Oh yeah thats, where it belongs its lingering. The capsaicin is starting to just like its stick around the sweet. The sweetness, if i had to put a specific note, ive, had to put a specific note to the sweetness, its a cinnamon sweetness for me, its a sugar cinnamon sweetness, and then you get the spicy capsaicin. Why is it sweet right? There? Are you getting a sweetness from distilled tabasco? I dont know theres other stuff that theyve got to be blending with them. Oh servings per container im looking at the ingredients, oh my volumes, 35 percent uh calories. So, according to surgeon general thats, not it do they have like a straight up ingredients all right, oh and now its finishing it an interesting one gosh. This is so weird um. What is that i dont know, but its bizarre? Oh, you still have some comments. If you like to finish with comments its like, like a cinnamon caramel finish eventually, if you just ramble on for a minute bottom, vandy havent watched you guys in a few months, and i didnt realize how much i missed this.

I was b vandy welcome back bevandy dont ever leave me again yeah. He was really bummed uh robert olsen. I think you can both do the rear, whiskey, friday. Intro next step should be doing it in unison, together, dude thats, where the comment was. I knew it was in there, so we under give it a try, whos adopting who. Well, i probably you started it, so i probably have to adopt yours. I agree im not going to be able to do it on this. One uh well take the next. The next year, whiskey for anything, oh yeah, yeah uh, i think its worth trying with some friends and laughing about how goofy it is yeah, because its not that it can make some really interesting cocktails. Yeah dont ask me for a cocktail recipe. No, but it could be really interesting: incompetent hands, yeah heres to fighting stealing a drink.