We also cater to the financial needs of investors. Welcome to genesis 28, the beginning of luxury, conveniently placed on the ligonie plains of said, andrew off the desirable waterloo avenue close to all amenities of a modern city. Genesis 28 is a neatly tucked away: multi family housing, oasis in close proximity to the sprawling lawns and courtyard of the historic devon house. The innovative design of the 24 units is stylishly, modern, with luxury at the core of its design. The building is elegantly designed in a vertical sixth floor elevation with creative use of glass to provide a modern contemporary finish with two points of entry. Our exterior amenities include multi level parking recycled water feature, automated gate, glass effect, exterior backup, water storage, tanks, standby generator for all units. Solar powered, common areas, low maintenance, 24 hour, monitored electronic security system, reception lobby area conference room. The apartment ranges from physical floor space of 1 250 square feet to 1 350 square feet. It presents its own unique flair on lightroom architecture, in an effort to maintain spacious living in a pleasing atmosphere and aesthetic units will be equipped with aluminium framed glass windows, granite kitchen, countertops, fire, sprinklers, air conditioning unit water, heater intercom laundry units, thereby eliminating the need for Outdoor laundry facilities on street bedrooms with walk in closets, luxurious bathrooms, fit for royalty. The architectural landscape of the roof is a city view equal to none overlooking the city and the seventh largest natural harbor in the world.

The roof features an attractive, entertainment bar and lounge infinity pool and a state of the art wellness center, which houses a gym and sauna and additional recreational space. These exotic units will make the perfect home for the discerning homeowner genesis: 28, the beginning of luxury Music, hey Music, Music, Music, Music, hey rush fam, welcome back to the channel, so right behind me is 20 salt and then across from 20 salt is park earth one. So today is a drone. Video ill be showcasing these apartments, you know from an area of view ill also be highlighting the genesis 28, which is an apartment thats under construction, its literally behind parkers one um, so you guys will get to see it um. I did a previous video on the genesis 28 as well, which also had a promotional video in terms of how the finnish apartment will look. So you can, you guys, can watch that previous video as well. So the main highlight of this drone video will really be genesis 28, but ill. Take the opportunity to highlight these apartments that are very close by um. The first one is 20 salt. It was the first one that was finished, very luxurious and then, after that park, earth one followed, which is their neighbor and then behind parkers one. We have genesis 28, so and also behind genesis. 28 is another apartment. They havent started foundation as yet, but you guys will see the lot for that um fourth apartment in this vicinity, so um four i rise close by and even for genesis.

28. It was a residential lot and i think you know because parkers one came right here. Somebody decided to develop that single family lot into genesis 28.