The aircrafts development remained under wraps until breaking defense revealed its existence last month also reporting on its first flight. In the summer Music, the developer has incorporated the avionics and flight control systems of the mq 9 reaper and the mq 1c grey eagle er in mojaves design, adding features to enhance survivability in a more rugged and austere environment. Moreover, the platforms enlarged wings with high lift devices and a 450 hp turboprop engine allows it to carry more payload 16 hellfire missiles are equivalent. Music mojave provides options for forward basing operations without the need for typical airport, runways or infrastructure. It can land and take off from unimproved surfaces, while also retaining significant advantages in endurance and persistence over manned aircraft. The developer wrote these innovations make mojave the perfect uas to perform armed overwatch attack and armed reconnaissance missions. The aircraft features an increased payload capacity of 3600 pounds 1633 kilograms and possesses endurance, power and cooling for sensors or other mission systems. Gaussian ceo lyndon blue, referred to the mojave as a long endurance, armed overwatch uas that can quickly reload weapons at austere sites located close to the conflict zone. The aircraft also has much greater endurance after shedding its weight.