One of the first things i appreciated about the gen 3 outcross here is its just a nice looking bike, most fat, tire e bikes are kind of you know just ugly, but the nice shiny, red paint and the sleek integrated battery here make for a very clean Nice looking fat, tire e bike, but we dont just judge e bikes on how they look right. We judge them by what theyre made of and how they ride so lets start there. The gen 3 outcross is powered by a 500 watt rear hub motor rated for a thousand watts of peak power, thats, not like woe power but its pretty sprightly, and it worked great for all of my riding across both flat and rough terrain. The battery in that sleekly integrated unit is a 48 volt and 10.4 amp hour pack, thats pretty small by fat. Tire e bike standards. The 500 watt hours in this battery is the bare minimum id want in a fat tire bike and honestly id rather have more. But i get that theres a limit to how much battery you can cram into the frame members and retain this nice looking clean design. So as long as youre good with 30 ish miles on pedal, assist or more like 20 or less miles of range on throttle. Only riding, then the battery is probably gon na, be fine. One good thing going for the bike in the battery department is that it wont drain too fast, because the bike just isnt too fast, its a class 2 e bike.

And that means a max speed of 20 miles per hour, which is fine for off roading. But sometimes on the road id like to go a bit faster, you can track your speed on the handlebar display, which is cleverly combined with the throttle. I like that design a lot because it further helps reduce the handlebar clutter and it just looks nice. I am a half twist throttle guy, but ill make an exception here, since the thumb throttle is at least nicely integrated like that continuing with the controls the brakes here are not any name brand, so i dont know who makes them they have gen 3s own branding On them they seem to work fine, but i would like to know whose brakes im relying on to stop me. The 160 millimeter rotors are a bit smaller than we often see on these fat tire e bikes, but again they seem to work fine and i never felt like i didnt have enough braking power. The 4 inch fat tires are more than enough as well, and they make all sorts of non road riding tons of fun, whether thats mud, snow sand, grass or whatever you have where your roads end. The outcross just loves to tackle it all theres, nothing quite as much fun as taking a fat tower e bike into its native habitat and just letting rip of all the different components on the bike. Theres only one that rubbed me the wrong way.

The tail light is one of those aaa powered units which always frustrates me since ive got a big old battery between my knees already just use that the front headlight runs off the main e bike battery so were already halfway there, but i guess if thats, my Biggest complaint were doing something right here and for the price i think gen 3 found a good balance of value, while the msrp of 1699 bucks is a bit steep. The bike is currently on sale for 13.99. If you use the bf 300 coupon code at 13.99. Now were talking a very nice looking fat tire e bike with class 2 performance at that price is a winner sure there are changes id like to see a bigger battery or a real tail light are up there, but its hard to find a good classy. Looking e bike like this at this price, so im pretty happy here but thats, just my two cents lets hear your thoughts in the comments section below thanks for watching everyone. We hope you enjoyed that review of the gen 3 outcross electric fat, tire bike. If you did why dont you give this video a thumbs up and dont forget to subscribe, so you wont miss any of our future electric vehicle.