This one actually theres several different variations of their this kind of a newer model that theyve come out with this one here is the dji version with the caddix polar camera, so mine. Actually, as you can see, it does not have the polar camera they sent. This to me here without the vista air unit, which is on the bottom and the camera, and i just had to add that myself, obviously a lot of vendors are having a hard time, sourcing, dji components, so even getting these out to reviewers is difficult. So i did have to add that myself, i just had the basically its pretty easy to do. Um i just took these four screws off and then theres a spot there specifically for the vista – and i just soldered on these uh four. You know four wires or six wires and four wires for the vista. This has a separate receiver, so i just put four wires for the vista and then attached to the antenna, and then this one came with this um third party free sky d16 receiver, its not an xm plus, although on banggood they list it as an xm plus. It is, i dont know who makes it honestly. I thought it would. Maybe maybe radio mask or something like that, but i think theyve sourced this from some other vendor. It works similarly to an xm plus you uh. When you power up, you hold down the bind button and goes into mind, bind mode and you just bind it in d16 mode and it seems to work like xm plus receiver, so yeah thats.

What i flew it on this one has just a single antenna here. Not a dual antenna – and i just routed through these little channels here in the front and the back, which 2k is on the bottom, so it doesnt get into the way the props but yeah. Obviously, youre going to have yours, pre built with dji system already in there and youll have the cadx polar camera. So i already did a really video review on the cadets pullers, so im not going to be covering this camera itself. Um youve seen footage of that. Already just come with several different mounts here that attach to this um mount that goes onto the main frame and theyve done a smart thing here with this sort of um vibration dampening for the hd camera, and so whatever you put in here is not going to Get a lot of noise or jello from the motors and the props and uh. This is kind of an interesting design, really different from a lot of the other ones. Ive seen out, there reminds me a little bit of the cine8 from happy model. The analog build it like diy, build it yourself, kit kind of similar in that sense, but this is obviously digital um. They have this sort of like duct system. Here i think, on the hap model, its like 3d printed, perhaps – and you have this foam on the outside, but the the kind of this its a little bit different.

Its not the same like like like the foam here. Has these little stands see these little screws that go into a piece of plastic that sticks out the other side um and that screws into that? And then the foam goes onto these different. These little standoffs little plastic stand. Ups are part of this duct system and you can see it just its not like attached with, like adhesive, so theres a little bit of give here, um. So obviously for indoor use. You know for bumping off stuff furniture whatever, so you dont want to. If you dont want to damage it, this is going to be good for indoor use, that kind of thing, or, if youre going to be bouncing off something you dont want to leave marks on the walls. This will be good for that and it its not going to just fall off, because the adhesive wore out uh its actually screwed into the frame and then to give this plastic that which is injection molded plastic. By the way, this plastic duct system slash frame some stiffness theyve added some carbon pieces here attached to the motors, so this attaches to the frame, and then this um attaches to the motor. So basically, the motors arent flopping around thats on one on this side over here and then one over on this side, but theyre not attached to each other or the center piece here. This carbon bottom piece here that you land on screws into the injection molded plastic.

As well and then on the top, you have another carbon piece here: theyll stand off there. This is for the battery area. Your all in one flight controller goes here, and you see the usb port is inverted, so the boards inverted and that sticks up and theres. Some foam here so the battery doesnt dig into it. So i didnt have any problems with that and then, of course you got your battery shop and xd30 connector here um, but yeah this these all these little screws that you see all over the place theyre going into this um plastic piece you know, is like um Theyre self tapping screws so in a pretty bad crash, youre, probably gon na strip out and then youre gon na have some issues were gon na probably do some glue or something like that. There are some extra side pieces here, some carbon side pieces, to give it a little bit more stiffness. If you want thats, those are optional thats what these holes are for, if you want to um install those those are also included in the kit, but i wanted to keep the weight low and it doesnt. I didnt think it was going to make that much difference in terms of performance seemed fairly stiff already, but if you want a little bit more protection and a little bit more stiffness theres some carbon pieces, you can screw into these side holes as well. If you want to so in terms of specs 1204 5000 kv motors um, you want to run this on some sort of a 4s battery.

I flew it on a 4650, the all in one flight controller board, there is a 12 amp uh f4 flight controller, 12, mvcs, ples, um and, of course, get your cat express down the bottom and that that free sky receiver on the bottom so thats pretty much. It in terms of the specs and everything its um about the same weight as a lot of the other two inch synovs out there. So this one here is coming in with a little camera mount here, its coming in at 104 grams um for just for comparison. Heres, the um alpha 85 from iflight, i removed the camera mounts to keep them its a little bit heavier 106.7. So you probably add about another 560 grams for that little camera mount um, but this has a vista. This has actually has the nebula pro camera. Two inch props, but this is 1303 motors and so its a you know. This is more like the design that you see on a lot of other two inch, cinah webs its more like this, and, of course, you dont have any of the foam padding on the outside for this, so thats a little bit different different design here on this Model, so the footage youre going to see here is from the firefly x, and i already did a video review on this one as well uh. I was originally trying to use the gyroflow program to use the black box data.

This flex drawer does have eight megabytes of black box available to stabilize the footage. But then i realized and if youve probably already seen that video from last week, that the movements of the camera need to match up with the gyro or the flight controller. But because of the dampening here, this camera is allowed to move around, which is good because you dont want jello to go into the camera, but because that movement is different from the movement of the gyro. Obviously, you can see here this moves, but the flight controller is not moving at all. You cant use that gyro data to stabilize this footage. Now the manufacturer of this camera ive asked them to uh export their gyro data as a separate file with the video file. As a csv file, so you can use it with gyroflow, but they have no theyve, not responded with that. On that request, i dont know if theyre going to do that or not this camera has a gyro, so it can do electronic image stabilization. So theres. No reason they cant export that gyro data for use for job with gyro flow, so hopefully in a firmware future firmware update theyll do that for this camera, but right now its not able to do that. So i just stabilized the footage like i did. The last time in the original video on the firefly x just used warp stabilizer in adobe premiere, as basically its just video editing stabilization for the the footage you know its its okay.

You know. Obviously you can put a naked gopro on here and use real steady. Go and get much better footage. Of course, they did include this little plug here, which is meant for this firefly x camera, so youll see photos of this with this firefly x camera and they also had another plug for a naked gopro, but its for their specific naked gopro case and bec its A different plug thats not compatible with the beta fpv, one so thats why i didnt use any of my gopros on this one and this one here this little plug here, only outputs, five volts. This is um, so they the way they wired up. They wired them. Both up and actually removed the one for the naked gopro because they didnt wasnt, going to work with any of my naked gopros. The naked gopro plug, is actually soldered to the battery lead was. This is soldered on to the 5 volt bec on the flight controller. So yeah this one once you put the camera in here, this will just plug in and power the firefly x, wi fi like so. If you have this cinema in this camera, theyll work out together like this, but then youll need to stabilize your footage using some sort of video writing software right now. It does not work with gyroflow or real estate, or anything like that. So you have to use some sort of video editor to stabilize your footage.

Okay, so thats going to do it for this one links down in the video description.