Finally, arrived it’s been about 12 months. I think, but you know, if that’s, for obvious reasons this year, we’ve had that situation, but anyways let’s have a look in the box, all right so unzip. It Music semi, rigid box. I already had a look in there, so everything in there is what you get um i’ve just taken a bit of bubble, wrap here, just to make it easy for the video we’ll start with the remote micro usb charge. There got some nice dust boots, there’s even rubber boots on the switches by looks of it some buttons, a couple whip antennas: oh yeah, this guy here that’s for your tablets or whatever it does extend quite a way. There’S my hand there you’ll be able to fit. I don’t know a little tablet or something like that. Definitely all phones will fit all right. So let’s set that aside, i paid to have an extra battery, so i’ll show you that in a minute, so all right so we’ve got a lanyard. Get your remote up out of the sand got a bit of charging hardware here so i’m in australia, so that’s an australian mains for the charger there’s, your balance lead there’s your lead to charge the battery there’s. Your 12 volt lead here’s the spare battery. So it is a 5000 milliamp hour four cell lipo, nice swelling very good to see. I believe these are the legs screw up underneath i don’t know what those two gizmos, therefore but anyways we’ll, find out.

Eventually we have our four 13 inch props. I didn’t bother getting spare props i’ve, been flying, drunk flying drones and built a few and i’ve never broken any props, so um, hey, i’ll, take it easy and i won’t run into trees or anything like people do tip, is never to fly backwards. That’S, when you go in trouble when you’re flying backwards and looking in the viewfinder that’s when you crash into trees so but anyways all right, here’s the drone there’s the mechanical release, there not sure what that wire does but anyways um. You can adjust the release there. You’Ll see that little red thing, wind down that’ll, be tighter, obviously well, maybe yeah. You clip your line in the bottom of that or something but we’ll figure that out another day make it looser a little nice red indicator there. I believe there’s, probably a servo inside there, that you can also press a button on the remote and it’ll drop that as well got a bit of a rubber seal. I paid extra. I think it was 300 bucks and had the camera in there. I can see it in there sort of like a one way film, or maybe a polarizing filter on that there’s, your motors, so they are threaded, so your props are threaded, so it works just like the phantom there’s, your seal in the back and mine’s got the Standard the battery that came with in there, obviously you can see it i’ll pop that out there’s down insider all right.

We will put that together with two hands in a minute i’m, just going to sit it down in a sec um. There is your on button by the looks of it. Don’T know what those two are that’ll be your light that might be an upgrade port or something there anyways it’s only early days, i haven’t flown it. Yet i only got it today so anyway, what do we got? It doesn’t say the kilovolts on there, but i won’t guess what they are because there’s no point in guessing alrighty. What do we got here? We’Ve got a cell checker. Basically, you plug your balance, lead throwing the battery in there. I should do it, it might be upside down there. We go we’ll. Do a cell check. Okay. Three point: eight three point: almost eight yeah they’re, pretty close anyways when i charge it 3.7 is a good storage charge, so yeah that’s all good. When i charge it it’ll top it all out and even it out and just your standard battery charger looks like it. Could charge up yeah it would charge up to six cell because the pro would use the same charge and no doubt and obviously it’ll need to charge up to six. So you can actually charge your 12 volt car batteries. With these two from the mains you’d. Probably only want to trickle it at three amps or something but anyways all right, thanks for watching guys and girls thanks to jax and brett and cameron, and all the crew from south africa and thanks for all the beta testers, a couple of fellas we’ve got the Drones earlier on to iron out all the uh possible flaws and anyways thanks for watching pretty stoked to have it it’s a couple days before christmas.

I go on holidays in about two days, so this is just icing on the cake. Um yeah stoke does all right. Any questions put them in the comments. I won’t really have many answers at the moment, but i’m sure i can direct those questions to the right parties.