This was an orange one. We have purple, we have red and we have green with it and what you’re doing you’re taking turns to try to get your alien to go into the drone okay and when he goes in there he’s kind of like going home like e.t. Well, we do kind of have a drone apple chatter, you’re gon na see something in a second and see what it’s all about. So the drone goes in the middle that drone right. There we’ll see the middle, and let me show you, let me show you: you can actually see Music that it’s got a light on it. It’S got a light on it right now. So um, you know it’s uh, so i’m i’m. I actually watched myself on television. It was just nuts, but we have this uh, the drone right there. You can see the light. You can actually see the light that’s right there. Okay – and this has been charged this. This whole idea has been charged right here. Okay, let me i’ll show you more about it. Hang tight for a second i’ll show you what we got going on um the box. The box was in bad shape, so i wanted to open it to test it. That’S all i’m doing is testing it out. We’Re gon na see if it works so uh. This comes with the drone. You can actually plug it in right here and then plug it in just like a phone charge, it all night long.

This charges now the board. How does it give it power uh, underneath underneath here? This is four pieces here, one two three and four: this is a piece by itself. You flip it over and it has a battery. It has battery thing so uh that’s what you can do there all right. So so i’ve got four batteries put in it right now. Okay, let’s see. If we can make this bad boy fly, this is charged. I charge this. I gave it an overnight charge. Okay, i gave this an overnight charge, so let’s put the drone in the middle. All right, let’s, let you guys see if we can make him fly i’m, shooting the orange ones here: i’m, shooting the orange, and if it comes it goes directly inside the drone it’s going to go up in the air. So i want to have it kind of like yes, so if you can see it i’d love for you to be able to see it go up in the air, if it will, i don’t know if it will not first test first test. Well, you got ta hit it all right, so somebody else would get their turn nope didn’t. Do it that time all right trying to make it land right there inside that thing? If it does, it should fly feel like i haven’t been here in two months: what’s up holy we’re gon na try to make this drone fly. Okay, let’s see! If we can do it, oh almost got there.

I got ta snap this on better that’s, not mr orange. Only there we go now we better, ah that didn’t work let’s try again. Ah we got ta get in there. There we go wow baby. How about that and the more you charge it. The higher it’ll fly it’ll fly two three feet in the air. It says all right, let’s, try it again: let’s, try it again, but brand new game brand new game, it’s called drone home um i’m gon na test it one more time then i’m packing it all. The way i’m gon na put the batteries in the thing and i’m actually gon na put this on my ebay channel. So anybody interested in drone home get in touch with me and i’ll. Let you see it let’s test it one more time and make sure it works. Okay, let’s make sure it works. Okay, it’s, not the easiest thing to do, hit it in there definitely not yeah. First, two or three times you try it you’re, not gon na get it to work, probably comes darla back inside and it’s chilly, no it’s freezing. There we go, we got to go in there come on all right. Then we catch. We catch him right there that’s. What we do, but we take him out and now he’s ready to be charged whatever again. Uh we’ve got three of these: each for each color, uh there’s, a red one uh, and each one eight little animals each little thing looks different, it’s a little uh.

I guess you can call it extraterrestrial you get to red right there that looks a little purplish, but there’s purple right actually purple right there, and then we got the green right there and we got the charger along with three purples three greens and three reds, and Then three orange, so it works, it works um. I will be. Lastly, uh anytime. I have electronics, especially with a box that’s messed up, and this is a taped up box. There’S, no doubt about it, but i’ve never seen this game before i’ve never seen it. It’S called drone home um you just you know you need to have somebody there that when, if drone flies, you want to try to catch it, pretty quick, you don’t want to go flying all over creation, but launch your alien and then once you launch your alien, I guess he’s going home and then you got two more to save after that. First one to save all three of them features a real flying drone and you guys saw that so um i’m going to be packaging. This back up um. I will take um. Well, let me just show you real quick what we do um the pieces come apart, just like little arms, not not difficult. Okay, the most difficult part you’re gon na have, let me show you looks like a good game. If you have a ceiling fan yeah. This is the side that the drone goes on.

Okay, on the back side, you got to unscrew a little screw. Take it out. Four batteries go in it. I’M gon na have the four batteries inside here, so you got ta, be able to have a little screwdriver like a little screwdriver set like this uh to put in there right there. So we’ll, uh we’ll call this um yeah. I call it a very, very um, satisfying game um, probably post it for 25 bucks, it’s brand new um let’s say the box is not in the greatest shape, but i’ve. Yet, to ever see this game before and i don’t even know what year they came out with this game, but um 2020. it’s, a new game drone hole, get the rules as to how to play all that’ll be inserted in this box, along with the drone. So any questions leave them down below and otherwise, if you care to go to my uh go to my ebay – and this could be yours, okay, so i’ll see you again. My name is rob thanks. So much for checking out my channel and um happy buying.