I know they're not much to look at, but i promise you once i explain what they do and how versatile they are. You'Ll see why i'm so excited they're a pair of finger flashlights or as i like, to call them. Flashlight fingers and it's the kind of product that you might see online in a catalog or an online website and think boy that's interesting. But whatever use that for. But i promise you once you own these you're going to find a million places to use them and some days i put them on and even forget i'm wearing them because i'm using them so much. But let me get into the details for starters. I didn't buy these. I have a wonderful family, i have a beautiful daughter and a wonderful son and an amazing wife, and every father's day they bring dead, presents because i'm the dad. So i open up the boxes and it turns into one of these stump the geek sessions, where they're always trying to find some piece of technology that dad doesn't have that they think is cool and they think dad's gon na think is cool. So i open up the boxes and every year i'm, just thrilled that we're together as a family, and i love the fact that they're putting presents together and thinking about me. So last father's day, my son gave me these and i opened them up and as every dad does i opened it up.

Didn'T know what it was, and i said oh buddy thanks so much. This is a great gift, but that's code, for i don't know what they are and i'm, not sure i'm ever going to use them. So they went on a shelf. Well, a couple of weeks later he asked me: hey: have you ever tried those gloves out? I'M thinking, oh my gosh, i never did i better check them out, so i took them down, put them on and i'm telling you from the minute i put them on. I kept them on that afternoon and i found 50 things to use them for that week. There were just so many different situations where i needed a little bit of extra lighting on a project i was doing or i was outside doing something or i was working around the house and i needed a little extra light in a corner of the house. It was dark, and these are the perfect solution for that now, to be honest, i've owned a lot of different types of flashlights i've got magnetic flashlights gooseneck flashlights floodlights, but the problem is with most flashlights you've got to hold it. You'Ve got to have somebody hold it. You'Ve got to stick it to something. If it's magnetic you got to put it on the ground, with a gooseneck pointing down and invariably it's, either too much light, not enough light or it's pointing in the wrong direction. So you're, always if your wife's with you you're, always like no hold it over here, hold the flashlight over here and it turns into a bad situation so what's perfect about these.

Is that they're aligned with your fingers and when you put them on no matter what you're working on the light is actually focused right on the tips of your fingers, so anything you're doing the light is exactly where you need it when you're working the other beautiful Part about it is, unlike the gloves that i own that had leds in them. You don't have that problem with your fingers, where you can't feel anything because a lot of the gloves that have leds on them that do sort of the same thing. When you put those on they're great for heavy work like if you're gardening or picking up something or working around metal, but if you're working on small electronics you're trying to do something small where you need that tactile feedback they're just too thick, these are perfect. So let me show you how they work. They look like little suspenders for squirrels actually, but you have two sets. You have a big finger here and a smaller finger here, so you can see already that's my thumb and that's my index finger. You basically slide them through the sleeves and you'll want to pull them all the way up. So your fingertips, protrude from the end, you want to have your fingers out of it like that, and then basically it goes around the back. Your wrist there's a piece of velcro on there and you just strap it on your wrist and that's it now again.

One of the other benefits of this is my palm is free, so anything i'm working on that's dirty i'm, not getting a glove covered and dirt and everything else. It really just does give you a lot of flexibility, and the lights are right here on the finger and on the thumb. Let me put this one on as well, and i'll show you how that one works. So again, thumb goes through the bigger one and the finger goes through the smaller one. Just like this, and once you have that on pull it through the fingers get the fingertips through pull this around you're good to go now. First of all, how cool does that? Look right if you're a nerd you've got to understand that this is a really cool look, so people are going to ask your rick. Did you break your wrist? What happened with that then you're going to go? No, i uh. I actually have flashlights in my hands. Look at that as well, but anyway back to back to the technology. So, if i'm working on something this gives me the perfect light at that particular location and i don't have to worry about a light, not shining in the right direction or me blocking it with an elbow it's. Just the perfect amount of light. The other cool thing about it is it doesn't, throw a tremendous amount of light, so it's not an obnoxious amount of light like a lot of the halogen ones i have or if i've got cree lights.

I turn those things on and they'll blind people for four blocks. These are just enough light and it's perfectly focused on whatever you're working on now. Some of the use cases for this. I use these if i'm working outside, obviously it's a good source of light if you're working outside, but if you're outside and maybe it's got a little dark you're flying your drone. These give you just the right amount of light to walk out of that forest without having tripping over branches and everything else or lighting up the entire forest. You can point these down at the ground and it gives you just enough light to walk without tripping over something they're also perfect, believe it or not a lot of times. We'Ll go to bed early, my wife's going to sleep, and i want to read a book. They'Re perfect for me, taking a book out and not lighting up a big lamp and just holding it like this now i know it looks goofy to be wearing these things but yeah. I could get a little book lamp and clip it on there, but these are perfect. They throw just enough light across the page for me to read what i'm doing and everything is fine. There they're also great, if you're into raving. So if you go outside and you want to do some raves – you got the lights on the end of your hands and you can dance around it's the perfect thing to bring in halloween, because you can scare people with these, but in general i love them because They'Re not gloves so they're, not taking up all of my hands, so i've got my palms free.

All my fingers are free and, more importantly, the ends of my fingers are free. So, if i'm working on any kind of electronics or i'm screwing, something in or i'm working on my car, it gives me just the right amount of light where i need it on the particular area that i'm working and i don't have to worry about a flashlight Running out of batteries or whatever so i've had these since father's day, so i've had them quite a long time and i love them and i actually bought two more pairs of them. I got one in my car. I keep one downstairs in the in the shop down here where i'm working, because, if i'm working on a printed circuit board or i'm putting small parts together, there's just never enough light and it's hard, sometimes to get the flashlight right on it. These are perfect. I put them on turn them on and i've got all the light. I need to work with them and they're, not that expensive. So, for me this is an unusual gadget, because when i first got it i thought i don't know i don't know i'll try it, but i don't get it like a lot of times. You'Ll look at a gadget and you'll go that's brilliant. I really think i understand what that's all about, and i want one of those with this one i'm, like seems kind of gimmicky to me, but i'll, give it a shot once i put them on.

I use them all the time and the last thing i'll say for all you nerds out, there is i'm iron man. At this point, i really am iron man, with these things on so anyway, that's a little a little geeky for most of you, but anyway i like them a lot another gadget that i use all the time and again on this channel. I know we get a chance to get a little silly in these clips but i'm giving you advice on gadgets. I use these aren't things. I just picked up off the internet and decided to talk about them. They'Re gadgets that i use around the house, i've used them for a long time. I'Ve recommended my friends and friends love them, so i feel like they've, been field tested, both myself and people. I recommend them to and i think you might find them interesting so anyway, these are my finger, lightning or lightning fingers uh that i use all the time around the house and again i got ta. I got ta thank my son for this wonderful father's day gift and i hope you guys found that interesting, so that's it for today uh, if you're interested in these you've got a link below you can go to amazon check them out, there's a lot of companies That make them the link down below or the ones that i use they work really well, so you can get at least a recommendation that those are a pretty good pair.

If you have any questions about these, i can't imagine you will, but if you do drop them in the comments below and i'll get back to as quickly as i can one last thing i forgot to mention there's a small screw right here that when the batteries Do run out their button batteries in there, but again i've had these things geez. I don't know a year almost and no issues whatsoever and i use them a lot. But if you have to change the battery, you pop that screw out there's a button battery underneath you put a new battery in you're good to go. They'Re led bulbs in the front they're going to last forever. They even have a little sleeve on the top to protect the bulb. A lot of the ones that i looked at online only had the led sticking out of the top. These have a little like cone on the top of it to protect the led. So if you're working in a rough area you're not going to bust the ball, but anyway that's pretty much it for today. So thanks enough a lot for watching. I hope you guys are enjoying these gadget friday, clips i'm having a lot of fun, putting them together. So give me some comments below. Let me know if you want me to continue or if you think this is ridiculous. I'Ll stop it, but hopefully you're not going to say that, because i really have a lot of fun doing these anyway.

That'S it for today.