Have i got a cool product for you today, its a usb, flexible light that you can plug into any standard usb a port on your laptop, maybe on a battery bank or even in your car? If youve got a car charger and it produces just enough light locally to help – you see what youre doing now its not the kind of gadget that youd normally go searching for, but i can promise you once you start using this accessory youre going to find a Lot of places where it comes in handy and the way i came across it was, i was searching for a small light that i could take with me in the afternoons and use with a power bank or even use with my laptop just to produce enough light. For me to see a particular area now i can carry a flashlight with me. Ive got my phone thats got that incredibly bright led in the back of it, but the problem with both of those is that they cast too much light and it was kind of annoying to others. This gives you a very localized focus light in an area. So you can see exactly what youre doing in that area, and it comes in handy all over now, im going to show you a few different use cases for it, but i brought a few of these in to test them and i liked them an awful lot And i knew it was going to be a popular accessory, because every time i used it around friends of mine, theyd say: what is that thing and then theyd say? Can i have one and id end up giving mine away and have to buy more of them? So i did a little bit of research and i found that the ones i was buying online were not as flexible.

This is incredibly flexible. You can bend it a bunch of different directions, so they didnt bend as well, but the other thing that i didnt like about them was the led strip inside of here was smaller, so it was like three leds or four leds, and so we decided look. We can build a better version of this, so i got in contact with a few of my manufacturing companies that i work with and i said: look we want to build one of these flexible led lights that plug into a usb a port. I want it to have a minimum of six lights in here. I want this plastic on the bottom to be really really durable. I dont want it to pop out or crack when were using it. I wanted to have a heat sink on the back, so it could disspate heat out this end and i really wanted it to be a heavy duty product. So we built a couple of different versions of it and we finally settled on this one, which is a drone valley, branded product, and i think its really the best of the bunch out there, because we built in again a very flexible neck that will hold its Position some of the other ones that i tested youd bend it and it would immediately start to bend back so, if youre trying to focus on an area its frustrating to have the thing moving around on you.

So this one its got a really nice goose neck. On it that can bend its plastic, the whole thing is enclosed, so its pretty much watertight we built the heatsink on the back, like i mentioned, and youve got high impact plastic on the front which kind of diffuses the light a little bit better so ill show You a couple of different use cases for it, so this is going to simulate your car, so maybe youve got a car charger in your car. You can plug it in there and immediately youve got light. So you can see what youre doing, if youre, reading a map youre trying to figure something out now again, i know youve got interior lights on your car, but when you turn those on the whole car lights up, so its kind of nice to be able to Plug this in and just have a little bit of localized light if youve got a battery bank with you and youre out for the afternoon with your computer bag, maybe you bring one of these along and you plug it into your battery bank. Just like this, the minute you do it comes on so youve got light there that you can focus on an area if youre reading a book at night, you can put it up on a shelf and have a nice little night light for your book. The other place i use it. A lot is with my laptop. So if im out working, maybe its a bit of a darker room and i cant actually see whats going on with my laptop.

I can plug this into my usba port on the side right here and then ive got light for my laptop. So its sort of like a keyboard light and even though the keyboard is backlit its hard seeing which keys, im typing and im not im, not an expert typer. So im not one of those that can look away and continue to type every now and then ive got to kind of find the key. So this gives me a little bit of extra light there. So in general i just find it to be a really cool product. That is one of those things that you may not know you need again until you start using it, and you realize boy. This is really coming in handy in a lot of different situations. So we build these as a drone valley product. We offer them in packages of five. We tried to keep the price as low as possible. Again, we made some engineering improvements to the original versions that were on the market and i think weve really built in a lot of ways a better product here in this one so theyre available on the website. We also have them up on amazon if you want to check them out there, ive got links below to both those products. Please let me know what you think of these kind of developments because were working on a lot of different custom products this year and i want to make sure were building things that consumers want and people find value in because thats, what were all about? We stand behind every product we manufacture.

If you ever have questions down the road or problems with it. Well be here to support you, so thanks an awful lot for watching.