They seem to be the only ones that make fpv monitors these days, so pretty basic uh design here what we got here so its just a screen, its got an internal battery 1s 1200 milliamp hour. I believe uh charges via micro usb here and you see the voltage range of 5 to 23 volts. So it does come with the like a micro, usb cable for charging on 5 volts and then has this adapter. So you can plug in a battery with an xd60 connector and it will go up to 23 volts. I think its like uh, almost six thats, like 5s, so anywhere between five and 23 volts will be fine. Its got a micro sd card slot there for a built in dvr, so well record in three different formats: uh vga, d1 and um 720p, so 1280×720. The dvr is actually the same when its in the happy model diamond vtx. So it does record a pretty decent um bitrate like 15 or 16 megabits, so you get a pretty good recording out of this. Although the image on the screen from the receiver looks better on screen than it does in the recordings thats pretty typical dvrs, typically dont. Look as good as it does live its a 4.3 inch screen 800 by 480 is resolution 16 by nine, and i believe, its only 169. Only you can see some of the osd settings up here, the channel, uh band and etc. Here also, the frequency and the battery voltage or the battery level.

Its probably thats not currently fully charged two rpma antennas. These uh whip antennas are included. Obviously, if you want better reception or range, you can obviously um swap out the antennas for something else. If you want, and for those of you that are wondering what the range of the receiver is on this, its really going to depend on the antenna youre using and also the vtx, that youre transmitting to this receiver. So if you have like a two watt, vtx uh, you could probably go. You know tens of kilometers away with the proper antennas and a good line of sight, so it really kind of depends on you know. My use seemed okay, uh, pretty typical of a monitor. This size um, you know pretty much all the places. I flew that i didnt have any major problems or major dropouts. It does have all the typical bands, including race band, so the screen is pretty bright, its uh about 500 lux or about 160 nits, and so you can pretty easily see it outside, even when its sunny, although theres, no like hood or shade, or anything like that. If you want to get even better viewing experience outside, you can just use like a you know. Maybe do diy sunshade or something like that, but does not include it in this package. The latency on the screen is reportedly about 20 milliseconds, which is um. I think one of the best ones ive seen out of any monitor, like typically you dont, try and fly through a monitor its usually for like uh people that are, you know, passing by you want to show them whats going on.

They can look at this or for people that cant use basically can use goggles because they have glasses but heres the quad here, and let me just kind of show you you know how its fairly i mean you can almost fly through it. I mean i didnt. Try flying through it, but at 20 milliseconds thats um. You can see there how much of a delay there is its barely noticeable but yeah thats. I know you guys are always curious about lindsey those of you that are looking for a monitor that you want to. Perhaps fly through this is a potential candidate for that now, in terms of the battery life on the internal battery, its about two to three hours depending on you know, usage, i i just basically ran for full empty. You know it was approximately two and a half hours, but of course your mileage may vary. It does get very warm though so the battery gets pretty warm. So i wouldnt recommend keeping this on for extended periods of time um. Unless you have some sort of a cooling fan or in some sort of cool environment, it does get pretty hot if you leave it on for more than an hour. But if you do want to use this for extended periods of time, you can just plug in the micro, usb cable to a power bank or an external battery, and of course that will continue to power the monitor and also charge the internal battery as well.

So, as i mentioned, just have a dvr to uh, initiate recording, just press the record button. Okay, so youll get a blinking red dot when it starts recording and uh the files that gets stored onto the micro sd card. To stop the recordings. You just press the record button again to bring up the menu, sure press, the power button and sure press the power button to go through each of the settings. If you want to adjust all these different settings, brightness contrast, etc. Here you can adjust the record size. I leave it on hd, which is 720p if you want to adjust that lets, go back down here, change it to vga or d1, but i believe um hd is gon na give you the best video recording. You can turn the recording of the audio on and off. You can format your sd card here as well and then eventually uh. If you want itll time out the manual timeout, if you just sit here and wait or if you want to go into dvr, make sure press the menu here, then press the ban button and that will load up through dvr. And then i have a couple recordings in here: okay, so i got a few recordings and heres the one i just recorded to play back. I just hit the record button. Itll start playing, as you can see, thats the recording there stop press the record button again to exit out of the dvr, just press, the power button and thatll exit out of the dvr yeah, so thats pretty much it for this monitor its um theres.

Nothing on the back here, no tripod mount uh, so you need some other way of mounting it if you want to put on a tripod or something like that, um or if you want to attach it to like your transmitter, thats another popular way of using these Um also no sun shade you know, but this is about you know 50 dollars so pretty good deal. Now there is an av port here, which i kind of forgot to mention, but this is the pin out its a it uses, a four pole. Three and a half millimeter audio jack, so you can, it can accept a video in and you can switch it to the video end by long pressing, the search button and then that will uh bring that ill. Show you the video on the uh nvidia in on this port here, but it does not record to the dvr so thats kind of a thats kind of a bummer um, but it also has audio out. So you can see here audio out, right and left on those two poles, and so you can plug in like some like some earphones or headphones, and if you want to listen to while youre flying, if you want, if your video transmitter has audio out, you can Actually hear the noises from your video transmitter transmitted to the monitor here and out to the audio out here now regarding the two antennas and whether or not its a true diversity system or not.

I dont know that i couldnt find any information about that. If anyone knows the answers to that, let me know in the comments below i couldnt figure out how to get inside this thing, theres, no, like obvious ways to like unscrew it, and i dont really feel like destroying it to find out, because it is a pretty Nice monitor and something that im going to probably keep around just to have you know like in the car or something in an emergency. You can have this uh. Its could be pretty useful um. So i dont know if its two true separate receivers or if its like a single receiver with some sort of diversity or antenna diversity. I think its antenna diversity, because normally on these, when the osd itll show you two separate signals for each receiver, but this doesnt seem to have any indication about that at all. But again i i didnt open this up and im, not 100 sure but im thinking for the price. You know its got a screen: a receiver, a dvr for about 50 bucks, its um highly unlikely that its a dual receiver setup. Because thats, you know extra costs and everything like that and i, in terms of like reception, um uh, like if youre in a bandeau area, a lot of with a lot of like um reflections and a lot of metal. A lot of walls obstacles that kind of stuff. I noticed that you know this.

One is not nearly as good as a true diversity setup, so im leaning towards the fact that that its kind of its more of an antenna, diversity with a single receiver versus actually two separate receivers and true diversity. But and if anyone knows for sure, let me know down in the comments but yeah its pretty nice monitor um links down below if you want to check it out.