So this is my part, two of the fx 8g, so i’ve flown it a few times, i’ve had to play with it in wind, in a windy, ish condition felt like six seven mile, an hour on a totally still day, um. At the end of this video you’re going to see the flight footage, uh i’ve also shot it with my gopro. So you can see how stable it is in the air that was a calm day. You see the stability in and the flight footage got a bit when it was calm and a bit when it was windy. So what are my impressions of this drone? But if you skip ahead to the video you’re, probably gon na guess what i’m about to say, the video image looks no different, whether it’s blowing a gale or whether it’s perfectly still there. The camera have absolutely no effort to stabilize the video. So if you’ve got the slightest bit of movement, this is this makes it look ten times worse, and i really do mean that it’s, probably the worst yellow i’ve ever seen on one of these, the picture quality doesn’t actually look that bad. If you could kill the jello now, i could try and manufacture something to mount. This myself on some rubber mounts make a little 3d print a little bracket, and i could probably get it a whole lot better but i’m not going to and here’s. Why i’m not going to the gps on it is not the best in the world.

It locks into position. Fine when you fly it and you put you give it some, especially in mode two or three speed mode, two or three. When you come to stop from, you need a good 10 meters before it’ll stop it just keeps going and then it’ll stop and it’ll do this until it finds its level. You probably can see on the video you’re going to watch when that’s happened so that’s. One thing not when i was recording, but when i turned the video off i decided to just have a little fly around with it to check the battery out, and i was yawing left. So i was hearing at some speed and the thing just stopped went like that, like that your dry went over to about that angle and somehow went level again, i managed to get it down and land it stupidly. For me, i took off again missed it and it’s absolutely fine, it’s, all and it’s something to do with your when you’re you’re and you’re, not in speed one. It doesn’t seem to know what to do with itself. It’Ll, do this or it’ll do that and just flick itself around even in mode one, you can’t smoothly your it doesn’t possess the ability it seems to be like a switch that does this. It walk around and gently go around in a circle now i’ve said before. On my channel that you don’t buy these things because it’s a gps camera drone and that – and i still do believe that, because the camera should be a very much a secondary part of this because of what you’re paying for it.

If you want a camera drill, go buy a dji spark that’s your best entry level, camera drone. If you want a pure camera drone, if you want something better than this is obviously the mgx products, i love the bugs five that i reviewed the other week. This camera is so much better than this, but even that isn’t a camera drone. In my opinion, no not a full camera drone. So – and i could forgive the camera on this – if, if it’s flying characteristics were good but they’re, not they’re, really not the best thing about this thing, so it’s, so quiet, it’s, very quiet in the air. You can barely hear it. When you take off, you can barely hear it even when you’re hovering it just in front of you when i was videoing it close up just it was really really quiet, but that is about the only good thing i can say about it. The controller feels not bad at all. The controller feels quite decent. It feels a bit cheap in your hand, but it it does what it’s meant to do. Stick resolution it’s difficult to tell when you’ve got something in gps, but there is a bit of lag um. The app is ridiculously laggy, but i think i showed you that on the it’s got no better when you fly it it’s actually far worse and it only did about. I don’t know didn’t even do 50 foot under thought before i lost connection.

So again, not not great, so the wi fi in here isn’t the best either so for what you put if it was 50 55 quid i’d, probably recommend it to give it a go, because yours might be better than my. I might have got a completely bad model here, but i don’t think i did, i think, you’re getting what you’re paying for and even at 50 i’d revise like even at 50 55 pounds there’s a lot better than this. I think it’s, a filing drone i’ve seen a couple of videos on that which is gps and that’s around 55 pound. It looks a whole lot better than this um, the quad doesn’t look better. This is i mean it does look beautiful. I won’t pretend it doesn’t that it’s really nice looking thing, but they put that much effort into making this look nice and forgot about the most important bit making it fly well because it’s, just not for me, um not for the money anyway, certainly not for the Money it’s, not even i don’t, think a great effort. I think they could have done so much better and having no effort at all to make any stability in that cameras would be ridiculous. So, even on the micro sd card, where you record to it, looks no better than if you record to your phone um, i don’t know why it drops that many frames it’s just poor so bit of a downer.

So i don’t want to i don’t come on here just to slag products off, but i also don’t want people to waste the money and i do something. I do really think that if you bought this you’d be very, very disappointed with it and if he did what he did for me and you were beginner, flyer you’d be taking it all in little pieces because i don’t imagine this survive in an accident very well. At all, it’s quite flimsy as a plastic, so thanks ever so much for watching hope. You have a fantastic weekend to get plenty of flying done. I want to show you the video i shot from the camera and also from my gopro to see what it’s, like in the air you’ll see from yourself when you look at the camera footage from the drone. It’S.