Sorry, Music, hey guys, welcome back to the drum camps, channel I'm, Justin Davis and today we're gon na check out the free bx 215 pro – and this is the s edition now. The other reviewers did have some problems with this quad and i'm gon na show you what those problems are and i'm also gon na show you how to alleviate most of that problem and fix yours. If you have one or if you're thinking about buying one and i'll show you what to do to make it fly way better and stabilize that onboard gyro. So let's go ahead and take a look at it on the bench and then we'll go outside and do a line of sight. Flight test and we'll do some fpv. With this furry B X, 15 Pro s model. No, I got the fr sky version with the XM Plus on there, so it's, a nice micro, sized receiver and it's a full range antenna on there so lightweight. But what you're going to want to do is replace that foam tape that they have on there holding it down and secure it with some nice 3m VHB. You can get that stuff on Amazon it's super awesome. We used to use it to secure gyros on the back of single rotor helis when we are running 700 sized helicopters, so they're very it's, very secure stuff, and it holds things down really great. Now let's go ahead and take a look at what's in the box.

Real quick and then we'll talk about the specs on this quad because it does have quite a large power system on here. You do get sort of a run: cam 3 version or a go procession style mount and it doesn't have any tilt on here. So you need to add, like a little piece of foam, to give it a little more tilt, so you can get a better camera view. You also get two sets of props in the Box. Green ones, and I got pink. These are 50, 48 tri blade props, and these are pretty good for freestyle, but I would start out with something completely different than these props. I would put these to the side. Maybe try out some of the azure props that I'm testing today. These are pretty good. I'Ll try to put a link down below for you guys to check these out. These are the newest version of azure props. The old ones that we have on the channel from last year had some really funky curves on them, and these are a lot smoother looking. So we did test those out on this quad and they flew quite good. Now. You also get a piece of carbon fiber, and this is for the bottom of your battery, and this is going to secure and protect your battery on those hard landings and you get a velcro strap with a nice metal buckle on here for securing your batteries on The bottom of the quad today for our flight tests, we are going to test out some of these new venom race packs.

These are pretty sweet. Looking. This is the 4s 1300 milliamp, and this is 90 C battery. It also comes with a Deans converter and for a nice III type of setup, so it just plugs right in on the end of the xt60 right here, but it's kind of nice that they include these, and this has been around. This company has been around for quite some time if you're new to the Hobby. Venom is a good name to know because they make some pretty decent stuff for a good price, and you can get some of this stuff domestically in local hobby shops, which is pretty cool, it's, always been kind of the more budget battery in the hobby shop. Something like an alternative to Thunder power, but with good performance so I'm. How could that I have a bundle of these tests? Now I have some 4 and 5 s batteries, so we're gon na run this in this review on 5's we're gon na see if this gyro freaks out and flips out like it has for other reviewers. I know the ex 215 Pro, not the s model that I have here had a lot of gyro problems and that's, mainly because it has a soft piece of foam underneath where the gyro sits and on a hard turn that foam gives a little bit and causes The gyro to rotate left and right on the roll axis and causes a lot of problems. I'M gon na show you a way to fix that in this video and you'll have a nice flying X, 215 Pro or the S model.

Now one of my gripes about this design is the fact that this ribbon cable does stick out the side and other guys at the field. We'Re kind of scared of this. You know they said it's gon na rip off, and you know one of the best ways to probably it fix this after you put a piece of 3m VHB you can see, mine is just underneath the gyro there and you stick it down nice and tight. You can take this whole top off. Take this top btx off and just make sure it's securely stuck down on top of the flight controller and then put everything back on the top. But that's gon na be a really easy fix and I actually did mine without taking all this off. So you can also do it really really carefully if you take some type of tweezers and just sort of pick that foam off of there and get all the foam off, you don't want to leave any expert foam on there, because you're gon na have some issues With not being level so make sure your piece of 3m VHB is nice and level and what's also cool about this one is, it does have an omnibus f4 flight controller. It has a built in OSD for vanna flight. You can change any of your own screen parameters, obviously, and it did come with the latest beta flight 3.2 on here so I'm. Happy about that. It also comes with a pagoda.

It has a beeper built in LEDs and it has an onboard DVR with SD card slot and the very back of the drone. So you can put your SD card in there. It was a little bit of an angle getting the card in there, so you might have to use a pair of tweezers to put it in there and take it out, but it does record some really nice onboard footage here, and this is that freebie camera that I'Ve seen before on gearbest website and I believe, it's fairly new, but I haven't had a chance to fly this one and check it out. So this is my first experience with this and, as you'll see coming up, I did have some issues with that piece of foam, like everyone else did, and this 3m VHB tape really made a big difference. Securing that gyro and not getting that hard jerk to the right sort of a just, a kind of a gyro freakout and the beta flight tune on here was okay it's not going to be perfect. I think it still needs a little bit of tuning for my particular model here on the punch out at high throttle. I did see some noise in the video system and a little bit of vibration that really high throttle so, and that also might be due to some propwash. Now, aside from an omnibus f4 flight controller on here, we also have 35 AM D, shot ready, ESDS.

This is a four and one ESC stack over here, and they have the motor wires kind of nicely heat shrink here and out of the way, the props that looks really nice there, how they did that you can take an extra zip tie and run around this Arm, if you want to just to secure it a little better now the video transmitter on here not only records DVR footage, but it also does switch between twenty five million. Two hundred mils, I had a pretty good reception but, like I said, I think it does have a little bit of feedback. It might need a little bit of an LC filter in between the VTX and where its power, and that would clean out the video a lot or you can also try to put capacitor on the side over here and that might help clean up some of this Noise that we're seeing and you can look these up on eBay. This is actually a 25 volt, 330 uf capacitor and you're going to use the positive side. You can see right here on this side. It says negative, and here would be your positive side, so we're gon na sorta, this down to the negative side and the positive side, just like this right, where your battery terminals slaughter on no 35mm es es, do a good job at powering these motors and these 2306 s: this is the green edition 2400 kV motors. They are super punchy on 4s and on 5s they're, just out of this world they're super super beefy and very very punchy, 'us is kind of like what I was expecting with this power system.

Now, overall, I like this x2 15 series. The original x2 15 was extra awesome and that one had no problems at all, and I really liked that one. I even said that might be the quad of the year. I'Ll try to put a link down below. If you guys want one that's, not gon na, have any type of issues that you have to work on, but this one's also cool, because it does have that built in DVR and a switchable power option for the VTX. But I do like the fact that this is an X frame. You can see it's a stretch X right here and it has that sort of laminate over top of the carbon fiber it's the same as a 215 pro with that same type of aluminum frame going over the top, and I do like the fact that they did Do replaceable arms on that that's a huge value for this quad I'm, pretty sure that they have parts available, maybe can get just the arms for it instead of buying a whole kit which would be super nice and if they do have that I'll try to put The link below or I'll try to put the link for the kit, but I think if you're gon na get this one, the cool thing about it is, it does have that built in DVR and the only thing about it is that you're going to have to Do that fix that? I showed you guys, and this is the key to that fix.

This is the 3m VHB here just gon na take a little tiny piece and put underneath your gyro and secure it down to for flight controller, and it looks like this close up. I'Ll just show you a little close up of it's, just a little great sticky. Double sticky and it's much more dense than the foam that they had on there. This this stuff is super durable and it doesn't really ever come off until you take it back off and most times when I take it off of a board, it doesn't damage the chips that it might be stuck up against. So it's not gon na pull your chips off. If you slowly kind of just roll it off, it comes right off and you're ready to get it off. So let's go ahead outside now and let's do some flight test with this 4s and five s and I'll show you what a difference this little bit of a mod makes on the X 215 pro s. Alright guys welcome to the field I'm Justin Davis from drone camps, we're gon na do a quick review of the X 215 Pro, and this is the S version. This is the newest version that came out with the newer motors on here that has this new onboard DVR system with 1080p recording, and I did a little fix on the side of the flight controller, where the ribbon cable is right. Here I added a piece of VHB 3m VHB to stick that gyro down nice and tight, so it's not wobbling around.

They had a piece of foam tape under and it just wasn't holding good. It was causing the quad to violently vibrate. When I did a hard turn or any type of like quick turn, so it would just kind of do this sort of overreaction real quick, mainly because the gyro is moving because of the the light foam that they used. I also secured the receiver on there with another piece of VHB because it also came off in my previous flight test. So I did a line of sight test with it just a second ago and it's doing a lot better. Now that I sort of soft hard mounted the gyro in there with some VHB it's, just a little more tacky than a piece of foam, would be so I'm gon na go ahead and put the GoPro on my head and we'll. Do a 4s line of sight test and then we'll see how it performs on 5s we'll see if this gyro jumps around at all okay. Here we go guys coming off the ground and I'm also trying out those new address. Props they just came out so it's got a lot of those add your props to test out, for you guys, looks nice in the air and I did some punch outs earlier and there was no flips or any kind of violent movement from the gyro. So now it seems to be performing a lot better. Now that I did this little bit of a mod for that gyro.

So here we go we're gon na try that out again for you guys live so we'll go ahead and do a punch out one. Two. Three, nice and high that's what I was hoping for: just try, some acro there and some back and forth see how that gyro hangs in there some quick movements, okay, this is all acro line of sight and it seems to be handling it pretty well. So now I feel pretty confident that I could f2v this without the twitch problem that is, other reviewers have been having. So if you have the furry, be X, 15 Pro S or you have the previous one. This is what I would do. I would take some 3m VHB and clear up the problem and you want to make sure it's tucked down and you remove all of that other foam that was on there, because you want it to be absolutely flat on the flight controller, so that's, looking pretty good Guys let's go ahead and do a 5s test on this, because I do have some new 5s batteries from venom. I just got a box of those to test out, so let's go ahead and see what this guy can do on 5s. I think it'll be pretty good, it might flip, they might not we'll see we'll see what happens. That driver still seems to be stuck down pretty good there. So I'm. Happy with that. There we go okay, guys there's, that 5s battery it's an eighteen point.

Five volt – and this is gon na – be a lot more power than 4s it's. Just always a nice boost of power. When you go up one battery size, so we'll see what this one does. This is a 1300 and it is a 90 C battery, so it's, a pretty high C rated battery I'll go ahead and plug that in and I'll get it over here, nice and flat flat, as I can get it or take off and by the way, when I tested this yesterday on 5s and the soft mounted gyros on there that foaming stuff that they had the gyro on it violently flipped. It actually did like maybe four or five rolls in my punch out so it's kind of interesting to see that now I'm interested to see what's gon na happen. Now that I have a sort of a firmer mount on there and maybe not as much movement of the gyro on those hard turns that these motors are gon na produce. So here we go those power up and come up into a hover. Hopefully, here we go always want to kind of stand back whenever you're doing any kind of Maidan they're testing out a quad for the first time. You never know which way these things are gon na go and you don't notice a whole lot of difference with 5's. When it's just kind of hovering, but when you do your punch out that's when it's gon na go way way up there, so I did a test yesterday with it and it did flip a lot.

So I'm gon na go ahead and do that punch out again. Gon na do a forward punch out right in front of us here on the field and see if it actually does flip again, because if Jireh is flipping out ready, guys we're gon na, do it in one two three there goes the 5s punch out with no Reaction from the draw the gyro that's that's, what I'm looking for and I've got that 5s power on here with let's, see how it reacts to some hard turns: I'll save some of this battery pack, so that I can so I can fly it and fpv and Show you guys how it fu b's it's right now. It seems like it's it's, holding its turns and not flipping out, so that VHB may have fixed this issue. Oh yeah that's! What we're looking for guys! That is what we're looking for no vibes, no movement, the gyro, very responsive and like a quad, should be very, very nice. This is awesome, so I'm gon na put it back down on the ground and I'm gon na do something to be with this guy. Now that it's flying good – and I would definitely recommend doing this to any of the the models that have this particular gyro and I think that's definitely going to fix the problem. This simple is that little piece of VHB 3m VHB, imagine that all right guys enjoy the flight footage and the fpv flight of the ferry beat to 15 pro s model.

Here we go alright, guys let's go ahead and get this beast up in the air, and let me try to just push this quad as hard as I can on some hard turns and see. If I could get this gyro to freak out, like the other reviewers we're, having sometimes when I see a review come up before mine and I get I get that sort of the heads up from these other reviewers that something might be going wrong with a quad And I took it out the day before and I tested it, and it did the same exact thing that the other reviewers had problems with it: twitched it jerked to the right with 5s, it actually did like four or five flips and that wasn't super cool. It kind of freaked me out definitely glad I wasn't in the goggles, but now I have this gyro hard mounted with the VHB tape and I say hardened out, but it's actually kind of a sort of thick foam it's, not as it's foamy and bouncy. As the other foam they put on here, so get rid of that foam on yours. If you have to pop the top and put this foam on there, the VHB is gon na work way better I'm super happy with where it's at right now, because I'm really pushing it right here and it's still it's, just not flipping out. When I do those hard turns like Albert Kim and Andy RC, had they were having some real problems with this gyro and you're getting.

I was pretty much expecting that when I saw the piece of foam they had on it, just not a good choice for material for mounting an external gyro. Here we are kind of punching around again punching back and forth, and I did see some propwash and some of my turns when I was accelerating after sort of a hard turn. I come back out of something down at the bottom of a maneuver. I punch back out, you see a little bit of wobble and that's, mainly because the beta fight paid tuned on the 5s battery versus two 4s is gon na, be different I'm back on 4s here, and it should be a little smoother. I could probably turn down my P's and DS just a little bit and get rid of some of that propwash. But right here this is you're looking at default. You know this is pretty much how it's gon na fly out of the box after you do this mod and I think you're gon na be pretty happy with this so guys. I already have this quad I'm kind of stoked for you, because this is going to be a decent fix and it's gon na make the quad flyable. You might even be able to just tune it a little more and actually be able to race this one. In a multi GP race and probably have a pretty good time competing against other guys so now, I'm, really just giving up all I've got and just going every which direction with the controls and see.

If I can make the gyro overreact and now it's it's flying true so I'm, pretty pretty happy with this now I can safely fly this quad and not feel like it's in it's, endangering me or those around me, because you definitely don't want to have a quad Up in the air and it's gon na have a freakout and then sort of be unexpected, but now I feel like I can trust it pretty good. So this is nice and I'm gon na continue to fly this. So thanks for watching this review guys. This is the fix for the X 215.