Here we are with the furry B genius, er, genus, er or whatever they want to call this thing, it's a pretty cool, looking quad it's super stretched, as I showed you guys before. I do have a venom 650 battery here. This is 4s and it's also can't see the C rating on it, but I'm gon na test this one out today, because I think this would be a pretty good size. I also have some 4s eight 50s, which i think is probably gon na, be the better size, because these motors are actually gon na suck up any type of smaller, like 450 milliamp battery it's, probably just not gon na work on this quad, so I'm gon na Go ahead and put it up and test out the 650 line of sight. Then we'll do some 4s ripping around with the 850 s doing some fpv. Here we go guys. Oh yeah, one of those quads you guys a little bit of tuning should be good nice. I hear a little bit of wobble after some tuning that done on it, but it's way less than it was. When I got it out of the box, it did need a little bit of adjustment on the P and DS, but check that out. Let'S come in close and do a little punch out ready one. Two three holy crap come back. Man that's super powerful for a little three inch, quad man, you can really rip through these trees over here, be like Star Wars.

I can't wait to VV this one. Now that it's too nicely oh it's a little bit dark up there on these cloudy days, like it's, still away man. I like playing this thing out line of sight. I don't want to stuff it in the ground and take out these gym fan props, pretty nice. So let's let's not waste any more time. Let'S go ahead and put this one on the ground. You guys – and let me show you just what this little quads capable of Music Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music wow – that was pretty cool right 2018 – seems to be the year of the micro for the three inch category, because the two inch category seemed To just blow up in 2017 and the beginning of 2018 is all about the three inch we're rocking some really cool, bigger motors on these frames and we're still running three to 4s on these beta flight OSD via heli. Is these micro cams the go? Does all the good stuff is being thrown at these quads and this one's just a little bit of a stretch X, which is pretty cool? For me, it is a unibody frame and it has huge motors on here. These are 1506 3400 cavies they're, pretty snappy, and the motors are really tight in here, so they feel like really good quality. But let me put this one on the bench for you guys and go ahead and show you this one and break it down a little closer.

This is the freebie genius. Er let's check it out. Okay, guys here we go on the bench with a Furby genius. Er this is a 160 millimeter frame and it is three millimeter bottom plate, it's a unibody, so it doesn't have replaceable arms on here. It'S all one solid piece: it has an XT 30 in the back already for your 3 to 4 s batteries, it has freebie branded 1506 3400 kV motors, and these things are super punchy. Listen to the magnets. I don't know if you can hear this I'm just gon na bring it to it close to the microphone. Listen to this super super nachi magnets, really, nice motors. I knew these would have tons of power when I first put my battery on there and it came off the ground. It was super punchy, doing the line of sight flight test, but what I thought looked really really cool and this this quad surprised me because on the website on gearbest website, I thought it was a lot smaller than it actually is 160 millimeter from front to back. Is actually a lot of real estate, so you have plenty of arm here. This is a really big stretch on this quad now it's, also rocking that freebie runcam style, clone camera on the front of here, it's just purple instead of orange, and the bottom of the camera and I've complained about this. Before is usually sticking out on some recent frames, not from free beep from a few others.

The bottom of this camera is all protected. These chips need to be tucked back inside, whatever frame you're running this camera on or Ron cam and it's also protected from the sides right here, which is really important. The only thing that does stick out just a little bit is these cables right here, but chances are you're not going to break those off I've, never broken myself, and also guys. The es es on here are for money. Se, there are 28 amp here and there nicely soldered up. Whoever saw today's up. This Factory is looking like they're starting to pay attention to the details, because they did run the wires underneath and solder from underneath, instead of coming out from around the outside. One of my pet piece of builds here in 2017 and 2018 is when companies come with their motor wires on the outside, because that puts our motor wires kind of in risk of being ripped off. When we do crash so that's a nice detail that they did, that the mine also came with the fr sky receiver, I have a d8 receiver on top with a little tiny antenna coming out the top. You can see that right here, but this is not a super full range receiver on here. So you're gon na not gon na get like as far out as like an X M plus, or something like that, and you also have a 58 pagoda on here as well, which I need to tighten mine up it's a little bit loose from the factory.

It came a little bit loose and always guys go over your quad with a wrench and make sure all of your screws are tight on the bottom of your motors, especially because this is where sometimes from the factory look at that I'm missing one right there. It flew out during flight and check both sides be sure to check both sides and, while we're looking at the bottom, they do have a piece of sort of sticky tape. That comes along with it, and I don't really like these that much because my batteries always fly off of these are nice and grippy when you put the velcro around it, but once you fly and you hit the ground, the battery seems to really just eject off Those it has nothing holding it to the quad and the XT 30s. Just don't have the same type of hold as an XT 60 does so I like to use velcro Roman just holds the battery there during my little tumbles in the grass. Now that camera is pretty decent, it is 800 TVO and it's pretty clear. You can see from that video in the very beginning of the review that the camera does look decent now. What I also liked about this one is the fact that it did come with a beeper, because something this size you're gon na need a beeper on it. When you crash out in the field, especially any type of large field, it's almost impossible to find these little micros, it also has two LEDs built in the very back and it looks like they shaved off the bottom of this and kind of see how it looks Like it's shorter on the bottom of the buzzer than normal, it's, usually a little longer top to bottom and more square.

But this one looks rectangular for some reason looks like they shaved off the bottom. But if you look inside this frame – and it looks actually pretty clean in here – there's – not a lot of wire hanging around there's wires, going back to the VTX right here and where the LEDs and the buzzer connect and just to the camera up front. So there's not a lot of wires hanging out it's nice. The way they did this. They also put a braiding over top of the motor wires and that's pretty sweet. It makes everything just like a little tight here so for a binding fly quad. This is not bad now. The video on this quad was pretty decent, mainly because it does have an onboard, LC filter, so that's, making it a little bit nicer. It does not have any type of capacitor where it does connect up. You could add a capacitor on here and maybe get a little cleaner video, but it wasn't bad and I did actually shear off and break my pagoda so that's one thing to think about. If you want to take this off and maybe have it mounted so it's coming off the back of the frame and then bend it up that way when you crash – and this gets whacked it's – not gon na break it right at the base of the stem like What happened to me, you actually had plenty of room to come out the back right here and just zip tie it to the end of this, with a little bit of VHB along the topside of the antenna.

That would probably be the better optimal setup as long as it doesn't fly down into your props and the onboard VTX is at the very top of this stack, and it is a 25 100 or 200 milliwatts which bow, which is super nice. Now for my beta flight also, i amped up the idle speed, the motor idle speed on the configuration page to 8, so you're not going to get any flips of death with a little higher idle on the motor speed. I was a little bit worried about that, but I didn't have that problem at all mine, didn't drop out of the air, which was super great now I've got a baby hawk, are here to show you guys. Just the difference in the size of these motors is that 1506, next to the popular micro size, 1106 check out the difference between the Emax 1106 motors. These are super punchy on 3 and 4s, but these 1506 'iz are just gigantic motors compared to those. But for now, you're, just gon na run 2 inch to 2 and a half inch props, but this is a full size, 3 inch, quad and it's. Not actually all that heavy for how big it is. Ok, so let's just go ahead and get a dry weight on the freebie genius. Air and let's put it on the scale there. One little prop broken back there and 157 grams and with a 4s 850. This is the battery I'm going to recommend you're up to 257.

If you wanted to get it under 250 grams, maybe you just used something like a high C rated 650 or 700, and I've got some other popular ones. Here I'm gon na weigh I'm just gon na go ahead and weigh the furry B X 140 there, with the runcam micro split on there and that's 140 C that's a hundred and forty six grams and then with a battery you're looking at 245 right there. So that one's under the 250 gram limit, then I'll just go ahead and give you a dry weight on one of my favorites. This is a 2.5 inch frame running for 3 to 4 s battery, and this is my liter 120 I've got it at 71 grams and then the popular baby hawk R we're at 89 grams. On that and with a battery. I think it was up to like 110 grams, not too bad, but you're also running 2 inch props on this one. So it is quite a bit smaller than some of the other guys sitting here on the bench, so I'm gon na go ahead and wrap up. This review and give you my final opinion on the frame in genus air 160. I think this is actually a pretty decent quad. I like the style of it. It looks super cool. The carbon fiber looks really nice, 3 millimeter bottom plate and 2 mil top plate. That'S good for bolts on the very top to get to the stack.

It would be super easy to work on for a new guy if you're looking for something as your graduation from a super small 2 inch, Brussels Micro before you step up to something like a 200 or 5 inch. This would probably be a pretty decent choice, mainly because it flies awesome and it has tons of power. So you're not gon na, be disappointed with the power system on here not going to be wanting more punch out of these motors, so bang for your buck. For this quad I think around, if you can get the discount on the coupon, with that the RC 18 off, if it's under 150 dollars, I think it's a pretty good deal for this size. Quad, you know 160 millimeters is a pretty approaching to be a pretty large scale, 3 inch. So, with a stretch excellent here I mean it is a wicked stretch on here, but I think it flies really really well and you need kind of a bigger field for this one, because it has so much power. You just you can't, quite rip in small places like you can with a baby Hawk R. So if you have a little more field available to you, this thing is absolutely a blast in a larger space, it's really a lot of fun to fly, so I had fun with this one. I can stand behind this one and give this one a thumbs up. I'M, going to give this one 4.

5 stars out of five, so this one is a good bet for the money. So thanks for checking out the Gina sir bye furry B, this one is a winner, not a loser. This one has been a good experience for me. So I didn't get mad at it.