You can see here from that extra frame that i got. This is the original one over here and i’m, going to talk about everything that i did with this new build and this video, but before i get into that, i do want to talk about the new gps, cable that goes from the back of the here. This gps – this is in the back here and then goes to the flight controller, and the itunes has actually come out with these a while back. I just haven’t had time to make a video about them. It’S basically got some shielding um, not exactly sure what the shielding is made out of it’s, probably some sort of copper. You know foil or something like that and wrapping around the wires here, as well as some sort of clear heat shrink. That goes over that. So you can see you have four wires there and i installed that on this one on the new build, as you can see, the the wire comes in here and solder onto the flight controller here and the i think it goes up top of the vista. Now i replaced the cabling the original cabling on the original f4 with this new one, and you can’t see it here, but it’s uh yeah it’s installed there you can kind of see it goes on top of the vista plugs into the same gps. This is the bn 180 that i guess everyone thinks that, because it’s smaller you can’t get good signals and it has to do with the fact that the unshielded cables that was being used before was running over the top of the vista and the vista is creating A lot of rf noise that basically disrupts the signal, english from the the gps, that the signal is received with the gps and then transmitter over to the flight controller and that’s.

Why you’re having problems now i would uh get maybe six satellites and it would take a pretty long time to get a lock. And if i, if i move locations, then i would have to sit there for a little while to reacquire the satellites. Sometimes, if i was lucky i’d get eight satellites on the old cable. I know that a lot of people have the same setup here and we’re not getting any styles. We couldn’t get any couldn’t, get this gps to work at all and thought that maybe the gps was a problem i’m thinking that it’s, probably a combination of the antenna being a little bit smaller here. This is a smaller sized antenna for a gps, along with the cable not being shielded and not causing um a number of problems with rf interference and not getting proper signal to the flight controller, so pretty inexpensive part i’ll link that down in the description you pick Them for race day, quads uh. I think you get two in a package so yeah, if you have other quads uh, that have problems getting uh good satellite signals not getting getting enough satellites, and you probably want to pick up this cable. You can just cut off the connector if you’re, if your gps is using a different connector of course, and of course they all use four wires. You know they have power ground and rx and tx. So after i’ve made the change, i can pretty consistently get about.

10 satellites up to as many as 14, depending upon where i’m flying and it doesn’t kind of bounce around in that sort of range, so i’m having much better uh signal and the gps rescue works. Much better, of course, because you have a better lock with more satellites, you have a basically more accurate picture of where you’re actually located so yeah. Now, on both of these, i have no problems getting a quick lock within 30 seconds 20 30 seconds and get a lock and i’m getting in the range of 10 to 14 satellites. Now, with this new cable, so didn’t want to talk about that. Make sure you guys are aware of that, if you’re having problems and want to get to work, then i would recommend going this route and swapping out that cable, all right so um, i think that’s it for the old build. I i think i mentioned i was using express rs on this one in a previous video uh, but you can check that out. If you want so there’s a new build here, essentially the same i’m using crossfire now here i am using their new uh. Well, excuse me: i am using an hdlrc all in one flight controller here this is like the zeus: 25 uh. I haven’t made a video on that yep it’s just a 25 amp 401 ac and a 4 flight controller. But the main thing about this build is that i’m, using the new toca 1505 motors here with the 26 50kv and i’m using the new jim fan f4019 three bladed folding propellers.

So this whole setup here, i think, weighs almost the same i’m using a shorter antenna. Here this flywheel antenna um, but i’ll just show you what the weights are build the build, because this one is in a 20 by 20 stack two boards 165 grams, and then this one here with the bigger motors but and also three bladed propellers – is coming at 164 grams so 64.4, so actually a little bit lighter for this setup here compared to the um. Basically, the stock, binding inflation with the two boards now um. I know diaton has a new all in one flight controller board here that you could use that. I didn’t use because i built this before i got that, and actually i have that in a in their new five inch. Actually, this is going to appear in a future video, but if you guys are wondering that’s what it looks like there, you know i haven’t. Even i just literally got it today, so um haven’t set it up yet, but if you just want a sneak peek, this is what’s coming it’s. Basically enough for um, i think it’s called the l5 it’s. Basically, the f4 geometry in terms of the arms until everything’s been lengthened and and made bigger, so it can fetch five inch. Props and it’s got the 2004 motors and these are um the toca 2004 1700k, because this is going to be running on 6s, but anyway, their die tone does have a all in one.

You know: whoop style, flight controller. This is an f4. I believe um yeah you’ll get more information on this one later but yeah. I know that you guys are wondering why i didn’t build this one with that, because i built this like a month ago and i just haven’t had time to make a video about it. So the way this thing flies now uh with the bigger motor yeah it’s a little kb. This is, you know the original was um or these 3000 kvs, but these are only 14.04. So you know 1404s on this setup on four inch. Prop is really meant for efficiency, and i wanted to go for a build that was kind of more freestyle a little bit more accurate, not necessarily for long range. Although you could use it for long range as well and obviously go with the three bladed propellers to get a little bit more power because the kv is a little bit lower, so you get basically bigger motor with more bottom and torque. It’S got very good control on the bottom end um, which i think is this setup on this weight, with three blade with a three bladed propeller does feel like a pretty decent aquifer. You’Ll see that here in the flight demo at the end now i’m gon na make a separate video at the folding props. These seem fine, they seem balanced i’m, not having any tuning issues or vibrations or anything like that.

I i have the two bladed versions on on the um: the airblade mini transformer that’s, also a four inch but i’m having some tuning issues in that one, with a fair amount of vibrations: i’m thinking that either i got a bad batch of those where they were Unbalanced um or i have some sort of a tuning problem or some sort of frame resonance problem because it just i went from basically these two bladed um hq props on that on that frame to the two bladed uh folding props, from jump van, and i get A lot of vibrations on that stuff, so i’m gon na save uh the talk about that for future videos. I have this one, the three bladed i have the two bladed four inch and then i have the three bladed three inch and so i’m gon na sort of gather all those into a single video. Later i can tell you that um i haven’t flown the three bladed three inch yet so i have no idea how that flies at all. So you’ll see that in a separate video, but for this one you’ll see in the flight demo, it flies perfect. You know um right out of the box. The seam is all balanced and i can’t tell any difference between this one and just a regular three bladed propeller and in terms of like its responsiveness, it seems completely fine, just it doesn’t. I can’t tell that i’m flying a folding propeller, but you can see it’s, folding and it’s got a very nice compact footprint, which i like.

So you can stick this into a small bag or something um and it’s. You know it. Doesn’T look very intimidating. If you happen to be flying at a park and some people come up and it’s compared to like a bigger five inch, i think this one here flies like a five inch in, in my opinion, it’s not quite the same in terms of the weight, because it Is significantly lower than a typical five inch, but because of the the way it’s so light and the three inch or the three bladed propellers just seem to provide that pop. It does have that sort of it’s really that same sort of feel and you’ll see that in the flight demo, when you get to here the way the props out and everything but uh yeah, i mean uh. If you are going to go for a more freestyle build on this four inch frame, i would recommend going with an all in one flight controller board just saves some weight there, just a single board, and then definitely these 1505 motors are way better for freestyle versus The 1404 motors and yeah, if you go bigger like a 1606 or 1605 motor, maybe that might be pretty good i’m thinking like on a four inch i’ve, even seen it on some torrents. You can go to like a 2004 motor on a four inch prop and those are probably like that really good power to weight ratio as well, but i like, i really like the way these 1505 motors feel they just feel really locked in on the setup anyway.

Rambled on long enough, um probably see this again later in a future video.