Let you know my thoughts as to how it flies and whether or not it’s worth your money, and here it is the dji air, 2s it’s, a very hefty box. That is surprisingly heavy inside of it. You’Ve got you guessed it a bag yep, but in that bag there’s going to be a drone. So let’s get this little sucker out it’s a little bit stuck in here on the on the bottom bit. You’Ve got a box and it’s got like one of a few. Several warnings about hey don’t, be a fool uh, basically there’s, not a lot of information here, so you guys would go and download the instruction manual yep. There was a castle white in there. Enough of that we’ve got a lot of different propellers here to replace them, just in case they should ever break, and inside of this little box are some nd filters very handy for conditions where you want to definitely capture a bit more shadow detail. Whilst you’ve got some highlights, you got a spare pair of joysticks as well as usbc and micro usb cables for the controller to your phone to charge. The controller you’re going to need this usb a to usb c cable, but now let’s get into the bag proper. At the front, you got a little tiny pocket, that’s extremely hard to get into got a little tag on the side there, which you’re going to rip off aren’t you and well here we are the exciting stuff folks, first up the drone and on this little bad Sucker you’ve got a lot of stickers everywhere and i mean in really awkward awkward places i’m setting the top albums out first and then the bottom legs, but this drone is not yet ready to go.

Taking off the protective lens cover. You’Ve got your sony cmos inch sensor and again more tape on one side, the drone, you got a micro usb input on the other side, not seen here a place in which you can transfer data from the drone. Looking around the drone on the bottom you’ve got a light, as well as some sensors to help with landing and on the rear. You’Ve got two more sensors and the front not two but four sensors. This sturdy controller, now operating on ocusync 2.0, can transmit up to 160 megabits per second simple layout. You’Ve got returned at home, different speeds from slow normal to fast and power on and off on. The top you’ve got your dial to move your camera up and down to record and stop or take a photograph, and this is the antenna system, which is where your mobile phone will sit. Nested in that space is where your cable goes at the moment, it’s got a usb 2 lightning connector Music and to complete the picture just attach the joysticks and you’re almost ready to go just a few more items from the bag and in this larger box, you’ve Got a few more batteries and the charging hardware, these 3 500 milliamp hour, lithium phosphate batteries are smart and if you charge into 100, full they’ll naturally actually degrade themselves to 50 to protect themselves. This adapter allows you to charge usb devices from the batteries and the 38 watt charger enables consecutive charging of the batteries, as well as a usb device like the Music controller in the bottom of the bag.

You’Ve got a foam piece to help. Keep the drone in place and now let’s talk about props, because i actually had trouble putting these on so here’s. My learnings matching orange rota to orange motor push them down and turn into the lock in place Applause. But what i found works best. Is you push it down and you rotate the motor in place like this before going out flying make sure your batteries are charged so to turn it on press the button once and then press and hold for several seconds until you get that infamous, dji sound ensure Your firmware is up to date and then you’re ready to fly Music, so Music, Music, Music, let’s. Stop this a second hey how you going – and this is where i really regret – having press stop on the b roll camera, not realizing that on the mobile phone there’s. Also, another issue here which i wasn’t aware of what happened. Well, a lady came over hey concern. Mother, shall we say who basically said this uh? What are you doing, and why are you using that drone here, to which i answered uh i’m, actually allowed to use the drone here and um yep, and i tried to show her the screen. She goes yes, but you’re near the playground and she she she basically just sit like that, like a pregnant pause as to well so i’m, not actually looking at the playground, am i so.

I basically said to him i’m, actually here, shooting out on the lake and getting some footage in that direction and i’m not going to be going anywhere near the playground. And again i tried to show her the camera, but she wasn’t interested and then she goes. But you can see the problem can’t you and i said no, because i can’t see the playground and again i want to show her that this is. You know what i can see and no matter. Zooming is gon na enable me to go. Look at that playground because i’m, not that sort of creep and it’s kind of perplexing that one. She didn’t trust. What i was saying. Two didn’t want to actually look at what i was showing her and three giving me the opportunity to say to her, which i wish i probably should have said this – was that i’m not i’m not allowed to fly over people i’m going to keep at least 30 Meters, distance and i’m not about to go, do that, but what i did say was that i too have got some kids over there right now and i’m, not planning on filming anything around that playground. This is the first experience i’ve ever had of someone coming up to me and complaining about drone use since then i’ve flown at least three four more times, and several people have come up to me and saying wow. What is that? That looks really awesome? Oh, my god, the picture quality is great, they’re excited for and uh they’re curious as to what it looks like, but with this lady, her perception of as to how powerful that um digital zoom is.

If she had just taken a look at the screen, she could have seen that oh the playground wasn’t visible two. If i had zoomed, i couldn’t see anyone and if you could see any faces there would have just been a muddy, muddy mess. So, oh gosh, next time how i’m gon na address this is this on the app you can case to the um, your you know the footage that is being captured in 1080p on your mobile phone, but it doesn’t actually capture um. You know what’s actually on screen. So any of the button inputs or what the settings are and all that sort of stuff norm, does it capture audio, so my top tip is this: if you haven’t got the opportunity to have a second b roll camera, that is to say another camera that’s, pointing Towards you, or maybe around your surroundings, like i’ve, seen other youtubers use, use screen record on your mobile phone. Hey yeah also it’s, awesome yeah that way you’re going to be capturing your audio and you can get the video as to what the camera is seeing and you know let’s pretend worst case scenario. It goes plonk somewhere in where it shouldn’t go. It’S going to help you actually, i think, navigate to that point. A lot easier. I think i’d, never wouldn’t find that out. I did take out uh insurance with dji on this, so that if ever something were to go wrong, i could get two refurbished replacements per year: um that’s, like 170 bucks, folks um, but yeah.

I think the top tip is have someone there. My father was there and he witnessed the exchange, and he was very surprised by him and to yeah have a way in which to record yourself just in case. She goes to the authorities to complain about me if she had done so they could. There was nothing for her to stand on because i could have shared my entire footage and she would have seen that yeah. I went nowhere near but it’s very annoying Music. So with that really miserable experience out the way the trip continued and i went and got a bit more footage, Music and on the way home, i was hoping to get some more using the master shots and follow track. But unfortunately the weather turned foul. So i went and got this footage the next day using the screen capture on my mobile phone. Instead, Music Applause, Music, Music. So there you have it. Hopefully this has been something you’ve found useful and uh in the future. I will be doing a review on this. After i’ve flown it from you know at least half a dozen more times had about, maybe about a month with it and learnt all the pros and cons um so far, very happy with my purchase. I said to people previously that sometimes, when i buy things for you know youtube, you know, cameras microphones, whatever it might be as soon as i’ve done so and particularly as it might be an expensive purchase like this one.

I tend to have buyers regret, but when i purchased this you know i didn’t actually feel that way at all, and i was very pleased with buying it because for so long, i’ve wanted to integrate more drone footage into my videos, but either the opportunity wasn’t there Or conversely, the quality wasn’t there, the camera’s ability and all the software that’s built into this to be able to track things hasn’t been available either and as a one person operator like i am with youtube it’s. Just me filming. I have to set my tripod up. I have to get the shots set up and then i film it and then i review it it’s time consuming it’s slow and i can’t have someone um be driving either the car or taking a scooter or riding a bike. Whatever the subject might be, i can’t actually uh. Do that it’s going to be me so by putting this into a place where it’s safe to fly free of obstacles, and i can just trust it is going to follow me like it did with the car uh or you know, pull together half a dozen eight Different shots that is super powerful and, in the end, it’s going to pay for itself. I figure so so far very happy. If you’re debating about whether or not to get it, i suggest getter it’s, definitely a good quality product. So far the app is awesome. The hardware is awesome, the image quality is great, but i need a lot more time.

Experience with it to give you that definitive answer, because so far from what i can see. Well, it looks good but yeah it was overcast. It was nothing special. I didn’t have any of the nd filters on and i know i can actually get better footage with better lighting conditions. So if you did enjoy this video, please consider subscribing uh leave me a little comment. If you’ve got any questions, i do look at them.