First of all, for all of your likes subscribes comments. All that good stuff, uh im reading all the comments im not replying to all of them, but uh, obviously not thats, quite a few but uh we uh. We have some things in this episode. There are two big things i want to do in this episode. First, i want to sort of progress and convert thats. The main theme of this episode well be converting my bass into a drone based logistics base. That was a bit of a mouthful. The second thing is that we have problems. We are basically out of of power, and if we run out of power or we will run out of power as soon as we get drones, because they do need quite a lot of power. So we have problems with power that i need to deal with. First and then we are also going to to do just some preparation for the next bit of research that will be towards the yellow research. We have the planetary logistics system and we would really really like to get the interplanetary. So we can bring stuff like processors and titanium back to the home planet and maybe also get start establishing on the third planet of the solar system, and then id also really like to get the interstellar power transmission. Because then we can use the geothermals on the lava planet to fill up batteries with lava yeah. That doesnt seem good and then transport the lava infused batteries to to the third planet, because we dont really have any options for power there.

So that would be one of the things to get sort of started on this so lets see. The first thing i want to do is i have handcrafted. A few of these ive also handcrafted a lot of this, so what we want to do is we want to make sure that we start some crafting of drones. I need as many of these as i have one two three and then i need a lot more of this one. Two three four five thats, not even gon na, be enough and im gon na take 100 here and then i need another five one. Two three. Four five and then do another 100 here, so we have now handcrafting of 200 of these going on good. Now, in the meantime, im gon na do something here. I want to ive said that i didnt want to use my precious precious silicon for solar panels, but i actually have to um. I i just dont have any other ways to get power in a reasonable manner, so i am going to get do that anyway. Um. So much for principles right, one, two thats three im going to take okay. What am i doing here? Uh solar panels, solar panels is the first thing we need to do. I need a lot of copper, a lot of silicon and some circuits so thats. Why im doing this thing here? Oh look at that thats actually really cool. I can just do a tap tap, thats, much easier lack of item.

I cant believe we have to pick up some of these there, and this is now up and ill bring it hmm down. Maybe sure i can bring this over here and were gon na get some construction lets just take two right. One two were not gon na get very many for this uh. It will be a finite number paste and i will just cut this off as well, and then im going to have an output belt that will go into a little box. That box will be here and then we can get the. What are they theyre coming in here and uh were gon na take some of these out as well. These are here im going to unhook that up or take that out and im just going to go on this line. No im not im going to go in this line and then go up and then down again and go back. That should be okay and well just get this outbound. Is it working yes? So then we need to figure out how to do this, because, basically what i, what i can do is ive had two issues with using solar panels. They take a lot of space and they take a lot of silicon, both the things i dont really have a lot of. So what we need to do in in terms of of spacing, we have to figure out that well, basically, weve. If, if we have have it somewhere and we dont need it there and there right, then we can always just move it.

So we need to have some kind of simple pattern and im going to do just one line of that. I guess, and you can take all of what is inbound and we can start getting the very first parts of this out yay, and i also know that i have one over here. So one of the the reasons why were running out of power, as you can see this one im, basically not really mining coal anymore and thats, going to be one of the next big issues is that were starting to run out because of the 0.5 resources were Starting to run out of pretty much everything anywhere and thats pretty bad, so what i want to do here is uh. I actually need to redo this, and i think that we transition out of using these small locations here and instead i will use that one to build solar things here, instead yeah and ill make this into two. Does that seem reasonable? It does and yeah and lets see we have a few here as well good. I will get rid of that. Okay and we are pretty much ready to go on this. One lets build a few of these okay, so what i want to do in terms of the of builds is that i want to have a build here. Oh no thats, not it lets see. These are the stronger lines here too close to another one that one um there and there.

So i basically want a pattern like this. It does have this a bit of issues when it comes to how close you can place it. If you look at this, i cant even place them this close. So i can only do this really close to the equator and i actually want to do another pattern. Thats gon na look like this. How is that not thats, so weird? Ah, this is still too close to the okay, so here heres lets lets try to explain whats going on uh. Where do we have my fault line, thats a fault line, and that goes all the way down to somewhere else, but in the top half of each each place they, the squares, are so small that some combinations of builds cannot be. It cannot be possible, but in the lower half it can be possible so im going to build it down here with the lower half, and i just theres just nowhere. I can build this without bumping into things. This is kind of the problem of of this build lets. Try it over here, then, that that one all right and lets build a grouped up here. One two three one, two three one, two three there so thats gon na be a blueprint and paste it and then were gon na be pasting it down anywhere. We can on these grid lines and there will be a little gap between them, but thats. Okay – and i wish we could place it if theres one one thing that doesnt fit, but at last that is not the case, and here why not collide with another object, thats odd? What other object is colliding with? I dont know oh right itself, never mind, never mind that it collides with itself and, as you can see, we are already not having enough of this.

So this is one of the things that im just gon na keep doing just for a bit and get some some solar panels here and there and in in various locations that i feel i can. I can build it and then the irony, of course, is the fact that this one yeah, ah man – this is uh, problematic, ill put it here and ill put it here, and i can put it around thats these two as well, and then i sure, as hell Hope that i havent make disjoint networks at this point there, so where this will be. I think this is all connected and i think itll help a bit with this part, so thats ten more all right, so we are expecting to do power. This is something that i will do just randomly once in a while just go out and and put some of these things, so you might be seeing seeing some uh some solar panels here and there that you havent, seen before thats just gon na, be how this This is going to work from now on that i will be uh, be putting them in here. Whenever i see fit its just sort of between sessions and between recording sessions, there will be some other things. All right lets get started on some of the really important parts that we want to do now, that im gon na just wave my hands to say that weve solved power.

We havent quite but lets lets pretend that we have. The really big thing that we want to do is build an automation for the stuff that i have now been handcrafting here, namely the particle pencil logistics station and the drones and thats um. Then i need to find a good place, a good place. I think theres a good place over here yeah. This is a good place for some reason. Why is it a good place? I dont know well its a good place, because all of this is completely dead. So lets uh, and this is now really emphasizing the big problem we have. The big problem here is that now we dont get any more green turbines, because we are simply out of power or out of iron. Here. That means also, that part is dead. Everything is starting to die now and thats the that we can really see that we are working on a zero point. Uh 0.5 build speed, location all right, so im going to do some. My first planetary logistics facility station things is this: a good place to build it. I think this is a fine place yeah and then i just want to see how close they can make to that there thats the benefit of the planetary compared to the interplanetary there. So these are going to be as close as possible. What is it we want to do in this? So we have three locations to request.

One of them in this case will absolutely be this part and then im going to look at what i need for here. I will do some planets that one okay, thats, probably a good place. I want to first build the pink containers these particle containers. That is three things i need to get in here, and then i also want to do over here. Lets lets build that on the same line here this will be the engines, the thrusters, thats, copper and steel. This one also needs copper, so im going to take copper in this one and im also going to take steel in this one. I guess yep this one will then be the turbines and the graphene. Those are the two other ingredients here, so they will come out here. These two will get that one and the last bit is then converting lets. Take that one converting the drones into logistics or converting thrusters into drones, so im getting the thrusters. Yes, they need to be and and then im gon na get processors and iron, processor, processor and iron, and then the drones go out here. Yes, i am not putting anything back in here, i think. Well, yes, i am, of course i am im, putting the pink containers back in here. Of course i am, and now i realize that i probably built everything a bit too close, because i will the first thing i need to remember, for these kind of things is: i need to be able to proliferate.

It so lets do something like this, and this and lets do the outbound. So what are we getting up on? We are getting the green, and how much is this? This is on a four second cycle to see one two, three, four, five, six yeah its five. Six is fine, yeah, the other one, our screen type, and then we need to graph theme, not graphite graphene and oh, they are on top of each other thats, not how we want it and there so were now getting all of that now. What we then need to do is then get uh, copper, ill, take copper out here and i can go like really close and in there and then return has to go as close as possible. Thats the return about, because i want to make sure that i can build my camera. Ah, okay, i cant select that there all right so thats actually working right now. I think and then of course somewhere out here we are going to get ah come on. Move closer, this way, yep all the way in thats pretty good, and what i also really want to do is i want to pick up as many trees as possible and that will come back to something a bit later why we want to pick up trees uh Its actually, the answer is: oh, not gon na be visible for us right now, because uh we are not running up and i think im you need to go my friends here.

Whoa i have something on the ground. There you go. Oh organic, crystal, see, thats. Why organic crystal is the key ingredient for our yellow signs and i need yellow signs pretty badly there. So the two other things that come out here will be copper. Also lets build this six deep. Now that we can and the other one was the steel there. We go and this could actually be one close up and it has to be matching that one up there, oh no thats, six, ah its getting a bit closer. I really think i could move it just a bit closer here. I could probably move it yeah. I could, but i dont want to and again we want to get our i just cant pick. I cant shift click these. No, i cant – i guess not here and here looking good lets again proliferate the input so that it works as well as possible. We are now getting out here. We are getting some drones now, some thrusters out. They will need to go all the way in there, because i need to make sure that they get proliferated like that before they go into. You are going to be processors out, uh hold on two of these to one of those, so i need three of them, but since im proliferating, im gon na need four, because im gon na get 20 bonus materials so thats nice. Thank you for that. Oops yeah – and this goes on the next one i really like making these nice little crisp designs here, uh also, why am i making it too close? Oh dont, like that this one is completely out, but thats not really not our concern right now and i need to make sure that i proliferate this part good and then what do we still need of outbound uh, the other things thats, some theres, some iron outbound.

I guess here which will go that location. This also needs proliferation and then, finally, finally, finally, the return here which does not really need proliferation, because this is just something you put into a box and then thats it lets say we dont want to build more than one thousand of those lets say we dont Want to request more than lets request two thousand uh hold on im, not gon na set that these values im going to say, minimum load of drones. Charging power will not be different. I was at minimum load of thrones for everything. Always you dont want to. They only can only transfer 25, so you definitely dont want to send them out without having 25 in, and i think thats all done, lets hook up some power lines. Some inputs, input, input and input output is a nice little build. Next is again input input and then a simple output and thats done here last one input, input and input output im really happy about this little design. Here this is pretty neat lets see. Where do we want power? Do we want power like this yeah? That should be fine there there and there, and then we also need power over by these ill put that on the back side of this sweet. This is it so now. The big question is it going to work, of course, its not going to work. We put 50 drones in here. We put 50 drones in here and i put 50 rounds at 50 drones in here, because why not? And then we set up how much we want uh thats lets get one thousand way more than this.

I could even no. No, no were not gon na do any demand or anything until im actually ready to get it. So this will be two thousand, and this will be two thousand, and this one will be storing one thousand here: im gon na request, one thousand im gon na rest. One thousand and im gon na request, like only 500, because theyre not going to be consumed earlier well, this would be great if it worked, but it doesnt. Why does not work? Well, it doesnt work because i dont have any other materials in here. So what i need to work on is make sure that i have all the other things that i intend to request. Put into the storage and getting iron and copper and into the storage is gon na be a bit of a bigger project. But taking to some of the things that we already have and putting them into storage is gon na, be a bit easier and thats what we want to do over here. So we have something coming in to this location and now obviously nothing is working yet because we dont have iron inbound, so im gon na go lets, see im gon na take that oops. I still have quite a few left here and of course you start doing this. This will get that one outbound, but i also wanted to request aaron inbound here. Right lets see 2000 now i dont have it yet, but it sure as hell would be nice.

If i did and then that would be like a demand, its not gon na go in but hey because then i could do this and thats kind of how i solve all of my issues right now. That is always intended that i could do this, and i want to take this this and all of that and put it in okay, ah cool thats, thats too much thats good. It wont continue to be too much and ill. Take these two out and yeah and unload as much as possible right. So this is basically one thing. I am not proliferating this. Maybe i should but im not going to this one here as well. I think that might be a good opportunity to switch it around. Could i just switch it from here: yep thats, brilliant thats, mark 1., and then that could go in here as well. Being super magnetic rings would then be super nice and yeah thats pretty good, and i just have so much crap in this inventory. But at least i can do this part super magnetic ring and how much super magnet ring do we want? Do we really want more than two thousand? No, the doubt corrected. I think i want more than two thousand yeah yes, and we have problems with everything else. For some reason there and i need to clean up my inventory and then clean up all the stuff we have here and theres always a nicer to or easier to go zoom out.

Then you get a much bigger area that you uh consume here and oh thats. So nice thats a change. I thought that was a change where you can actually put it in, even if its above the threshold. That is so nice. Thank you for that right. So this is working. Now we have one of the things inbound. I know the irony is that it transports from here to here, but yeah its its its a thing. This ones set to demand and we have stuff here. I can also set this one to demand demand. We have our first drone deliveries, the most ridiculous, little drone delivery. We can imagine but hey its its its something right and if i started making straight lines here then suddenly, when i get it from somewhere else, im gon na have issues with that. Well, lets move on to graphene and uh, ignore that silliness for a bit and as you can see, this is something were gon na have to do for a pretty big amount of what we do. What i want to do on, since this is more like a conversion of the entire base into into logistics. There will be a lot of things that just dont really make sense for me to uh to do in. I dont know like real time. Oops, oh thats, the wrong way. Oh no, that was that was. That was definitely not what i wanted. Ah, why do i make mistakes? Okay, okay, so its fixed, and we have all of the stuff in here.

This is now also provided, since this is a provider im, not gon na put any drones in it if its something that requests then im gon na request it here, and that means we can go to this one and actually do a little requester. They will pop out and go over there for the graphene and pick that up. That is excellent right. So now you kind of get the essence of what i need to do. We also need to up here we have a little location. That might be the last one im going to do like this. This one is currently at least our one of our main production capacity locations for this part, and can you build it? No, you cant, it doesnt matter, just build it like this inbound and that will be here and then well get the outbound over two thats. Oh wow, thats thats really clumsy. Why is that like? Why is it like that um then? Maybe this one is better yeah thats kind of better here, inbound and im gon na be removing this part here and its already done, and i need then some power lines to this here. This is available. Im gon na do that and then we can go back to our original one. You can see that every step of the way we are going to get a bit more. I will switch this to the band and were going to get 500 in here as well.

Oh no, i made a mistake. Some of this stuff is not really proliferated, uh. It doesnt matter, because this one is mainly going to be used for production of the planetary logistics, which can only be sped up and not be productivity, so this is. This is okay for now the fact that theyre not proliferated but theyll be proliferated if i just done it properly, and what i should be doing for this is make sure that i dont build anything until things are coming out. But, on the other hand, itll also be proliferated on the way out, so itll itll sort itself out pretty quickly cool. We got our drones coming in so lets. Uh lets talk a bit about whats gon na happen now. So, as you can see, im gon na need to get some steel. We have that in a box, so we can move that into a planetary logistics. We have copper, we dont have that anywhere. We dont have iron anywhere. We have some processes we brought in from the second planet. We can put that in a in a location as well, but the main issue is going to be iron and copper and also generally graphite and coal, and that kind of thing. So those are the things that we really want to make sure that we convert into planetary logistic systems. Oh, it was not done. Oh good thing we stood here and waited im sure that youve been looking at that for a bit and it will fill up beautiful proliferation on the inbounds and outdoor sides, so obviously were not gon na get any copper because we dont have any way of getting Copper in here that means i am going to spend some time on hooking up a lot of mining facilities and putting them into a box.

So we basically have anything we have we can mine on this planet is now in a logistics network. Lets be a massive effort and its not something that it really makes sense to either do as as a Music yeah do on camera, because its going to be probably one and a half hours of just chugging along so thats something we will just wish away. And you will know how to do that by setting up miners around this and putting it into a box and welcome back so were just gon na take a little roam over the planet here and see. There are lots of struts here. Nothing really exciting has been done, but you know stuff like this. For example, where i have my red circuits now, ive just put the red circuits in here and then i did my little hack to make the mineral the hydrogen fuel rods. I just put that in here as something then, but majority of the part was just adding these materials and there are a few things – materials, materials, materials uh. Here i decided that i wanted to take some of the stuff that i brought from the other planet and then just make it available to the network also requesting the green, the electromagnetic turbines in so that we can have this production continuing. This is pretty much out and we are going back to our location over here, so i think ive tapped most of the things.

Some of them are not going into a hub at this point, but you know it it. I didnt have anything that wasnt tapped, so well, leave it as this for now. What do we have here is a production we dont have any copper coming in, because we dont have a copper smelting facility. I did find some iron here and there, so i put it in because i wanted to get these produced, so i can do some requesting. Aside from this, we can see that we are consumer, producing the particle containers and thats, because i put some copper in as well and then got it started. But what we really need now is to make a central, copper and iron smelting facility, because we dont have that we have a lot of iron here available and just ready to go being used for something. So i need to find a place where i can do this and thats going to be. Oh, no. I found some place that i didnt do. Ah damn it uh lets see. Where do we want? So you can also see this bit of solar panel. This solar area is both good and bad, its bad because its all located sort of at the same location here so when its nighttime all this is out. So i put a little thing on the other side as well, just to make sure that we have not. All of my solar panels are in darkness at any given time.

I think this little location here might be just good enough for what we want to build. So uh lets see. I want to build sort of a smelter lets see how far we can get over here. Okay, not that one okay, not there! So maybe something like this – that is 12. thats really bit too close isnt. It were gon na make a blueprint of this anyway and then the question is: can i put a one of these in here? No, i cant its its, not its its, not great, though its not great. This place, isnt really spacious enough. You know what i could do was take these two lines out and then request it in on the other side as well. Yeah lets do that, and so at this point i can just put these in demand demand, and we now have a a small production here that takes out a few of the belts that run across and then makes it into a drone setup as well, which i Think is honestly better to do it that way, all right, so this is oh wow. This is certainly not actually what i wanted to do now that i think of it, because if i remember how copper is made – and i think i should then im gon na go an inbound and an outbound thats. Basically, the copper – i am not going to be doing any kind of proliferation and you might think thats weird, but its in my opinion, its not worth doing it for for copper or for raw materials, because i have more of the raw materials than i have of The uh and more raw materials of copper and iron and coal than i oh, no it stone.

Then i do have of coal. So therefore exchanging coal, for something else is not a good deal for me, yeah. That will be one and then we can just basically take a few of these and then say how many do we want uh, two three, four thats, pretty good right and i dont think four can be done with one. So i am going to so thats gon na, be something like this. Maybe and thats copper request, copper, provide there. Yeah cup provide copper. This is returning copper and this is outlet. This is returning and then well do the same thing over on this side. Oh, its gon na be looking really nice. This is gon na, be a nice build. It doesnt use any of the stuff on the back or side so thats. Also nice. There you go thats. Our little design lets make sure that we get all the stuff down here designed and then once we hook it up, then we can build. It then were going to be building exactly the same. Just for iron as well – and i dont know where we can build it, but this is as about as small as we can make it. I can probably squeeze it one closer and thats all its going to be the problem like. Where can we place this and lets get the last bits in gamma and over here, and then i will be providing inbound lets see how crazy this gets power up and oh yeah.

You know what youll have to demand and they go out. They can only do 25 each but thats something we need to upgrade obviously, and they are now going vastly different directions. That is absolutely brilliant and now comes the biggest question. Difficulty challenge is where the hell are. We gon na put the other one because im pretty sure we can put it somewhere, but can you put it there? You need foundation support for what that one thats gon na be the thing like just shuffling it around im. Gon na look around for places where i can build this, oh no, i i did it. I found a place now. I just need to go over there and change it uh to cop to iron, inbound and then thatll be good. This is melting, obviously, its not gon na be smelting all right, im gon na bring it in fast enough, but it will soon bring it in fast enough. Yep lets get the first one done that one. This will now be removed, and that will be here instead and i will be getting the drones inbound and i will now do all of the outbounds as well and thats, going to be an outbound here or outbound out of there. Four of these great lets uh make sure this gets built and then hook it up with a little power pole after its built. So with this one being built, it is time for us to hook it up.

If i can and then the funny thing is when i forget that im still using these as copper, then nothing will work ill change this to iron and get this in here yeah. I love the fact that we can just paste it over like this. There all right is this going out, no, of course its not because im not demanding anything and off we go demand, demand commitment. I can also just let it charge faster here, not that i want to generally have a charge faster, but just to unleash all of the drones here right. So as we watch the drones go out here, lets take stock of the situation. What have we done now? We have converted our entire planet from being mining locally at a really small location that was running out. We have changed that to sort of being somewhat more consolidated here, with lots and lots of drones going out in all directions. I can now get this one back to more manageable levels, and that means we can now request iron. We iron plates and copper plates at various locations on the planet instead of just sort of every time. We need something we have to figure out. Where is a location that i can request it from so thats a thats going to be super convenient? We can also see over here. This is super busy, but we are the good thing is we are actually starting to accumulate a bit because were not actually using very much on this planet, so there are some things that will needs need some some build up.

Some local buffers im super happy about this um. I i feel, like i had to do some of the stuff off camera, like the um all of these locations here like they did, they just had to be done and its not really particularly interesting to do that. So what we can do now is we can then move forward towards the next thing. Next episode will be all about the yellow signs and the first interstellar logistics facility, which should be a nice and interesting challenge hold on. Where are my drones coming? Why are they not gon na need? Drones coming in itd be nice to see like droves of drones coming back in, they are really far away arent they yeah theres. I i must have found like the place furthest away from all the iron facility and uh use that as my iron build, but you know thats, because this is the only place that i actually have room for it. Okay, so if you are enjoying this series, then let me know by hitting the like button and if you have some feedback or some ideas, then let me know in the comment section below and i will try to incorporate them into future episodes. Remember as well that i am streaming on twitch thats monday, wednesday and fridays im streaming dyson for your program over on twitch, its, slash, neil house, and of course, if you want to do something extra for the channel, then i also have a patreon where you Are very welcome to uh to pledge in any amount you want, and i really appreciate it, because thats kind of how the whole thing comes comes together on this channel.

Thank you very much everyone for watching. I hope to see you in the next episode until then.