I have a new drone we’re going to be reviewing and going over. This is the phantom 4 clone and it says on top drone this i got from wish for around 50 to 60 dollars. I believe um it has a camera that claims to be 4k you’re gon na see about that it’s a little wi fi fpv camera. As you see, there, i’ll show you how to connect that just a minute um, you have your propellers, which are labeled a and b, which is really nice, and you know where to put the propeller on, because right behind that little motor there it’ll say it it’ll, Say a or b, so i got the b propeller on the um b right there next to the motor okay, so that makes it really easy to label and know where to put them and then here’s, where the battery goes in that right. At the back of the drone itself pop that little out little piece out that little plastic piece um, then just put your battery in there now i’m going to go battery. The battery is an 1800 milliamp hour battery it’s, pretty it’s, pretty decent size, um connection right. There it’s pretty standard on these kind of drones. I got three of them, so i got the best out of the best package. 4K got the uh case for it. Now that doesn’t come with it. Neither neither does these, but i just have them in there for when i do go out on my trip for my drone with my drone.

The mog ophe drone that’s, obviously not how you pronounce it but um, and then here is the transmitter. Now we’re going to go over the transmitter in just a minute and the controls of that first we’re also going to see what else comes with it comes with two more a and b propellers just for when you need them um spare. If you break yours, then we have four prop guards which we probably won’t use, um and then now let’s go over the transmitter. So the transmitter on this side goes up. This doesn’t go up. This goes up and down this goes forward and backward, and then this side also goes side to side. I know that might be confusing so up on the drone and then down over to like spin it, and then this just goes forward and backward you just when you want to connect your drone. You just go up and down, and then it will be connected to your drone. Now this is the one key to take off and one to come back. This is not a gps drone and then you have your trim, i believe the trim, and then these i do believe don’t do anything, and i know if you click this button right here. Your drone will spin uncontrollably and i have no idea what that means. This is where you put your phone. I wish every drone had this kind of phone connector, because this is a very nice chip clip connector at least that’s.

What it looks like um transmitter takes four or three double a batteries: um and then spare back or spare batteries for the drone itself are not hard to find. Okay. So before you get your phone set up with the drone you’re gon na wan na make sure that you flip your drone over and go ahead and power. It on okay just start flashing and then you’re going to go over to your transmitter press that down and then up down lights will go solid and now we’re going to switch over to what the screen shows. Okay, right now i am currently in settings and the wi fi you’re going to want to see and connect to is the ky 4k. It doesn’t need a password, you’ll, hit, connect and it’ll, say there’s no internet available because it’s, not your wi fi, now we’re going to go over and click on fpv camera. Now the app is called kyfpv4. This drone right here, okay and it’s gon na give me a notification that is running in the background and we’re gon na go ahead and wait for that to go away. We’Re gon na hit start okay guys. So now you are seeing what the camera on the drone to sing note. This room has okay lighting it’s, not the greatest right there, we’re just gon na give you a little tour here now. This is obviously not 4k, as claimed see there’s that it’s a little zoomed in but, like i said, it’s about 50 or 60 it’s so far.

The quality is not terrible. So now i’m gon na go ahead and clip you guys on to the transmitter here. Um there is a record button and a photo button and then right here you will go to your file to see pictures videos go to pictures. I can see what pictures i have taken, which obviously i don’t have any then videos don’t have any we’re going to go out back to the main, and then there is where you control how much power your drone has. Do you want to have 30 power, 60 or 100? I don’t really understand that that much um that which i honestly don’t know what it is um, pretty sure that’s headless mode, the one next to it and then on and off. This is on right hand, mode for the controller on the sticks and then there’s more settings and then on settings right here. You can edit your pictures and photos that you’ve taken one next to it add music to one next to it. Flips your camera, one! Next to it splits it up, indeed into two and then the one. Next to that i think be honest, that’s headless mode, that don’t know it will show you actually in settings what those are. Then. This is gesture for a picture and right here on the camera. So now, if we go ahead and leave this and go into settings, you can one, you can put it on right hand or left hand mode language, and then it shows you the app version and then i believe you can go over here into here and then It’Ll show you exactly what you can use so um shows you how to get it set up through your drone, and then it shows you what everything does so six, the one that we were talking about is okay, so that one’s fixing lighting and then the one Next to it is gravity in adduction honestly, i don’t know what that is.

Um 14, when i said i didn’t know what 14 was. Oh uh, gyroscope correction and headless mode is 15.. Okay, then gesture recognition. Is that so you got your controls, you go in we’re ready, so now, we’re gon na go and try to take off through the drum let’s see this camera when we are in mid flight. Okay, we’re gon na do one key to take off. I wasn’t good on it, so it has a little bit of delay, but i Applause mean to be honest: it’s, not that bad, really you go land it! Okay, okay, guys! Thank you guys for watching like comment and subscribe. What you want me to make a video on in the future next video, i will be uploading, probably wednesday or thursday, and it’s going to be of the sg 700 drone, so get excited for that that’s.