Today Were here with this GPX Drone 4 Valves SYM Jet X, 150 4 Valves, Which After GPX has launch there first 150cc scooter around mid or late last year.. Since then, Almost a year later., This bike have improve, Which is not a All New model, but many things inside has change. Such as engine and tranmission of Drone 150.. To become this, a Drone 4 Valves And this bike is a mid version which wil came with Urban White colour, and.., Vibe, Orange or New Energic Red, Which you can choose what colour you like. has or has not a remote key whatever. And for the price is Gain up from old model 3000 baht The change from 2 vavles ingine to 4 valves engine.. For me, It is a Big step for Thais brand GPX, Because a change of engine from 2 valves to 4 valves has made a big difference in performance., Really really big. Difference. Cause, if you do a blind test to campare performance of 2 valves Drone and 4 valves Drone, You will know very quick about what difference between this two.. For me, I have a chance to took this bike ride through Phetchabun province through Khaokho and Phu tub berk Test with Moto Moment style, which is always ride to a real place, real condition.. We have to rode it far enough To find its feul consumption, real acceleration on rode in urban or uphill To test a grip of tire or suspension.

what it will be., Because if we have test just only 100 200 kilometre, sometimes a tire coating hasnt gone all Yet. TheWe have to test really all things. Then we will told you a result. Frist about this Drone 4 valves engine.. The important change is valve has increasing from 2 to 4.. For a result, We found it low to mid speed. Acceleration is quick. really really quick than previous Drone 2 valves. from 2000 to 2500 rpm. This bike is ready to go. and the accerelation from low to mid from mid to high speed., its really better than previous model too.. Also for who has a question about Top speed. After i have test both of Drone 2 valves and Drone 4 valves in almost the same time.. For me, it doesnt change much., but for the acceleration, Thats really better. For max speed. That ive got with a guy who has a bit 100 kilograms of weight.. Its still can make 120 kmh on dashboard, with back straight sitting position, not tucking in to avoid cross wind., So … For a normal person that doesnt has much weight.. You can get that speed for sure. with this GPX Drone 150, 4 valves. And moments ago. I have rode this bike with a passenger., So A weight on the bike at that time will be up to quite 200 kilograms. and riding with normal condition, not tailgate any cars.. Its still can get 110 kmh of speed.

and accerelation still really difference.. Other changes on this bike From outside, we will see the differnce in colour and.., new 4 VALVES graphic, which represent Drone 4 valves. Next thing is the exhaust that has change, design and anchors point a bit. to make it easier to install some after market rear shock that has a sub tank., For example, a YSS rear shock for previous model. That cant has a sub tank., But now There product for this new Drone will come with sub tank for sure., Because for YSS They will have specific sub tank size for specific bike. and YSS cant change, sub tank size., So thats. Why they dosent make a sub tank shock to use with previous Drone., But now For this new Drone Im sure that YSS and another suspension brand will made a sub tank shock for it.. So when we talk thi new Drone about suspension., I dont know another tester. Can fell it or not., But i feel that.. GPX has change some suspension setting in this new Drone.. Both front and rear suspension still look the same as before., But i feel it has more stable damping.. Normally, when i has long road trip with previous Drone., I have to adjust a rear shock stiffer., But for this Drone 4 vlaves. I no need to adjust anything on suspension. because it damping work very well already.. But if you has a passenger that has gain weight up to 200 kilograms.

, You still have to adjust suspension. Because Rear suspension on this Drone still be … Twin shock absorber with 3 step. Preload adjustable. And another things that many people want to know is. … is Fuel consumption Yeah, its still use combustion engine, not EVs., So it will consume fuel., But how much Lets say For long trip with high speed as me. Its not difference from previous model., But with better engine performance and quicker acceleration.? That will make a bike speed rising up faster when you open throttle.. Some will think is that the reason that made new Drone has lower fuel consumption. So With normal condition such as a daily use in urban. that will use low and mid speed riding.. I think its clearly different., If you doesnt, open, throttle more than 80, It would be, has lower consumption because you can get a speed that you want quicker.. Another feeling that have change since they change engine frome 2 valves to 4 valves is more smooth vibration from the engine.. I doesnt said that because i want to cheer it., But In long time ago.. I usaually said that some GPX bike is.. Almost has the same quality as Japan bike, But for this Drone. Its engine is really smooth as Japan Bike.. So For the smooth that has much improve like this, I think its really appreciate for this.. The vibration from engine through frame to rider is cleary lower than before. I have no doubt.

Manything, have really improve on this GPX Drone 4 valves., Because if we have to list Whats change from Drone 2 valves to Drone 4 valves., It would be 23 things, So Thats really big change. And at the same time i still worry that They will has another new model, But in fact, With this design, Its cool enoght for teens and has 10k amount of sales. Nowadays, GPX Drone 4 valves has 3 version. Each will has difference specs and price.. But if compare to previous models, its price has increase 3000 baht each., So For 3000 baht. That increase with really much better bike that you will get. Its worthly for this Drone. Anotherthing. That ive forgot to told you., Which is really improtant for every vehicle. Thing, that between vehicle rider and road is Tire. A O.E.M. Tires of this Drone has change version., Although it has the same 10090, 14 front and 11080 14 rear size. But after i rode the bike long enough to make it tire, coating has all gone. Riding through curve and manythings.. This O.E.M. tire is quite good.. First, this O.E.M. tire slightly good on wet condition., its slippery. Just only to tell you that youre riding on wet road., But it grip, is still good to ride through wet road. On dry road is good and wet road still not bad.. If you campare with another O.E.M. Tire, This tire is quite good For long trip. One person or with passanger, But for me in this trip I have leave many stuff with other bike on this bike is just camera backpack or value things.

a Camera or Drone is still can keep it all in this bikes. U box. front glovebox has an usb charging port with 2Ah output is good Ive already use it. Charging electric stuff, while riding Everythings work well Nothings to complain on this 150cc scooter with this price. Or Even its own headlight. Im. So sorry that i havent had a clip when i ride throught, the dark. Headlight of both Drone 150, 2 valves and Drone 4 valves is … Is otherthing that i really like. Even it just a little thing that everyone can design it, But it brighness is really Enough for night riding. Light radius, Light intensity all suit. With speed of this bike. Last thing, last. Please subscribe like and share Moto Moment channel. And what bike that we will be ride and talk in Moto Moment style.