I am showing my flight record from fimi fimidrone’s mobile software. It records complete information of every flight. The drone maker are saying that drone will fly for 33 minutes. It can be true. I agree with this, but 33 minutes flight will cost you one hundred dollars because less than fifteen percent battery level will damage the battery it’s, actually femi drone software, which always recognize the battery. If you trick the battery to make it rechargeable, then still your drone will not accept this battery, because each battery has special numbers which drone software recognize that battery every time. The drone always synchronizes the battery information, which shows the battery charge cycles and over discharge numbers. The over discharge will show number one if you have used your battery less than fifteen percent. This means you cannot use that battery again in the lifetime. Please watch my previous videos as well on battery fraud by xiaomi fimi drone makers. The links are in the description. Please must watch those two videos to save your money and drone. Please do not make your plan to fly femidrone for 33 minutes. Yes, it can fly for around 33 minutes, but after less than fifteen percent of battery level will damage your battery permanently. According to fema drones virus software, i will strongly recommend that please fly your drone up to twenty percent battery. The eighty percent battery is very safe to fly your drone without damaging your battery for long last from 100 battery level to 20 battery level.

Will you flight time around 24 minutes? Please bear in your mind that further fight time will drain your battery level to less than 15 percent of battery. It is a trigger time which activates the built in virus software of femidrone. The drone will fly as normal with power, even at 15 percent or less, but you will see the red indicator of battery levels on your mobile screen and also a warning will flash as well infect drone software has been activated. Unfortunately, this battery will not be able to recharge anymore drone. Software will not accept this battery for lifetime. It will show two led lights, which will blink together as showing this is the sign of damaged battery. Please keep watching this video to understand the femi drone and its battery system battery level is reaching to zero percent. Please watch all warning messages. Flight, distance and flight time on screen. Zero percent battery can still fly drone for around one minute, but less than fourteen percent battery has reached, and now you will have to buy new battery to fly your drone because it will not recharge anymore, and even you trick the battery to recharge. The drone will recognize this battery as soon as you use this battery again. After manipulate the battery, the battery can be done recharge again by a tip of just five minutes. The link to recharge again your battery is in the description, but unfortunately, your drones virus, which is so called intelligent software of fimi company, this virus memorizes the battery’s unique number and will not accept this battery anymore.

You can see on this screen that battery has fully charged, but there is message on the bottom of screen that battery was over discharged and number one in front of it. Also, a message appears that battery has damaged its ca, not be used anymore. Please save your money and never go to fifteen percent of battery if you are using cyawama fimidrone. This is one hundred percent. True information. Please always plan a flight of your drone which you can bring it down and turn it off before. The battery level reaches to 20 it’s a safe gap between 15 and 20 percent, otherwise it will be risk to damage of battery for lifetime. I did this experiment. Four times, unfortunately, i lost my batteries every time. I wanted to make sure to know about this knowledge. Now it is one hundred percent confirmed. Please take care of your drone and battery. Thank you.