Theyve all got a different purpose, but this area pretty impressed, lets open my eyes to a different type of fishing. Once again, i think with drone fishing so lets get into it so quickly before we get into it. I just want to make note that this drone has been purchased and paid for by myself, so this isnt a paid review. This is a 100 independent review of this drone, based on my experiences and not based off the fact that its been given to me, nor has it um, obviously being paid to give it a good review. So these will be my honest thoughts. So lets go Music. 250 gram weight hi guys. I know a lot of you are curious on my thoughts regarding the brand new arrow fishing drone and over the past week, or so using this drone, i must say its a lot of fun: its a really really good little entry level. Drone for someone thats never flying a drone before its, not super quick, its really easy to calibrate and operate. It is 549 for the combo youre going to definitely need the combo with the batteries. If you want to use this for fishing for 549 youre, getting 250 gram, payload, which i can confirm, is all good, also youre, getting. Obviously the drone youre getting three batteries, youre getting a few bits and pieces that ill cover, but most importantly, youre. Getting this thing – and i love this – this electronic bait release system works fantastic.

The guys have done a good job in um engineering this product to fit this drone, so just want to go through quickly when you get the drone. What comes in the box in the box, you get these little hooky clippy things. So what this basically means is that you, if youre learning you want to use this as a mechanical release, you can have this clipped up to your electronic release and then youve got three way swivel. They recommend the ones that come with it and then basically it means when you your main line over here and then your um rig over here you get a line snag or something like that. It will release it. The only problem is if youve got a good bow in the line due to some wind, its going to be very hard to release a mechanical, a lot of guys struggle to get a mechanical bait release system through um release when youve got a big long, bow In the big so thats the whole benefit of having this electronic release, which im still blown away, that weve got a 549 dollar drama, with electronic release built in so good thing. I probably wouldnt use these obviously been flying for a long time, and you know these things are a hook so ill show you how they connect to the bait release, because that will be your dropper loop instead of having a dropper loop and im also going to Test ive just taken a small hook: ive trimmed the um tip off the hook, so its no longer sharp and for future purposes.

You just use this as your hook for your dropper. So what comes in the box? Obviously, youve got your mini scale, so you just um. You know this drone is all about weights and payload limits. So it comes. They sensibly supply that with some scales, youve got your little accessories that i showed you earlier on. Um. It packs away really nice youve got two batteries here. Spare batteries your remote goes in here. Youve got your dual charger, your two cables. It comes with so usbc for charging your batteries and then i think its a usb a for charging, the payload release you have to assemble any of this. All you got to do is basically put these props on. It does come with a spare full set of props and screws as well. So, as i said, ive got my little saudi to store them when im not using it a little screwdriver as well for throwing on the props, all packs, really nice into the bag. And, most importantly, youve got your instructions manuals. A lot of guys cut costs to not supply these, its really good that these guys supply the instructions manuals, not just one but theyve got the quick setup guide and then the full manual in the box as well. So i havent cut corners and costs, which is um great, so with this little guy every time you turn the power on and power on, the drone youre going to have to do a compass calibration.

I thought it would upset me, or it would be annoying when i first got the drone. It is really really easy to do, and its probably a good thing, especially if this is going to be your first drone, have an understanding on how important it is to compass calibrate the drone. So i wont let you fly until youve done that compass calibration, as i said, takes not even 20 seconds to do so ill. Just show you guys how to get done so easy. You turn the controller on always turn your drone controller on, because drones can do funny things when they dont have a connection to your remote and the drone on got your lights on the back. To tell you how the battery is, but the really cool thing is that this remote control tells you everything you need to know about drone, so were just waiting for a little icon to come up here. Little icon. There means we need calibration. So really simple. Pick up the drone lights are flashing, yellow turn it three times flat ill go to green. Those up turn it three times: youll see that theyve gone to red and yellow yellow on the back means that were in addie mode at the moment, so it hasnt, acquired satellites, theyll, switch to green and well see satellites pop up on the remote controller. You can clearly see on the remote control. Youve got your mode gps off gps on just make sure that when you pull it out of the bag, sometimes ive noticed when i pull it out of the bag.

The remote control, the switch automatically goes to gps office. It always checks that your gps is on, because you can see, weve got gps and the backlights are green. You also got on your controller, your um signal strengths on the left and right your battery levels, and then youve got your distance and height. If you hold this button down here, itll switch to low. You want to have this thing in high mode for dropping boats to arm the motors. Simple push this red block button models llama and to disarm the motors you hold it down and when you land by holding down it, should disengage the motors as well. So just something you really want to be wary of, because it happens almost every time. Ive done this is see how the gps switches on so, when you put the drone remote control back in the box and you pull it back out, switches now turns the gps off. So you just dont want to get caught out. Drones operate very differently under load when youre trying to fly them with the uh gps, not turned on. They become a lot more harder to get out and a lot more unstable. So you always want to make sure that you just want to triple check the gps. Switch is always turned on so obviously at a price you cant have everything this guy doesnt have detachable props or quick release; props they need to be screwed in comes with everything, obviously in the box, as you would have seen, so i just want to show you Guys how easy it is to install the propellers and a few tips around that your props are clearly marked with a and b, so you cant really mess it up.

So probably the best way to get these props in is to put screws in once. Youve got the screws in it comes with a little screwdriver to screw them in so theyre, not quick release props. Like a lot of the other drones i have, which is not a problem, and once you pull them out, youre just going to want to get yourself a little study or something so once you pull on me out of the this sort of packaging, you dont want To have loose bits flying around your drawing case, so its a little sturdy to keep your bits safe and just need to be careful when youre installing on a beach, but you do get a full set of screws in case you lose one. So once again, you just want to have a little baggie with your screws in it and obviously the props are um. Obviously the props are labeled a and b so thats an a prop over here. Im gon na grab an a prop and, as i said before, this one every screws pin makes it easier and well just line up the holes lets see our foldable or quick release. Props would be the preferred option, but this is what weve got and its not too painful. We just got to be careful. We dont lose any of those screws on the beach, the most of the sand. That gets on your drone, actually isnt from when youre flying or landing the drone.

Its from when youve got your drone sitting on the beach. So because this guy hasnt got detachable props, what id recommend is youve got your foam, so your drone will sit back in your box like this uh. Your little front fan thing. You just put him over the top right and then yeah put your little put a phone or something on top of the bag to stop your sand from getting in on top of the drone, so yeah. So the number one thing with this drone or any drone is going to be. How many drops you can get per battery will probably determine how viable its going to be as a fishing drug. So you want to have enough drops to get a good, solid session in so with this guy. I think the perfect balance for these half these ingestion on this guy is going to be weights between around about 150 to 200 grams. I think youre gon na get three safe, drops with 150 to 200 grams loaded theres, not a lot of difference in flight time between the 200 and the 150. I think, with the 250 gram max payload youre going to get two safe drops. So when i say safe drops with this drone im talking to two 250 meters, so keeping those drops under around that two minute flight time in the air also im also talking about till the drone gets to that 50 warning level. So when the drone hits 50 percent, if the remote control is going to be, you dont want to send anything theres a really really fine level of error.

With this drone, i think youll be really really im really confident in stating that, with those 200 gram loads on a decent day, youre gon na get at least three drops per battery, which means, if you get the combo youre, going to get three batteries. So nine drops of some good hardy squid, some mullet strips things like that is going to give you a pretty solid session of drone fishing Music. I think about four and a half minutes to 50. So the moment you get the 50. The battery depletes really really really fast. So once you get to your 50 dont drop baits, just starting up the uh camera facing down. So we can see how big it looks like up. The top were gon na arm it up gps mode, yep, Music. Okay, you want to get definitely up to altitude, come on dude, its pretty stable for the size. Its quite surprised, so one thing that surprised me really well is the actual quality of the camera back to your display device. I dont really care about the sd recording quality and things like that. Im, not testing this drone as a camera. Recording drone im testing as a fishing drag so very usable, very good resolution back to your display device. I flew it out to 300 meters with no break up. Unfortunately, when the drone turns and its understandable to come back, you get a little bit of a break up, not break up but pause in the picture, because the drones facing the opposite way.

But the most important thing is that, when its flying away from you youre getting clear video, so definitely going to open up a few more avenues in different ways. What im fishing i dont normally sight or use a camera when im fishing or drown fishing, but i think, with this guy im going to start having a bit of play with that Music, Music. Music. Hmm! So my favorite part about this drone hands down is the electronic release system, so it works. 100 have not had a hiccup. Is it not working its really really really clever? How theyve incorporated this electronic release into this drone? One thing you must remember is you need to turn the electronic release on with the red light on. So, if youre going to fly this drone out with obviously a bait, you just need to get in the habit of turning the release on and off. Obviously, when you stop using it, you drop your bait. More importantly, when youre sending your boat, if you havent got the release, turned on youre going to be flying a loaded, drone back and thats when bad things can happen, so you just want to really make sure youre in the habit of turning on that release. So you always want to make sure that youve got theres a little switch for the bait release and youve charged. It make sure the bait release is turned on, so you might want to get in the habit of after youre doing your calibration to turn the bait release on so its as simple as connect the hook to the bait release.

Now, youll notice that if i push this button here, it doesnt do anything. Now when i arm the motors youll see lights pop up the top, hopefully this happens closes every time. The lights come on up the top here top when you squeal up here youll see the light activate its not activated the motors arent armed. So once again have a look up here: lights on its going to open the release. Thats off. Stop you very clever. Save me from a disaster the other day. Okay, you didnt like that, see that clicking that release button, i was just going in the drink. Okay, i need to go digging in there for that now, Music. The one thing you want to do is you want to have your phone um just offset to the left hand side so youve got access to this. Um drop switch here, thats an emergency. If you move it too far right its going to cover the uh button for your dropper okay, so one thing with the batteries is you need to when youre charging the batteries and they charge for a usb c cable? Is you need to make sure that the final light when its flashing the charge youre not putting off charging a quick rush to get out theres a bit of difference between the third and the fourth light staying solid? You need to make sure that the batteries are four solid lights before you remove them from charge.

So just another thing to think about too is that these batteries do take quite a while to charge because youre charging them by the usbc. You always want to store these batteries at the 50 level so that they dont often you have issues with battery failure down the track, which is another really good reason that once you get that 50 battery warning, you want to drop your bait irrelevant, where its at And get the drone back safe, so they do take a while to charge. Probably not the type of drone youre going to come up from work, see its good weather and go im going to charge a battery and head out. This is kind of youre going to need to plan your trip if youre going to be having a morning session charge them the night before, if youre going to be having an afternoon session, put them on charge in the morning. So you just got to think a bit ahead with this drug, so this drone is obviously limited, obviously to a 250 gram payload, but more importantly, wind capacity. So within doing some tests with this guy, i personally wouldnt be putting it up loaded in winds above 20. Kilometers now theres a strong breeze today much stronger breeze than previous testing, so i just want to see how it holds up 2500. Music. It does fly perfect, unloaded in higher winds, but the moment you put a bit of load on them, as you can see from the video, she becomes a little bit unstable on those higher wings.

So, as i said, 20 kilometers an hour and under youre gon na have some fun with this thing. Where does this little guy sit its all about wind batteries and payload? You need to be across all three things of this thing when flying this thing, so you really need to know your conditions, but in saying that, for me obviously ive got another three drones that i use this one kind is going to sit really at the beginning Of it, this is the type of product im going to be dropping 200 250 max with um. This guy im, probably going to fly and drop baits in the bay or at beaches with low swell and low current. With this guy, the sinker takes up majority of your payload and i dont think youre going to be able to get the bait to stick at distance with big swells and big current from my previous experiences. But in saying that flying smaller loads with lighter line, i havent tested that out might have a winner there, but i think, really great product for someone wanting to get into drone fishing. I dont think youre going to need to go out and do massive upgrades on your rod and reel. I would definitely say you want to have something thats going to spool or your wheel. Thats going to spool at least 3 350 meters and id start doing 100 meter drops 200 meter drops just to make sure you know youre getting used to it, its a really good stepping stone for those that want to get into it.

I think if you can buy this product have a bit of a crack, and then you can make decisions on whether or not you want to go out and buy some of the more expensive gear, expensive drones. It will give you a good flavor for drone fishing. I dont think its going to give you the full drone fishing experience like when i go out, but obviously its definitely an entry level for those curious and want to get in the drone fishing so two thumbs up from me. Cant, wait for the rain to stop and im gon na go pull out some of my older some of my older beach gear and some of my lighter gear and try and fish lighter with this guy and see what it can produce. So great stuff. Companys been really really good to deal with, and it appears you know, theyre responding to people online and, more importantly, their service is um applicable at the moment. Ive had a couple of chats with the guys and they seem to be really good.