Blue, a bananas yellow a lemon is two: a carrot is orange, but its not a fruit. If you eat too many, it makes you puke two three, four: Music welcome to christmas episode: 2012. What years 2021? Merry christmas guys welcome back to ashleys fruit review its been a long time, as you can probably tell things, have changed a little bit. Um were a little bit older were a little bit more. What we we yep and were back were here for another ashleys fruit review christmas edition im here with my boy, kringle hes, wonderful, he sings a little song when he shake them. My boy garrick is going to bring me my food. Thank you garrick. Here we are look at this little cute man. Look at him. Hes got a bow and everything for the christmas spirit. So today we have what ive been told is called a fruitcake. There are some people i went to high school with who his nickname was fruitcake and he was a pretty cool guy. So i have great expectations for this one. So weve got a wonderful little bow on this guy, so im gon na rip it off because i hate bows so im gon na inspect this box. It says, sell by june 1st 2022, thankfully its not then im reading the ingredients right now, um, im gon na read every single one of them for you guys, so you know that this is legit, so weve got candied fruit blend pineapple cherries, papaya orange peel corn Syrup, high fructose corn syrup sodium benzoate preservative a few inches later wheat, soy methamphetamines in first corinthians, 16, 14.

. So now we know that this is from the earth. This is all natural, and this is something that we should definitely put in our bodies: Music. It does not have a pulse, so i feel okay about eating. This id be really bad. If i were eating something that was still breathing. Second thing we always check for is the firmness Music thats firm for certain lets get back into it. This thing is very firm, but once i got through that outer layer, it really fell apart on me kind of like my last relationship, um its also very sticky kind of like my last relationship Music. It smells like a fig newton and i never cared for fig newtons. If you ever been to the back of the bowling alley, you ever been, you ever been in the arcade on the underside of a pinball machine thats exactly what this smells like, so its time for the gravity test, so im gon na take this big chunk here And hold up hold up look. This is a christmas episode huh. This is the christmas episode. We got, ta go big, we got ta go big, think bigger were gon na drop it off the eiffel tower, not that big we cant afford that all right. Take it away boys all right its going its going up, whats going. Oh my gosh, okay, okay, okay, you all ready all right lets, go five! Four! Three! Two one drop it! Oh, my gosh, okay um! So, as you can see, it fell from the sky and it broke into several pieces.

I wish it had fallen flat on its face so that we could um get a little more splash splashy splashage splat. I would say this was a success. All right guys. Welcome back, we are back sorry about that had to take a bathroom break, but what what are you doing? What do you mean im doing the show all right, whatever okay, whatever whatever this? If you want this show its yours, nikolais Music. Now that weve felt it weve smelt it weve dealt it weve dropped it its time. I think for the ultimate test. Bryson toss me that thing sick lets take a good look at this guy. Real quick weve got all kinds of little solids and colors. In this whole thing, i dont know what the heck this is. What is this thats? What i want to know doesnt matter what it is if itll burn thats. Okay with me, do you guys hear that its sizzling, its cooking son, i dont, really want to eat. This probably give me cancer again. I wonder if kringle is feeling a little cold. Kringle came from kevins desk, so thank you kevin for the contribution kevin. You might want to close your eyes for this one, my third birthday. Okay, a little background on fruitcake it turns out. Fruitcakes were actually invented in the year 1272 by norwegian explorers of the mississippi river and whenever they ventured down into like missouri area, they found this really all these kinds of fruits and things and they were like lets, make gay galdon fruit and they did and they Made fruit cake and it was actually eaten at the very first valentines day way back in 1943.

, Music. Oh no! Why does that taste like coleslaw, so yummy? I got ta, be honest: ive! Never, tasted! Anything like that before it was a really weird mixture of like bread and and fruit and nuts and um its just kind of caught me off guard. You know how everything was so whats this the mistletoe. Oh, i guess guess i got ta kiss it Music, its going nowhere boys. I know my way around a hammer. You know eating this fruitcake and hanging out with my boy. Kringle today has really made me reflect on some of the christmases of my past and made me flash back to a horrible time. In my life, where i wore a onesie um yeah, i havent wore a onesie since the incident of 07.. I will, i wont, go into details about the incident of o7, but lets just say: im now, a gentile im just going to wrap up with a few little things. So, first of all i got to do my final review of this cutie pie and despite despite all the colorfulness, which i said i hated i actually am coming around. It gave it a little bit of hope, a little bit of glamour um, but, however thats about all, it has going for it because i didnt like how it crumbled. When i didnt like how it was sticky. I dont like caught smells like fig newtons and in fact it probably made me hate christmas, a little bit more, its probably going to get a 7 out of 34 for me, so thats passing anyways, guys um.

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