I mean how hard can it be right? Yes, over the past few weeks, ive been spending time on an fpv simulator to find out whether you can learn to fly fpv on a simulator and then do it in real life. Ive had about 10 hours flight time on velocidrone, and today i get to fly my drone for the first time for real. So over the last six seven years ive been watching other fpv pilots fly their drones and its something ive always wanted to do back. Then there was very little information about fpv. You had to build the drones yourself, you had to program them. You had to learn how to fly them and parts here in switzerland were not that easy to get hold of back. Then, a few years ago, dji came out with their mavic drone and i thought maybe this could be a good medium for now. So i got one of those and it did scratch that itch for a little bit, but it wasnt. Quite the immersive experience that i was expecting it to be, but here in 2022 fpv is far more accessible. There is so much information out here on youtube. There are both ready to fly, drones bind and fly drones and dji even do their own fpv system as well. I just want to say a big thank you to the fpv community for being so open and helpful to us, beginners that are trying to get into this.

We dont know what were doing and you taking the time to explain. Things to us is an enormous help and i cannot thank you enough earlier this year i saw this video from jean nagata or potato jet as hes known talking about this little cinewoop drone from flywoo. This also paired with the dji goggles, and so i did my research and thought. Maybe this is a good one for a beginner. So after ordering the drone, i knew it was going to take a few weeks to arrive and every fpv pilot says spend time in the simulator before you take something out in the real world and at first i was a bit like yeah. Maybe lets just see how this goes and then, after thinking about the risks involved with this, i didnt feel comfortable flying this thing, not knowing how to do it safely, end up, hurting somebody and then ruining this sport for everyone else, just because i wasnt very good At it, so at this stage i didnt have my controller, so i took a playstation 4 controller hooked that up to my computer and started flying with that, and the results were pretty interesting. It took me a little while to get used to it and by the time i started to get used to the controls a little bit. I realized that id set up the controls in the wrong way, so i had to go back and remap those to how it would be on a normal, fpv drone, which meant that i ended up learning all over again from the beginning.

But this time i picked it up a little bit quicker when my controller eventually arrived it felt like i was starting from the beginning. Yet again, but after about an hour of flying with this controller, i realized that this was so much easier. I could control the drone much better than i could previously and i started to fly a little bit better. Over the next few weeks i was flying on the simulator when i could anytime that i could get on there. I would put into trying to fly this drone around this track. After doing this, i started to try different tracks, including this car park level, which was incredible for training, and i think once you get the basic controls of the drone, you should definitely do this one. I was racing against myself, my ghost, which you know, i still crashed a lot, but i was so focused on making it to the end, rather than just what i needed to do with the controller. So it was starting to sink in, and i was starting to get good at this well good for a beginner. After this i found the bando level and rather than racing through the track on this, i started to have fun flying fpv rather than trying to get to the end of a racetrack or trying to learn skills. I got to play around with it a lot more. I started to hit gaps. I started to do things.

I would probably never do with a real life drone. It was so much more fun, so this kind of opened me up to that freestyle element of fpv. So whilst i was playing around on that level, i hit my 10 hours, and that brings us to today so lets go outside and see what this is like to fly for real. So this is it after that training on the simulator im gon na take my first test flight weve come to this area here, because its wide open, theres, no people around weve been to a couple of areas already today, but theres too many people around. I dont know what the drone is going to do or have i set this up right or anything like that. So im, hoping with everything that ive learned on youtube, ive managed to set this up correctly and then we can just fly and ill be an expert. The first time i take off Music Applause, i think theres something wrong im, not sure thats. Quite right, okay take two, hopefully with the props, the right way round. So, im going to give you a bit of running commentary, because i completely forgot to talk. While i was doing this, i was so busy concentrating on the controls, but it felt so natural after using the simulator. It was very, very similar. This is so much fun. So right now i was trying to get used to just flying the drone around and seeing how the physics would react to my stick inputs as well ready.

Am i good yeah yeah yep, Music yeah? I know, but i just want you to land it. I dont know why i keep looking with my head, like i can turn the camera on the thing. Oh, my god, i can see myself its so weird, please dont crush into me. Okay, how are you gon na land it im gon na land it back in front of us? It was at this point. I realized that i hadnt learned how to land in the simulator. Yes, that was a neat landing flight of the bumblebee. Take two uh im. Just gon na use up the rest of this battery and then maybe weve got another one Applause that was more like a giant circle but yeah yeah thats. What im trying to do like a Applause me to video it? No! No! No im just gon na im! Gon na come in and watch us, you lost a propeller. Did i yeah damn it well, i can see the uh grass uh good luck, good luck, finding that this is so good. This is so much better than i thought it was going to be got grass in there now, when do i get go when youve done like hours on the simulator too, for your reaction, then so first flight of the drone outside of a simulator, and i think That this just goes to show that actually, yes, you can fly one of these just by learning on a simulator and im kind of glad.

I did because this thing moves so much faster than i thought it was going to its so much fun, though its so much fun im going to fly this around a bit more im going to switch the battery out. Take it for another little flight. Hopefully, dont break it this time or go. You know a little too crazy, so, unfortunately, because i spent so much time getting b roll on that day, we didnt actually get to use the second battery still buzzing with excitement. From that first flight i got up early, went out to a park and went to see if that first flight was just beginners luck or i could actually fly this thing. This park was a lot smaller, so i had to be more careful with the throttle. This would hopefully help me to kind of fine tune, some of those skills that ive learned in velocitron and it even had some trees and things that i could fly around in to kind of start. Looking at more precision type flying, i say precision but were talking beginner precision here so after flying around for a bit getting the feel of the drone in tighter spaces, making some tighter cornering maneuvers that type of thing and testing out how agile i can be with The controls i thought screw it lets just see if we can hit a gap and, as you can see, i was so excited that it worked that i forgot to keep the drone in the air, so it bounced off the floor as amazing, as that was it Didnt always go so well after that.

Its probably worth noting that i learned and im flying this in full acro mode, and i only really know that, because i saw a video after these flights talking about horizon and angle modes, and i had no idea what those were and it probably would have been Easier to learn in some of those instead on a side note since filming this video ive tried both angle and horizon modes, and i actually find them harder to fly in most, probably because i cant predict what the drone is going to do when it levels out Automatically so i guess ill stick with full acro mode. I dont know whether thats normal or not, but thats what ive learned to fly in and thats what im going to use. So there you have it. That was my first experience of flying an fpv drone im filming this part of the video a little bit later than those first two flights, and i really really enjoy it. Ive been out so much flying around in different places. My drone is getting a little bit. Bashed up, in fact – and let me see if i can get this in focus – im trashing the drone a little bit, but it seems to be holding up pretty well. Ive actually got a whole load of spare parts now from flywood as well. Ive even got my little uh peanut cam or for the insta360 go theres another video coming on this very shortly, so i totally get the excitement around fpv drones and what you can do with them, and i cant wait to fly more im still a beginner.

So if theres anything you want to know about getting into fpv im, not an expert, but if you leave a comment below im sure that other fpv pilots will help out in the comments as well. As i said, the community around this is so amazing, and i cannot thank you guys enough for helping me out. Thank you guys so much for watching my first fpv experience. If you have done something like this as well and youve put it up on youtube, please let me know in the comments below and ill come and check out your content too.