Yet today were talking about the hearthstone vnd xmiss, two pack filter series from the good folks at freewill. So this creates a cinebloom style feel on your mavic 2. Pro and im totally stoked to try this out today in downtown toronto lets pop these on the bird, give it a test and see what we think foreign so welcome back everybody. My name is stephen of steven jannika and it has been an age since ive had a chance to do a product review and im stoked today to talk about these awesome little filters that have come from freewell now, weve done a review before on the nd filter Set for the mavic air 2s, but they sent me this uh filter set, asking if wed be interested in doing a review on cinebloom filters for the mavic 2 pro now when they mentioned that i definitely hopped at the chance because thats my second bird in command, The first bird now is a dji, inspire 2, but thats a whole different vlog. This really hits a unique aspect of getting cinematic footage when youre putting your drone up in the air, and they also have the option of being able to stop down to different nd levels as well as give you the bloom effect. So this could be a very cool game, changing feature for when youre looking to do custom drone cinematography on your mavic 2 pro and, of course, what testing wouldnt be complete without a little mini unboxing and were talking many because this thing is small.

Lets check it out, so here we go on a quick, unboxing and im, never really good at the slow style unboxing, especially on things like christmas morning. I just tend to rip things open so instead of the finesse of an unboxing lets just get right to the point. So inside the box we have a little nd set covered in plastic. Take that plastic off and we have ourselves two lovely variable, nd mist filters. Now lets do a bit of a reveal nice, so one thing i really like about these filter sets is that when free will packages them, they also come in a magnetic case and thats a really nice touch, because if youre popping this in your camera bag, you Know you have an extra level of coverage for that plastic case, so nice presentation, good coverage and good protection being able to make sure your mist filters, arent damaged and that magnetic thing is really cool, so heres, the first filter it gives. You gives you an nd rating of six, seven, eight and nine and the other nd option on this is over here, and i believe this one is one two five, so we have roughly 10 stops of nd range here on these filters now, as we all know, As mavic 2 pro owners putting filters on your drone is a little bit of a nerve, wracking experience, but the way theyve created and constructed these little nd filters makes it very easy to know what side and also the direction in which youre putting the filters on.

So make sure you have the free will to the left side of the gimbal and the vndx mist marking to the right side of the gimbal, so lets pop them on and give it a shot. Of course, you hold down some pressure slide them in and just like that were good to go. Okay. So now we have the nd filter set on the bird and im going to set this down to about nd, 2 or nd1. Of course, when you go to a place and its nice and sunny and you set your equipment up, the weather always changes and now its quite cloudy and its actually getting a little bit cold here in toronto. So, im going to stop that nd right down to my nd1, but essentially we are good to go so lets hop the bird up in the air and take a look at the results of this vnd x. Mist filter set lets go so the bird is back from its first flight, utilizing these vndx miss filters from freewell and, of course, im not in the post production. Editing suite to take a look at the results, however, checking it out on the controller as i was flying, i was really impressed seeing the the level of bloom effect that came across on the controller. Now, of course, i was shooting in d log in h.265 to get the most dynamic range for when im flying this particular drone, and i recommend that, for all drone operators always shoot in a log profile.

It just gives you so much more flexibility in post to be able to push and pull those colors. That being said, when i was looking at the results to see what i thought of this balloon filter on now, a bit of a cloudy day, i was impressed to see there was a nice light, cinebloom effect taking place now. Cinnabon filters are often used on cinema cameras. I have some from moments and i often use it on my zcam or i give it to eric to shoot on the c70, but having this on a drone is a really cool effect. Now pundits may argue, of course, you can just take it into your editing suite and you can go into creative tool and premiere pro or whatever suite youre using and change the faded film effect or the sharpening to get the desired results. Yes, this is true. However, if you already have it on your drone, while youre doing your flying, it just adds that extra level of you know confidence in your footage that when youre heading back into the suite you dont have to do too much to adjust to get that desired effect. So would i recommend these little filters absolutely now these were sent to me and i was not paid by free will to say any of these things. This is my own honest opinion on these products, but i would recommend picking up a set if you are utilizing the mavic 2 pro it just its intuitive, because not only do you get the cinebloom filter effect, you also get the variable, stop nd anyways.

It is so good to back into the gear review swing of things, and we have lots of gear to review coming up everything from lenses to phone filters to even lab audio sets that i have yet to review and ultimately give away to you. So thanks.