We have our first look at the pub g test server, which has a bunch of new stuff. If you havent been keeping up with the channel, uh were gon na. Go over all the details today. Ill have some following videos going over specific um tutorials and how tos with the new tactical gear like the new drone, the new med kit bag weve got action. Cueing weve got a whole new slew of tutorial training, sections for existing players and the brand new players coming for free to play, which is january 12th its next week. This all comes to live servers on uh next tuesday or wednesday, the weber the 12th is, and if you have a pc, you can get on the test server now today and check out all the stuff that were playing with now. Unfortunately, console does not have access to the test server and i was just informed um that the pubg live servers are going to go down for two days for 48 hours before january 12th. So i i have to assume thats that means january um, 10th and january 11th. Live servers will be down, youll only be able to play if you log into the test server, which is on pc only okay without the way lets get into these damn patch notes. Weve got a lot to cover heres the new ui. This is what youre going to be introduced to um dont mind my my cool test, server skin guy.

This is the new ui and it looks very, very cool, its very throwback to the old pub g. Like kind of darker tone, nice lighting, nice shines on the characters, looks really really cool but theres a lot of stuff kind of going on on the screen now. So you have tutorial missions which, if you click here, you can complete all these tutorial missions to unlock and youll, see different rewards like gcoin uh, contraband coupons for the contraband crates battle points, etc. So these are all going to be stuff that you can knock out. Um, when you first get into the game, these wont be a recurring uh mission list, itll be just a once. You complete it its done sort of thing kind of like an introductory, so im not going to go over that ill. Make other videos kind of detail on those those specific things on the left side youll see here where it says fpp only thats because were on the test, server uh, but if youre on live server. Of course, youll have fpp and tpp available uh squads, solos and then random map, because we dont have map selection for n a. But you can see this kind of changed up the ui a bit you used to have to click here. Then choose you know what game mode if you wanted tpp or fvp whatever now you can all kind of. Do it right from this one little section which is clean.

You know its simple uh up top. You have normal, of course, ranked mode uh, training mode, which is a lot of changes and then custom mode which is more or less the same uh and then just quick to touch on the training mode. Theres me three different training modes. If you havent watched my videos, uh go check out a couple of my latest ones, where we uncovered all the new modes, but theres a basic training mode, which is going to be a step by step. Tutorial guide on how to do everything for pub g theres. An ai training match this can only be played 10 times. Unfortunately, this ai training match, but its really designed for new players, its going to be you versus 99 bots in a full game of pub g so from beginning dropping out the plane. The entire phase of the game to the end game, you can play it 10 times per account, thats it 10 times per account thats. It basically training, like i said, is the tutorial walkthrough and then training is the old school two by two map, where you can just kind of lounge around and do whatever you want theres a bunch of different areas. You can go to uh. You now have access to spawn your own weapons and vehicles. Wherever you are, you can change your sensitivities in game. A bunch of bunch of cool stuff, ill, have more details and videos on that uh.

Okay, so we go to career mode. Theyve changed the layout here, a little bit just to kind of consolidate it and make it a little bit more user friendly. So some of your top stats, uh your match history page – will give you some top stats weapons as thats the same metals thats the same so nothing big there customize tab, nothing! Big here same thing, all your you know: cosmetics and skins will appear here, um, and it says we have a new one uh, but it wont for some reason. My test servers like um, graphics or textures are kind of bugged, so none of these items show up, but this is the special commemorative pack um for anyone who owns the game now youre gon na get that for free and youll, see thats. Why? I have the the plus activated um full video, and that has been discussed ill link that in the description below, if youre unsure what im talking about there and it lasted the store. The store has gone through a little bit of a change here. Um they just kind of change the layout and where some of the things are located, um, but more or less its the same okay, um. Now, with that out, the way lets go to uh patch notes, so they said that i can look at patch notes in the ui now usually right here, patch notes boom right here, all right here we go so patch notes.

This is good, so it wont be uh, bright, white lights in your face. Oh, they even have the previous two patch notes to kind of get you caught up: thats cool, so 15.2, of course, free to play transition thats the biggest announcement pubgs made in quite some time, and this means its going to be literally free to play for everybody. If you own the game currently, it still will be free to you, of course, on january 12th, but youre gon na get some in game special cosmetics um as a reward for owning the game and playing it before uh. It goes free to play, live maintenance scheduled here, so this was talking about uh for two days, 48 hours january 10th to january 12th, until maintenance ends, hopefully theres. No extensions. That would be really nice all right. So new feature well just go top down here tactical gear. Now this is our first actual look in game at the new tactical gear, so theres, two new items coming likely more will follow and i play around with this a little bit in the test server. Just to kind of get a feel for it. First, the drone is actually pretty darn cool, so the tactical drone is something you you pick up in your uh primary weapon slot and you deploy it. It takes like five seconds to open it up and deploy it, and you can drive the drone around um. Your character is immobile, your character stays perfectly still wherever you deployed the drone from and then you can fly the drone around 300 meters away from your current location, which is a long distance thats three of the small squares away.

You can go in any direction and you can even go 300 meters vertical, which is going to be kind of useful to keep your drone from getting shot, because if it does get shot, it falls to the ground where it is shot and you have to go And retrieve it and repair it to still use it, it doesnt blow it up. You can pick it back up. Uh and im gon na have a video kind of detail on exactly how to use this stuff. So im not gon na go over that right now. Um, but you can um a really cool feature is that you can pick up stuff with the drone, so it has a little box on the bottom. You see this here. You can actually drive up to any lootable item. Pick it up. It only holds one item and you can bring that item anywhere and drop it. You can even pick up a butt pan and drop it on an enemy and do damage. I saw blitz doing that uh when he was streaming on twitch just a couple minutes ago. That was actually really really cheeky, so im sure some fun stuff will be had there. I dont think you can pick up c4 uh like once its been activated. I know thats gon na be a common question and you cant open up loot boxes and you cant open up care packages, so it has to be something thats on the ground: thats lootable, if you just walk up to it and grab it.

Okay, uh tactical gear emt gear. Now this one im still unsure about it: okay, so so this is again a primary weapon slot. So you have to sacrifice one of two of your primary weapons to pick this item up, which is unfortunate, but it does come with some pretty cool benefits, so the emt uh kit is going to allow you to in essence, heal yourself, faster, heal, teammates, faster, revive Them when theyre knocked down faster, only three seconds instead of 10 seconds, when you use a full med kit, like the big green med kit, not only does it full heal you, it also gives you full level four boost, which is what an adrenaline syringe would do, And it does it faster than it uh than it would take to do just the med kit. You can use bandages and first aids to heal up to a hundred percent, so youre no longer capped at 75 health if youre using the emt gear. So those are just some of the really cool features that the emt gear is gon na give your team – and this is really gon na – be um. I think a team item. You know i dont think many solo players are gon na pick. This up, you could, but i honestly dont see the big benefit of it, but for doing squads uh if youre one of the teammates that you just know, hey im, not a good sniper or i prefer just to have a sniper rifle and let my team handle The up close battles – you take this as your secondary and it can be pretty useful uh in team team situations, team fight situations again, another video ill have detail on that in the drone on how to use it and all that kind of stuff.

All right, um tutorial modes were not going to go over all that this is just saying hey. These are the three new tutorial modes we just talked about. Those are going gon na, be really useful for all the new players. Theyre gon na have in game challenges. As you complete the tutorial mode that you unlock, different cosmetics and skins and gloves and stuff so make sure to go and knock those out, even if youre, a veteran player, youre gon na breeze right through it no problem, this is the training mode helper that you Can uh pull up and spawn any item in the game? You do that by using your comma key on your keyboard when youre in the training mode, you pull this menu up and you can do spawn any of these items. Change your sensitivities on the fly, all that kind of good stuff, really really cool uh, if youre on playstation its touch bad hold. If youre on xbox its a view button hold and if youre on google stadia its the assistant buttonhole so thats how you open up that menu uh practice range, this is inside the green containers in the training mode here. So when you walk around, you see this little gut this little box right here, this green door, you go inside there, youll enter this room and its just some more fun training practice areas, uh same thing here: okay, so here they said they have background noise reduction To reduce the inconvenience players feel when getting distracted by other players, noises uh, i didnt, actually hear any difference.

When i was in the training mode. A few minutes ago, gunshots seemed pretty loud and stuff. I still had to use my uh f7 instant volume, sound reducer thing, so yeah um, i guess well see they added mortars to training mode, so you can kind of dial in and better learn how to use. The mortars which is cool this by far by far, is the biggest uh improvement for returning veteran players and new players alike. Action queuing has officially been added to pub g now. Ive already read some kind of negative comments on twitter and stuff, but honestly you cant believe half the you read i just played around with it in the training mode, and i can say i am very, very excited and very happy for action cueing for those who Dont know what action cueing is ill make a video on it, but essentially what it means is uh. You can hold down a button on your mouse or your keyboard as your character is completing an existing animation once that existing animation is complete. It will then immediately start whatever. The new thing is that youre holding down so an example would be you reload your weapon and as soon as you start to reload your weapon, you hold down the ads key on your mouse or ads button on your mouse old pub g. This is what would happen you would reload youd be holding down the right mouse button after youre done reloading, nothing would happen, your character would just stand there, not adsing and youd be shooting free fire, which is obviously not good, very inaccurate.

Now, if you hold the ads key as your character is reloading or as youre swapping guns or whatever at the very next possible moment, your character is going to ads and you can immediately start to shoot much more accurately. That happens the same way if youre jumping on top of a ledge old pub g, you would fall down off of a little. You know two inch step and your character would on ads and youd, be shooting in the sky. Well, now, your character could still un ads if you fall from a high enough height, but it will immediately go back to ads mode when the character hits the ground. So this is going to be a very, very, very good. Quality of life improvement for all the players in pub g. The only problem is they dont automatically turn this on. You have to go to settings, go to the gameplay, go down to the bottom functionalities and turn on action. Cueing turn on action, queueing very, very important. All right, our beloved winchester and vss are getting a buff, essentially theyre, getting a buff um the theyre, both able to be canted sites um or a canted fire. Now, i should say alt fire, so the winchester is gon na, have iron sight and its going to have its scope, and you do that by using the alt fire queue whatever whatever key bind you have for that, the vss is going to have a canted site, But you have to find a canted site to put on the vss.

This means you can actually use the vss up close, which a lot of people would like to use it for and its a pretty good, pretty darn good weapon too. If you have an extended mag and a cheek pad its really powerful – and this is this – is a good buff. This is a good change for both weapons. You should start to see a little bit more of that being used in close range, um. Okay, what else so world changes uh? They removed all the pgc stuff, since obviously, pgc is over the cacao. Friends and christmas theme has been removed from the kindy. However, the night mode vikindy is being a left in uh, but just with a slightly lower probability is what im gathering here, which is really cool. So the christmas weather, which is the the night mode being kept in slightly lower probability, but theyre. Removing the christmas theme from the kindy okay uh dead by knockout balance. I know this is a lot of words here ill summarize it as quickly as possible old pub g. Every time you would get knocked, you would have a a bleed out timer. If you got knocked twice that bleed out timer would shorten you got knocked three times: youd have even less time for your teammate to revive you and so on. That still is the case, but now theyve re theyve extended the amount of time that youre able to stay knocked so that your team has more time to come and save you and they extended the amount of invulnerability time when you get knocked.

So how many times have you been knocked and instantly flushed? Hopefully this reduces that just a little bit, because now, when you get knocked instead of having a one second time of invulnerability as your character falls to the ground, you have a one and a half. Second time of invulnerability, so if someone knocks you and just holds the trigger and keeps shooting you theyre, not gon na do any damage for a second and a half. Until your player hits the ground, then they can flush you if they, you know, still hold the trigger, but hopefully that gives your teammate just a little bit more time. Uh. You know to try to come and save you and then, like i said, theyve increased the time that you stay knocked uh subsequently throughout the game now, which is good. Is this um the best thing they could have done? In my opinion? Probably not you know. I really think uh they need to do something about getting the flushing in the game. You know, i know its a part of the game, but you can obviously tell theyre trying to appeal to the people who are you know, tired of losing their teammate early game and then playing by themselves or quitting out to go get their teammate back. I think this was just not quite enough in that direction, but well see another thing. Theyve done now when youre knocked out, frag grenade damage is reduced by 20, which is pretty darn significant.

The damage received while wearing level 3 armor, is now applied in all conditions, including when not wearing anything, so what they mean by that is when you have a level 3 armor in the game, it reduces the amount of gunshot damage you take and grenade damage. You take that now is applied to everybody who is knocked out. So, even if you have a level one armor, when you get knocked out, youre gon na re take reduced damage, as if you had level three armor, so its going to slow down how quickly you can get flushed. However, sniper rifles crossbows, including the winchester, are not affected by this reduction in damage. In fact, their damage has been increased. So if you get a sick head, shot sniper rifle hit and you knock an enemy youre now going to deal 35 percent more damage. If you hit that enemy on the ground, with your sniper rifle again, thats snipers, not dmrs, were talking bolt action, weapons, uh, crossbows, winchesters, um, car 98, mosin and m24 sniper rifle and then im a boy beer for just gon na love. This one 12.5 increase in damage on crossbow um, all right, so moving on the next item, quality of life screen ping marker this one uh. This one is going to be interesting. I dont know if you guys remember pub g tried to add screen markers. This exact feature like over a year ago – i think, and people absolutely hated it, so they removed it and now its back.

So this is very similar to a lot of other brs that you see out there when you put a marker on on a map or a live ping as your ads in like this guy is doing. That is going to be a ping that shows up on your screen and all of your teammates screen. It does um, go um, see through what what the hecks the word for that it goes see through uh whenever you ads onto the target so like lets say this guy was actually ads in and not just hip firing right right here on the window. This wouldnt be bright, yellow, it would be, you know, see through uh faded, color, yellow, which would help you uh not be. You know, blinded by whoevers there or not having the thing blind whoevers there. If that makes sense, um i dont know if this is going to be. I dont know if this is going to stay ill, just say that, but well see how it plays out. I think it could be a good thing, because itll help your teammates quickly identify where the heck youre talking about like when youre like enemy over here and like wear out on my marker, and they got to pull up their mat and like where the is like. What okay, what rock you know! This is gon na, be a quick boom. Okay, my teammates looking right here, hes shooting here kind of thing, so uh yeah its available in all modes except for ranked and esports uh how to place a screen screen map ping marker.

If youre playing on xbox or google stadia stadia or this the right stick playstation 3s, r3 and then for me on pc, i changed mine to my scroll wheel. So when i scroll up on pc, it puts the live ping uh on the map, uh all right. What else what else mini map improvements, this isnt going to be a big thing? They just kind of change the look of it to make it a little bit cleaner, a little easier on the eyes, basically up the contrast, a little bit. It looks like, but whats kind of weird is like see. Look at this sanhok uh image here here. You could tell very very clearly where the dark, uh divots were and even same thing on this image here. If you look really close like compare this right here to this right here, this looks almost flat and this you can tell a lot more of the dips and changes in the terrain and why that is a problem. Why this new thing is a problem is because thats very important to know how the terrain elevation changes are because thats really critical when you want to hold a certain hill or an edge or lets say you know, the circle ends right here and youre thinking to Yourself, okay, i want to get into a little divot with my team. I want to get where we can peek a hill or something its really hard to tell from this image.

What is down, and what is up so i dont know if this is going to be reverted or uh improved or what, but well have to see on that. So caution, caution: there, uh, okay, the new uh lobby, ui 2.0. I just showed you guys that uh this is where all the new news was going to be. I showed you guys that the store showed you guys that uh i showed you guys that all right, uh, okay, this is polymers – are sold in the scrap broker thats for the contraband coupon um. I dont remember off top my head. If polymers were previously sold in the scrap broker, i dont think they were so this if im, what im thinking is correct. This is a way, a good way, uh that you can now buy polymers with scrap to upgrade your progressive skins. However, the whole system is still a scam, its way too expensive. They need to revamp it completely. Ive beaten that dead horse. What else uh xbox cloud gaming services is ending so because pubg is going free to play. If you have pub geo and game pass, you will still have access to pub g the full version of pub g. When it goes free of play, however, it wont be a cloud gaming service and what i think that means, if im not mistaken, is you wont, be able to play it on your cell phone by accessing it through the xbox cloud games, gaming service because im pretty Sure you could do that once upon a time uh play it from your cell phone with an xbox controller through the cloud that no longer will be supported.

Uh team. Invite message is uh currently currently turned off because theres a bug hopefully theyll, get that fixed theres. A lot of gameplay bug fixes honestly. None of these are actually like super useful, with the exception of fix, an issue when the guns ammo reverted to its default number of loaded ammo. When replacing the extended magazine to an extended quick draw magazine. So now your ammo amount will stay the same, thats good and then the biggest thing is is uh. Where is it at with the here? It is this right here fix the issue of a players ads mode shaking severely after using a throwable item and crouching and standing repeatedly so thats when you would throw a grenade and then you would go to ads and shoot somebody youd get the ads bug that Weve been complaining about for a month and a half where youd go to ads and your gun would like start doing this shaking stuff thats finally been fixed. Thank the lord uh. Then we have some clippings stuff skin stuff. No, nothing! You can read that if you really want to know about the details but thats it okay, i know were already about almost 20 minutes. Almost past 20 minutes here so lets end. The video now just a reminder im going to be making in depth guides on the tactical gear so how to use the drone, how to use the emt bag. What are the good uses, what are the bad uses for it? Should you be picking it up, etc? I also have a bunch of pubg ultimate guides.

If youre new to the channel, you can go to the playlist ultimate pubg guides and ive got everything there from how to use scopes. How to use healing i mean how anything you want to know in pubg. All the attachments, all that kind of good stuff so go check. Those out be sure to give this video a like if you did enjoy it, share it with a buddy and, of course, get subscribed if youre new to the channel ill have a bunch more pubg content.