I couldn't put my finger on it, but I knew I forgot something and I had to go through the list of things. I had to do before the holidays hit and I thought: okay, we bought the presents for the family and I've kissed the wife a couple times I'm covered there. What could it be? There'S got to be something I'm missing, and then it hit me it's time for the 12 days of drone Valley Christmas. How could I ever forget that it's, my favorite time of year, it gives us a chance to give back to you guys that have supported the channel all year and we've done this the last couple of years. I really love the interaction we get on this channel. I feel privileged that you guys tuned in as much as you do and that you comment and send me emails and encourage us to do more clips and this time of year we get a chance to give back just a little bit to the drone valley family. So everything you see on this table is part of the 12 days of drone belt like Christmas, this year, because we're lucky that we work with a lot of manufacturers, a lot of distributors and a lot of companies that are happy to send us products to review Them and I love giving those back to you guys because ultimately I'm doing the reviews to let you know if this stuff is really valuable enough to spend your hard earned money on and if you get value it are those clips that's wonderful.

But if I can give this stuff back to you at Christmas time, that's even better, so you get some free gifts. So the way this is going to work from the next twelve days, starting tomorrow on Saturday we're gon na post, the first clip I'm gon na put 12 days of Christmas clips up in order 12 days and each day, there's going to be a different prize. Given away and there's no shenanigans with this, so basically you watch the clip there'll, be a link in the clip you hit that link enter your email address. We'Ll, pull a random name out of those emails that we get after seven days. We'Ll, send that person the prize and we're not going to hang under your emails and send you a bunch of spam we're not in the business of doing that. So we'll destroy all the emails. But you do have to enter every day because there's gon na be different prizes and some you're gon na want some. Maybe you can't use because they're very specific for a type of drone, but either way check out those clips, because there's gon na be a lot of good stuff, giving away now just some of the stuff on the table. There'S DJI goggles here there's a dashcam look. There'S, an osmolar action we're, giving one of those away couple of drones, arsenate t charging base and a whole lot of really cool drone valley products as well, so just can't.

Thank you enough for the support we've gotten from you for the last couple of years on this channel. I love putting these clips together. I'M, a nerd at heart. You guys know that and if I can sit down and talk about a piece of technology that you find interesting – and you want to comment on that and you find value in the clips I'm gon na continue to do this as long as I can so. This is the beginning of the 12 days of drone Valley Christmas for 2019, and I got ta warn you I'm gon na tell a bunch of corny jokes, I'm, probably gon na sing a little bit so you're gon na have to suffer through all that, but I'm. Never happier than in this time of year when hi family close, so we can tell everybody how much we love them and I can give you guys a little bit back from the channel because again, it's been a wonderful experience for me and the whole team here At your own Valley, putting this channel together and we're just having so much fun, interacting with people that watch the channel and answering questions. So, thank you so much again for all the support and if you haven't subscribed to the channel, please hit that button down there and subscribe. I don't want to beat you up about that, but having that subscription and turning the bell on means a minute, I post one of the clips where we're giving one of these away you'll know immediately and you can enter the contest and there's no shenanigans.

So basically, if you win the contest, I'm gon na take whatever we're giving away that day, put it in a box and ship it to you. I don't care. Where, in the world you live, you could live in Whoville we'll find you don't worry no strings attached. No shipping charges no nonsense, it's, just the contest where we get a chance to give back to you guys for all the support you've shown us throughout the year.