I guess this was kind of interesting. With the release of the mavic 3. There was an announcement here from dji that theyre giving people a free, warranty extension and the reaction was kind of interesting when you think about it. This one here says: enjoy free service extensions for dji mavic 3. dji provides a longer service protection for your mavic 3. to show our appreciation for early customers of dji mavic 3 were offering extra service for those who purchase mavic 3 dji mavic 3 fly more combo Or dji mavic 3s cine premium combo before january, 1st 2022, as a gift for your support, this additional service applies to dji care, refresh service, if purchased and to the original warranty. Usually, when you buy brand new electronic products, you kind of buy it knowing that youre the guinea pig in the beginning, because there could be so much bugs and mishaps thats, true for virtually any of them. So its kind of interesting that they offer extra warranty in that sense is that the reason because if that is a factor, then i guess you could say its a form of goodwill to say: hey well, give you more peace of mind for being an early adopter. It says longer warranty period for customers who purchase dji mavic 3. Before january 1st 2022 additional warranty coverage will be provided from the day you receive the product until february 7 2022. The official warranty period will be calculated, beginning on february 8, 2022, giving customers a longer coverage period for additional peace of mind.

So they gave specific examples here so november 9 2021 lets just say: you received the dji mavic 3. It says from november 9th to february 7 2022 additional warranty coverage, provided so essentially normally when you buy the product, the warranty period would start activating right on that day. For example, if you purchased it on november, 9th and theres a one year, warranty, then technically next year november, 9th it would expire like in this case. They say here if you bought it during that time, your warranty period wouldnt start until actually february 8. 2022. Going all the way to february 7 2023, so its almost like an extra three months or so, i would say, like estimate anyways. This will be true for their dji care, refresh plan as well thats, their warranty coverage where you have to pay money, and then you can get things like a replacement for your drone if you crashed it so overall that should be, i guess, a good thing, because The company is giving people extra warranty more peace of mind because, as mentioned, usually when youre an early adopter, you expect kinks and stuff to be there but thats just what you accept for trying to get it early. But at the same time, i guess the other perspective is kind of interesting, because some people see this as a bad thing where they say. Oh theres, like a firmware, update or something like that coming in january, so thats potentially them admitting oh theres something wrong with the drone, et cetera, et cetera, thats.

What peoples fears are anyways from what im reading so its kind of interesting. What side of the fence would you be on in that case? Would you think its a good thing for the company to offer that like is generous, or would you see it as a bad thing, as oh, no, its being admitted that theres something wrong or potentially wrong with the product in the future? So this is a way to prevent things like backlash its kind of interesting to think about. With that in mind, i actually never visited the stores to see if you can actually just find this off the shelf. I just know in terms of the prices talking about warranties and stuff, like their care refresh, the one for the mavic 3 is 519 dollars here, and the one for the cinna bundle 779 dollars. The funny thing is: when you look at this, you would assume i put for that price. Oh, i guess its a drone, because people would just look at a picture and stuff, even though it says care refresh, but thats literally like thats the price for like the mini or some of that, its really expensive. I know one thing for these warranties, which im wondering about too a lot of people arent aware still for some odd reason with the care refresh is not like a traditional warranty like what people would think where you go to the store you buy a tv you Buy the extended warranty, basically, it should be youre covered, like thats your protection, whereas in this case with this care refresh, you pay for the warranty initially like here.

If something happens like you crash it, then you will still have to pay a flat fee of sorts to get essentially a unit that should work as new as they say so, youre not out of the pocket. Yet in terms of money and stuff anyways and people arent clear about that, still from my observations to my knowledge too, you can only use this replacement stuff for the carry refresh twice the first time lets just say you crash it. You broke it or something like that. Then you send it back. You have to pay a fee, theyll, give you one thats, just as good or as if its new as they say, could be refurbished and then the second time you can do the same thing. But the fee will be a little higher and then thats it. Apparently the plan will be over so in that sense an extension wouldnt be valid or worthwhile anyways. If, for some reason, youre someone who crashes their drones like all the time or something that within a two year period, so really expensive? Overall, although with that thought of money, theres been all that news recently of billionaires and stuff going to space, will an average individual be able to do it virgin galactic had a sweepstakes recently where, if you won, then you could go to space for free, and i Guess they announced the winner recently says here: omaze and virgin galactic announced winner of a once in a lifetime trip to space virgin galactic and sir richard bransons omaze sweepstakes raised an anticipated 1.

7 million in grants to support space for humanitys mission to democratize, space travel and Apparently the winner is a person named keisha and they surprised her at her home. It says the sweepstakes kicked off in july following virgin, galactus historic unity, 22 mission and drew donations from 164 338 people around the world in eight weeks to raise a projected 1.7 million. In grants so thats great, in my opinion, something that seems so out of reach financially for someone to get an opportunity like this – and she says here quote: ive always had a lifelong love of flying and a fascination with space, and this is truly a dream. Come true for me, it means the world to me. I hope to share this experience with my daughter. So together we can inspire the next generation to follow their dreams. I guess anything is possible huh, even if its super duper expensive, theres ways. I guess to get around that obstacle. I guess you could say: Music, Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, all right, theres, no flying today. I guess its time for the archive Music.