Well, we've made it to day ten in our 12 days at drone Valley Christmas, which means the big day, is right around the corner and I could not be more excited and man if we got some cool prizes for today's giveaway, but before we get to this I'Ve, had a few viewers ask me: Rick you're, not gon na tell a joke and sing a song. Every clip are you, of course I am it's the holidays. So what do you get when you eat Christmas, decorations, tinsel itis on the tenth day of Christmas drone Valley gave to me a brand new Osmel action and a bunch of drone Valley accessories. You couldn't possibly be givin this away, yeah we're, given all this away, so our good friends over at DJ, I sent us this Osmo action and we're, throwing in a bunch of drone valley accessories to get you started now. This Osmo action is an incredibly good action. Camera i've talked about in the channel before i'm in love with this camera, and i use all of them. Sorry GoPro, but I like this one, a lot better it's got 4k 60 frames. A second recording it's got rock solid image, stabilization, so it's digital image, stabilization and I swear that they stole technology from NASA to make it that stable. It also records in slo mo it'll. Do hyperlapse it's waterproof it's got a front facing screen, so I can see exactly what I'm recording when I'm looking at it it's the perfect camera to take on vacation.

In addition to that we're giving you a couple of drone Valley accessories so I'm, giving you screen protectors that you can apply to the front and back screen, so you don't scratch it when you throw in your bag we're giving you an Universal clamp. This is unbelievably cool. You can put it on the bottom of the camera and you can clamp it on to stuff and walk around with the camera, so it really works well, we're, also giving you an audio extension cable. If you're going to record with this you're, probably gon na use a lapel mic it's too short to reach the camera. So this gives you six and a half feet of high quality extension cable for the audio to make it easier for Dee actually record the audio. So all of the stuffs included in the giveaway and it couldn't be simpler to enter the contest. Look below you'll see a link hit that link enter your email address after seven days, I'm gon na pick one winner, give all this stuff to them. And again I don't care where, in the world you live well ship it to you, free there's, no strings attached, no shenanigans and again I don't care where you live. You could live an oak island up there in Nova Scotia, which, by the way, I love that you know, I think it's really cool and I just wish they'd find something already, but you can live anywhere in the world.

We'Re gon na put in a box and ship it to you free of charge because we love giving this kind of stuff away now also put links below, because, coincidentally, DJ eyes got this camera on sale right now and an insanely low price up until the first Of the year, so, if you don't win the contest and you still like the camera, you can hit that go, buy it. So, if that's, what you're looking to do it'll be down there anyway, I'm really happy to give this stuff away. We have two more days left I've Christmas, even Christmas, and those two prizes are insanely cool, so pay attention to the channel if you haven't subscribed. Yet please subscribe to the channel because you're going to notice that we put a new clip up and you know to come back but pay attention a channel over the next couple of days, because you're giving away some incredibly cool stuff. In addition to all the other stuff we gave away so far, so thanks an awful lot for watching I've had a lot of fun, putting these together, I'm almost done and I'm exhausted.