I’Ll put a link in the video description which will give you the video out to an android device from the dji fpv goggles, v1 or v2. These are the v1s i’m powering it off a 4s lipo, and i am using a usb type c, cable to a usb type c adapter, but an on the go cable will work as well. I’Ve got my nascal 5 here. This is the iflight model and i’ve got auto. Temp control turned off i’m going to plug the usb type c into the phone. The app is called digi view. So if i plug this into the phone, the app will automatically recognize the usb c input and there we go. We have got the video out now it takes a while for it to pick up, but there we go and the latency is really good, as they say i think they’ve got it to 100 milliseconds. This is just superb amazing. Work from these guys. Please support them. We are just a few hours from them figuring this out and already we have an android app.