Drone fans Rick here again from drone valley, welcome back to day nine in our 12 days of drone Valley Christmas today, we're giving away another drone to get you up in the air and enjoying this amazing hobby. But before I get to this, I have a bit of a Christmas riddle for you. If athletes get athlete's feet, what do elves get mistletoe on the ninth day of Christmas drone Valley gave to me a brand new bug. Three drone yep we're, giving you the drone in the whole kit and kaboodle you get to trone the controller and everything you need to fly this guy. You can rip open this box, charge it up and be out in the backyard and flying in no time now. The bunch three is a proven drone I've been flying this ever since it came out it's one of my favorite sort of middle of the road drones that has a good distance to it. It'S got really good control too it's got brushless motors, separate EEOC's and it's reliable. A lot of the newer drones you see out there you'll buy it put it up in the air. It'Ll fly off into a tree and that'll be the end of it. This one's got really good: stick control, full size, remote it's, not one of those little tiny remotes that come in a lot in the new drones. It'S got a full size, remote and everything you need that flies on the box.

So you get the drone the remote! You get prop guards, you get a bunch of propellers, you get a battery, you get feet, you even have an attachment to hang a GoPro camera off the bottom, which is pretty cool I'm, not sure what the heck that is, but it's in the box as well. So everything you need to fly, this is in the box. I really like this drone and when people ask me what kind of drone should I buy to get started, this is the one that I recommend more than others. So this is one I'm very happy to give away. Now the contest couldn't be easier to enter down below you'll, find a link hit that link enter your email address now after seven days, I'm gon na pick one winner, we're gon. Na put this thing at a bigger box than this one and send it to you – and I say every time I don't care where in the world you live, you could live in County Wexford in the beautiful green island of Ireland, I've been there and kissed the Blarney Stone so it's a wonderful place to visit anyway. I don't care where you live. We'Re gon na ship it to you free of charge, no strings attached, no shenanigans. We just put it in a box, so we're happy to send it off. So please enter the contest. This is a wonderful way to get introduced to the Hobby and have a whole lot of fun after the holidays once it gets a little bit warmer.

But again, thank you so much for watching.