XK X251 brushless Acrobatique Quadcopter Drone Review – Partie 2 – [Vol & CRASH test]

Flight check of the X251. You will get the X251 right here: http://goo.gl/rdpBcX or right here: http://tinyurl.com/ze3bg2t On this video I am going by way of a radical flight check with


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  1. Very nice review I’m thinking about getting this drone but I already have a bugs 3 so is it worth it in your opinion?

  2. Love to see the crashes. It lets us know it is durable. Merci pour la vidéo.

  3. Nice video dudejust subscribe to your channel very to the point without droning on and on (pun intended) and no irritating music drowning out your voice as you hear in alot of quad reviews! Ive been flying the bugs 3 for awhile (great quad!) hoping this one is as good because i just ordered it. Anyways good job my friend and keep the cutting side up!

  4. Can it carry a Git2 camera? similar to GoPro 3

  5. comme toujours, grande revue! > info found in another video….>There's a switch inside the body, that you can get to via a hole in the
    undercarriage, that needs to be clicked and held for 1second before
    binding to a new transmitter. Only passing on the info, still waiting for mine to arrive.

  6. Not sure about the original X251 Dustin has, but everyone else I've seen who said acro mode didn't work when they got their (version 2/3) X251 didn't have it set up properly. The gyro has to be set to less than 41 in order to activate acro. Come on guys, a company finally gives us a half decent radio and people complain because they don't know how to use it. Admittedly the instructions aren't as thorough as they could be, but how about expending just a little bit of effort trying to figure things out for yourself. I say that because if these companies keep getting returns on every little thing that just requires a bit of adjustment, they're just going to stop offering hobby grade capabilities at toy grade prices. En réalité, they've already done so from version 1 (with real acro mode) to version 2 (most advanced setting is horizon mode). So to the potential buyers of the X251, be forewarned; despite it's price, it is a bridge into the hobby grade world. So if you spend some time experimenting with the settings, not only can you get the bird to fly exactly the way you want it, you'll be outflying every other $100 rtf quad currently on the market (and probably every $200 bird too!).

  7. I am losing altitude and crashing on my bank turns with my x251. Don't know if I'm not giving enough throttle into the turn or too much yaw and it dives into the ground. Or do I need to adjust some setting on the transmitter?

  8. What's the top left toggle for

  9. The newer models do not have acro mode which is a shame, i have been flying acro on the simulator and would like to fly a quadcopter with acro, but my budget is limited, which quad would you recommend?

  10. salut, does anyone know what is causing my battery problem , about a week ago I got the XKx251 plug the battery in the quad just to test it all good then I put the battery on charge after it had charged I put the battery back in the quad and it started to crackle and there was a burning smell, i took out the battery and noticed that where there were 3 pins before in the battery bay of the quad whereas before there were 3 broches, so I found a part to replace the broken charge port , then put the battery back in the same thing happened , 3 more times ,so now the 4 time after a lot of pain taking it all apart and soldering the new balance port I went out for a flight with it all great ,then today I tried to charge the battery but the red charging light just blinks permanently , instead of a steady red light, then when fully charged the red light would go off just to leave to green light, now when I wiggle the battery port on the charger the red lights stop blinking for a few seconds then go back to red flashing again , now I'm too scared to put the battery back in the quad in case it burns one of the pins again, I have ordered a new battery from gear best, so my ? is do you think the battery is at fault or maybe the charger that came with the x251, what is causing it to fry the pins, I would be very grateful if anyone knows the answer, I desperately need some advice.regards Nige

  11. salut, Dustin, je ai besoin d'aide, I have just got one, but when I plug the battery into the charger it keeps flashing red, instead of solid red then going out when fully charged, light leaving just the green light on, can you tell me if this constant flashing whilst charging is normal. thanks regards Nige

  12. dam it ijust ordered the jjrc x1 and saw this…..

  13. You can pick this up at Banggood now for $79.99!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. salut, is it quicker and easier to fly than the xk x350?

  15. Je vous remercie , Dustin! My one is on the way. I will try it when it arrived.

  16. Can I have a question? If I want to flip, just flip the 3d/6g button. Than, increase the throttle and get some altitude. Than, fully move the right stick in one of the directions. It will flip 360 degré? Droite? THX

  17. Too bad they took away the acro, it would have been a good trainer for new at sport quad

  18. Looks like XK is having the best blowout sale they have ever had to date. Great opportunity to pick up what you've had your eye on for cheap: goo.gl/I663h7

  19. avis Très bien. Got to get one of these!

  20. I have been watching allot of videos on this quad and I hear nothing but good things! I have been wanting this for a little while now and I finally bought it yesterday. I cannot wait for it to come in the Mail. thanx for another kick ass review. I got mine from banggood but I saw it on gearbest for only 99$.

  21. I have been watching allot of videos on this quad and I hear nothing but good things! I have been wanting this for a little while now and I finally bought it yesterday. I cannot wait for it to come in the Mail. thanx for another kick ass review. I got mine from banggood but I saw it on gearbest for only 99$.

  22. Grands volants! seems like a great quad also.

  23. beautiful Thanks for sharing✌

  24. is there a way to turn off the lights??

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