Il s’agit d’une mouche contraignante, so it's already got a receiver built in there's, already a little fpv mini camera up top with a VTX built in already video transmitter, and so all we need to do is bind it to a controller such as the trance, which I'm Going to be using here and also just hook it up to some fpv goggles, so I already have my fat sharks here. These record, the fpv with a DVR onboard, so I'll be recording that for you in the flight test, so this will be an unboxing spec. Ssin setup and a flight test and a pros and con pros and cons all in one in this video without further ado, let's go ahead and start unboxing. This don't forget. I will have this stuff down in the description, so you can check out the current pricing and all this further in depth, specs on this little guy, alors vérifiez ceci. It'S opening the top cover it's, just kind of a generic box. It'S got some graphics on it here, so let's go ahead and dig into the box here: go ahead and focus into the quad, so nice looking little mini fpv quadcopter if you're gon na get into micro, fpv and you're looking for something. This may be a good kind of an all in one system for you, if you kind of already have your transmitter as we can see, it's got a built in fpv antenna here.

Réellement, the fpv antennas right here, sorry that's the control antenna and they're already on so they're all basically connected already through these mini connectors. Donc, si vous vouliez, you could change this antenna and just pop it on and onto that mini connector, and the same goes for the control antenna. So this is the receiver it's a double stack here. We can see that we have the main flight controller on the bottom. With this top board is kind of the receiver here, there's our bind plug there, and then we can see that on the transmitter and camera combo, video transmitter and camera we've got these dip switches. So this should be a 32 240 channel selectable 25 milliwatts video transmitter here here are the already installed double propellers here: dual blade props. We already have this kind of this isn't really a duct, but it is kind of a just a propeller guard, so you can fly around bump into things without having to worry about breaking the quad or other things. This looks like eight millimeter, maybe six millimeter motors and, bien sûr, they're just brushed, but they do have these caps on the bottom. You can see to protect them for landing, so a very simple design, here's the battery holder here and that's really just about it. It looks like to get into the flight controller. You are going to need to connect to this little port here and they do give you a cable for that in the box.

Let'S go ahead and set this on the side, Real, quick and see what else is in the box. Speaking of the box. Oh another piece of foam, so you get like a dual stack of foam just to hold everything together, so here's, a little cable that will connect you into the flight controller. So they give you. This double ended little cable! Here this data, cable and one end you're gon na plug into the craft itself on the side. Here you can see that it's got the same type of cable, so you're gon na plug in there into that port and then plug the other end into this USB device here and then plug that into your computer. So you should be able to go into beta or clean flight and go ahead and configure your transmitter and all the settings for that everything else in the box. This is kind of cool and you can see that we've got a xt60 connector here on one end and it's actually got a little mini multi charger here, so you can hook up to four 1s batteries and charge them all. Dans le même temps,, if you wanted to speaking of batteries, they do give us two batteries in the box and let's see what these things are. So these are a 1s three point: sept volts 350 heure milliamp 25 C battery with the micro walkera, low C connector. They'Re, not a huge amount of things you get in the box, you do only get one set of propellers I'm sure you can order more at the site.

I have in the description if you wanted, to which I would recommend it would have been nice to see another set, at least because eventually you are gon na ding these up or break them, but maybe not I mean it does have this nice guard here. So you may be well protected. This thing does flex pretty good, so these others may last for a very long time. You can see that it does have this little plastic nut and bolt thing here, so you can actually it's a little loose right now and it's kind of notched. Ainsi, vous pouvez, it does look like you, can kind of alter the angle a little bit and it does look like this. Just will pop right off. If you don't go ahead and tighten that bolt, you see how it just came off so you're gon na want to put that in get your angle right and then go ahead and crank that little bolt down looks like it is a little Phillips head screwdriver on That side, so it should be very simple: I'm, probably gon na push this up and then just wrap a little rubber band right around the camera bottom here just so. This also goes up here, like maybe maybe put it a little bit further away from the FPV antenna kind of like this and just rubber band everything up. You know you guys. Let me go ahead and get this stuff charged up.

We'Ll go ahead and get the goggles recording the Taranis all bound up and the modes all going. This should be able to do acro mode attitude mode and like a ratatouille mode and let's go ahead and fly this thing and then do a pros and cons. D'accord. Let'S go fly so go ahead and throw on the bottle real, quick and I do have the screen recording good to go just our eye PD. So we have a good view. Vous pouvez voir. The camera is pretty good, pretty good lighting and it's, claire, it's, really windy outside so I'm, probably just going to be flying in the house, but you can see we don't have any throttle response until the arm. I have this switch here to go ahead and arm and then there's the there's, the propellers spinning up so I'll have this time to so you guys can see how long this thing is lasting and I'll have that pop up on the screen at the end. So you can see the total battery timing, flight timing, d'accord, so launching in regular attitude self leveling modeand here we go so I'm. Just gon na fly very stable. It seems so I'm just gon na fly through the house here all the way. To the other end of the house and see how we're doing there's sanaya, hey sanaya, si assez bon. Look at that so I'm able to fly really nice and easy let's fly around the back of us here, ooh cool, so very easy to fly.

You know what my goggles are fogging up, so I'm gon na land here and turn on this fan. These fat sharks do have a fan here in the goggles. Let me just find the button there we go, so I just turn on the fan yeah. So it should be clearing up in just a sec, sorry for the delay, but they will get fogged up in like a no wind situation. There we go so gloves are clear: relaunching there's mr. stormtrooper over there, so not entirely the most crisp resolution, but definitely very visible. With fpv let's try to fly a little faster here come around there sanaya again let's go down here. Nice try to go up the stairs whoa. d'accord, remember I'm, still in self leveling attitude mode let's go into my wife's and eyes bedroom Wow, so I still have very good picture I'm up stairs all the way across the house and it's still in very good control. Super precise control let's go ahead and go into Kean's room here, see how keen buddy's doing there. He is what's up kid. Give us a Shaka all right, we're out of here. So this kind of stuff is super possible. Oh there's, my wife on the computer, Whoa. d'accord, cool. We made it back down, donc très simple: let's try to get some close proximity whoa! You just got a little bit of win there. Something let's try to go under the table here, whoo nice.

So this thing is really easy to fly. I haven't adjusted any settings here and look at this nice and tight corners here able to fly pretty speedy around the house. You know I'm, not even gon na attempt, acro mode because I'm probably gon na crash it immediately. Oh ok, so we nailed the light there. But we're still up still flying great let's go ahead and just try to fly through here a little bit more. This is awesome man, oh Musique, d'accord, nailed the floor, Oups, d'accord, so it looks like we. I think we lost our antenna. So let me go ahead and see what the problem is and then reassess the situation to realize farming relaunching okay, cool, so battery does feel like it's, getting a little weak let's try to some closer proximity here, whoo there's, the mecca soar me and san. I are reviewing she got for christmas, D'accord, cool guys, alors vérifiez ceci. Homme, great little house flyer! Oh, Oh, D'accord! So let's try to do some. Some close proximity tunnel flight there we go through the little overhang come on back yay let's. Try that again from this angle, woo, nice so stuff like that super easy with this one let's try going to the table oh land and knock around on the chair. Legs I'm, just ready to get back up see if we can get buck up here. If we have enough power, d'accord, Prêt, lancement, ooh let's turn you can like turn on the floor.

Try to go a little more forward. Get out of this sticky situation here and launch up. Go there. We go oh okay, we're upside down, so this one that feels like it's spinning. So you got a disarm. This is trying to self level yourself. I think that's gon na be enough for this flight. Let me go ahead and bring it back to the table. À présent. Let'S, do a little pros and cons on this guy, d'accord, guys so let's wrap up the little mini jumper XY. What is this thing? Called X 73 it's got X 73 écrit sur le bras. Here you can see that there it says X 73. So that tells me it's, comme un 73 millimeter X style chassis, but let's go through a little pros and cons. That was a great fun flight. I would have had the video up on the fat sharks. I was recording, as well as the commentary and as well as this camera here kind of recording like a side view, so you could kind of see it a couple different angles. But the worked great for this one plenty of range, especially in a house going through a bunch of walls, appliances and all kinds of stuff. I didn't fly this thing outside. You could fly it outside and little to no wind but it's really windy outside today. So I didn't want to take it out there and lose it, but I'd imagine you'd have great range and it would fly very well and no wind, as it did inside here.

The camera seemed pretty good. I will say that I had to tweak the camera out of the box. I had to adjust the focus. It was pretty well out of focus and also this little mechanism here is a little tough to get used to this little clamp mechanism. I had to actually superglue it in the place I wanted to because it kept kind of popping outand it was very hard to tighten this plastic screw it's kind of like a detaching, tilting mechanism. So I just got it where I wanted it to be. As far as the camera tilt and then tighten it as much as possible and put a little dab of superglue on there, this propeller guard seems a little brittle. You can't see it here, but I in a crash in the house on the wall it actually broke. Let me see if I can see where that is you see where my finger is here, that he broke right there and it actually broke off of one of these parts where it touches the arm. So this whole thing was kind of hanging off and I just super glued it back up. So not the best and most strong propeller guard, but it does work and it would have been nice if they gave you an extra set of propellers there's. No extra propellers in the box, so you're gon na, have to order another set of those which should be down in the link in the description of where you can get this as well, they should have some propellers cool thing, bien que.

Is they give you two batteries? They give you these two batteries and I will have had that flight time pop up on the screen here. I'Ll go ahead and make sure I give it a full battery until it goes ahead and force lands and have that tiny pop up on the screen. So you know exactly how much flight time you are gon na get with this one, but pleasantly surprised, vraiment amusant. The fpv stayed and very good connection throughout the house, and this is kind of where this little one's gon na be flown. Mostly, is you know around the house if you've got a big house, there's it'd be perfect for you or like at the park in like a no win situation when nobody's around this thing is gon na be a lot of fun, especially since you can connect it To your Tyrannis, if you've got one of these or your radio of choice, just depending on which one you get this one, is the fr sky receiver built in so that's? Why I connected to this Taranis so anyway, I think that's gon na, be it a very fun little guy highly recommend this one for in the house and no wind, and I hope you enjoyed that review. Don'T forget to check out the links in the description of where you can get this one, and I really recommend something like The Fat sharks. It is a kind of a big investment, but I'll have this linked in the description as well.

I love these because you can just press a button and you can record what you're seeing in here and it's perfect for reviews like this, and I also love the Taranis again larger investments, these two guys, but if you're gon na be getting into this and staying In the hobby for a while, well worth the price for these investments, bien sûr, there's also cheaper things at the website. I'Ll have this link to if you didn't want to check those out and go with a cheaper route, there's, moins cher, goggles or cheaper, transmitters and all kinds of stuff.