Aujourd'hui, you guys are probably still staying at home because of the stay home orders, and it seems that so a whoop season has been extended for all of us recently we're sticking closer to home. So a lot of people are doing backyard flying, and this is a great time to release this review because of all that, hopefully you guys are staying safe out there and you're not going around people as much as you possibly can to avoid getting the virus. But I am excited because I have pretty much the world's lightest whoop here and betta FPV has come up with their own HD camera and DVR system. It is not a cat X originally. When I first got this, I thought it might be a baby turtle stuck in there, but it's. Réellement, the beta fpv nano HD camera and it is a CMOS sensor in there it's running around 800 TVL. It has that traditional whoop mount, so you could actually put it on other whoops if you wanted to buy one stand alone. If you want to buy one stand alone on the website, il ya environ 65. The cost for this particular with the camera on board, and the DVR system is around 169 with a receiver and that's the built in receiver as well. You can get it with crossfire. You can get it with the SMX on there and you can get it with Futaba, so they have all kinds of different receivers you can get.

It does Comstock's setup with the BT 2.0 connectors in the back as well, and it comes with two 1s 300 batteries milliampères. I have not tried to want to run it on 1s yet, but this quad is all about 2's flavor, and I have to tell you that the performance is great. The performance on this quad is two thumbs up right out of the gate, because it will power loop without washing out and doing a whole lot of weird stuff. The tune on is actually really good. Sur le contrôleur de vol, it is an f4 flight controller. Nous avons 31 millimeter props alone. Here we have the zero eight zero two motors, and let me just tell you the kV on those those are actually 14000 KO, so they're, not quite as high as some of the other motors that I got from them. Comme 20000 kV so I'm, getting a pretty good flight time, three and a half minutes is actually pretty good with my flying, so I think you could get a little over four minutes. If you were to really just kind of go easy, you can also sub at least 300 milliamps for a couple 450 s that will handle that, but you will feel the weight I put a little strapped on the bottom as always to see if it would handle These two larger batteriesand it actually does which is nicethe beta fpv, nano HD camera and DVR setup ways with the camera and the DVR board itself around 6.

8 grammes, whereas the Kat X, baby turtle weighs in at around 9. So they did beat out CAD X by a couple grams, ce qui est génial, so you can now put an even lighter DVR system on pretty much any whoomp out there, but again it's nice to be able to it. You can buy this now and just fly it. The way it is not only is the camera great on here at a nice 800 tv out resolution with 1080p onboard DVR footage at 60 frames per second or 30 cadres. If you want it, it's also switchable between 16 par 9 et 43 via the little OSD configurator, I did not get one, but my CAD X version configurator does work on it to be able to get into the menus, ce qui est agréable. It also has a recording field of view of around 170 degrés, and this is the micro SD card slot in the back. It records down to mp4 files, which is nice because it works on the Mac or the PC, and you can get up to about a 64 gigabyte card in here for your recording of videos and the voltage range is pretty decent. You power this board straight to the battery terminal on the flight controller, and you can run it up to about 20 volts, so it'll handle from 5 à 20 volts, ce qui est génial. You can power it off your traditional 5 volt supply, where you can just power.

It straight off your battery terminals, and it will do just fine, either way now what's also kind of cool is they did use the meteor 65 cadres. So if you wanted to build up one of these, you could get the parts and do it yourself using the meteor 65 frame and one of these particular canopies. It is a little bit taller in there because they do have the board just above where the f4 flight controller is the all in one flight controller, with the esc s the plug play motors on the side and up front right here, you have your bind button For your built in fr sky receiverand you have a boot button just behind that, on the left hand side you have decent dampening in here as well, all the way around it has extra dampening up on the top board as well for the DVR. So the camera actually before I broke it has a lot less vibrations. À présent, after it hit my van pretty hard, I was trying to go under the van of course, as always with my whoops. This canopy didn't fare so well, but a little bit of CA and it's back together. It does not have any screw mounting points on the camera, so it's kind of has to be sandwiched in between this particular canopy. So if you decide to build another whoop take that in consideration that you might want to purchase one of these injection molded canopies from bata FPB, then speaking of vibes, I think the tune is actually pretty good on this quad.

But I want to give you a little bit of a close up of the gym fan. Thirty one millimeter props, those are three blade props and they do have a 1 millimeter hole in the middle. So if you're trying to buy thirty, one millimeter props make sure that you buy the one millimeter hole versions and they will fit just fine over top of these 0a0 two motors but I'm, happy that these are the 14000 kV Edition. They'Re, not the super hopped up. 20000 kV we just don't need it for this particular type of airframe, and it has great performance. So let's go ahead now and let's put it on the scale and let's. Do it weigh in so I'm just gon na turn on the scale now get the scale zeroed out, I'll put the quad on the scale without the battery first and we're at 33 grams they're, actually a little more than what the website says. It says it weighs around 30 grams and we'll put the 1 s 300s on there and we're up to 49 grammes à droite. There let's just go ahead and weigh it with the to 450 s. If you would just get the longest flight time possible. 59 grams total takeoff weight for the heavier batteries. Bien, guys let's go ahead and try the fpv flight test out on a day where it looks awesome. This is your typical sunny day that you would see this camera and its best performance, low light, it's still going to perform pretty damn good, and you can see my DVR in the middle of the screen.

That'S 1080p at 60 images par seconde, and then you can see the 800 Tv, oh recorded, DVR footage from my goggles on the bottom left. What was nice about this is that when I got this particular whip from beta fpv, the RSS I was already set up. You can see the top right hand corner of the screen on that little tiny, fpv DVR. You can see the numbers change in there and I didn't fly too far away from the parking lot. Someone else complained about the range on the stock built in that first guy receiver, so that's gon na be one thing for you guys to test you're, not gon na get super far away with a built in SPI receiver. Even the X version at fro sky X versus the shorter range version it's just not gon na go as far d 16 it'll still get you out there a little ways, but not not performance wise. So the cool thing about this is that, with my flying style, I was still able to get over four minutes flight time, which is really good and I'm gon na try a low power loop, Pas mal, see a little bit of shutter there, and I had enough Control instability to get out of that when I came back around and not hit my bro standing over there got ta say thanks for these guys for putting up with me today with flying around them with my annoying fpv quad, but tiny whoops they're awesome.

They won't hurt anybody and you can find some pretty amazing gaps to fly through when to go long ways right here, didn't make it. But when I hit my van, I broke my canopy and that's why mine looks pretty thrashed, and I have to comment on that because I have a prototype canopy, which was just basically slapped on there. It is not the injection molded version it's. Actually one of the first ones they made and then just airbrushed it that beta flight blue so is not durable, which you guys saw but that's okay, because it's flying good and after I broke it. I was definitely gon na have to be able to reinforce it again. En quelque sorte, maybe with a little bit of hot glue, will take those vibes out of it. I had some other footage from today, that's just not usable but they're, going again for that power. Look bottom. Doubt on that one, but not a lot of washout, which is really awesome. So there's not a lot of bad tuned on this quad and that's, really good news for you guys it flies awesome, it's, ultra lightweight indoors or outdoors. This would be just like so much fun, but let's go ahead now, let's check out some backyard footage on an overcast day and it actually started raining on me right here. It'S awesome. Whenever you seem to need to get something squeezed into a video, it starts raining or you have some kind of crazy thing happen, but yeah we're on YouTube and we can do videos regardless of what's, going on and there's my kovat business suit right there.

My stay at home work from home sort of jammy pants instead of slacks, but this thing can take some hits and surprisingly looks pretty decent. I can see a little bit of cloud definition up there once I get the quad up kind of high in this DVR and all the Greens still look really green in this video, which is pretty impressive for their nano DVR, and I didn't have a lot of Freeze upand I think the frame rate and what I'm seeing in the goggles looks real time. It'S the millisecond is very high on here and I don't think it has a lot of delay even when I hit the seesaw, but back out in the yard. Now what's fun also about it is that it is a very small proximity flier. So you can pretty much fly this in just about any backyard and again it will take some hits. You seem to tell me a lot of control when I hit hard surfaces like the side of the house. So one thing about that flight controller is it does look like it'll trip up and kind of throw you into the ground. If you touch something a little bit of annoying characteristic of some whoops out there but I'm happy with this one guys, and I think that we're gon na talk about some really good results, but I'm gon na go ahead and land. This thing before I totally fry it in the rain here we go all right guys welcome back from the flight test.

So what do you think about this little 65 X HD? Are you excited that this one came out? I like it and I don't even honestly, I don't even care that it has HD on it. I think that's a great sort of move toward the future, and everything is just gon na get better and better with electronics. Over time it just keeps getting smaller and smaller. What I'm excited about is the fact that you can have performance and HD all in one package. Now that is super light at a whooped size, because for years I've just been we've only been sharing our you know. Our non HD footage our DVR footage from our goggles and we're fine to the point now where we can share some actually pretty damn good, looking footageand I would say this one's on par with anything that CAD X, makes and it's interesting, because beta fpb, like Seems to just keep producing all of their own hardware and electronics, qui est vraiment vraiment génial, so they're a huge competitor in the whoop market. They started out with some real issues with QC and I think they've listened to the to the crowd over time. And you know in the community, people have been saying you know we want this quality control to be better and people still complain about it. So that is something that all these companies obviously are working on all the time, but I had fun with it.

I think their performance is there for the money. You would expect that this thing would be a rocket and it is it feels like as much of a rocket as the meteor 65. pour moi, I don't see a lot of difference, and I think the tune on here is also really good. I like the fact that you can also get it an over a min, a four minute flight time, as well as extreme performance. With this s, 300 milliamp set up just a little bit shorter flight time around three minutes with that set up. But this one is gon na be a little bit harder to power loop, la 450 batteries just you can start to feel the weight. But if you want an upwards of five minutes flight time, definitely try out these two batteries on there, with your strap just put on any type of strap on the bottom, you can run the the strap across underneath this 3d printed tray and that works out pretty Good for me, I am also happy that I'm able to take these connectors and put them on any other type of third party charger, like the six and one charger from eating right here. It does support the pH 2.0 connector and since you have converters that come along in your box, I believe you get one, but you can also buy extras of this one and and plug into your charger. And then you can charge six at once, and these charges really are cheap guys.

I think they're like 10 bucks or something like that, and you can run a 4s battery. You can also charge with USB cable on these as well so they're they're, pretty nice Chargers in comparison with the one that comes along with it only charges two at once, but these are also kind of nice because you can run these off of USB, but you Can also charge off these if you have a power bank, you can also plug in your power back to this USB port for a power supply or you can plug in an AC 12 volt juste ici. So you have a lot of options with these little chargers. They'Re just awesome, but I have to say again: I love the performance of this quad and the camera looks great. So everything about is two thumbs out. It is a five. It would be a 10 star quad if I could give it 10 étoiles, I'd, say again: 5 stars for the beta fpv, 65 2x updated HD version. They also have a regular version that they've also updated with these new motors and have for flight controller. So I'll put those links down below you, guys can check them out, hopefully you're staying safe out there and staying at home and flying guys.