5 inch level. This is a little 2 à 3 s. Lipo 450 million battery is the one we're gon na suggest for this one, and it is fairly low profile with the 16 par 16 stack on their dipole off the back and a really nice power setup on here we have a wheelbase of a hundred and fifteen Millimeters on this unibody frame, we have a runcam nano 2, which is usually the camera we like and a TPU camera mount here, reducing some of the weight and the jello, ce qui est agréable. I have both of my antennas already mounted on here for me ready to go since this was a binding fly, which is super sweet three bolts release that top plate. Four stack access really easy to work on this little micro and we have a nice Avant, strap that came along with it with a metal buckle which I love. So I always ask for we got the 3m right there for your battery and in the back there's. Your XT 30 all ready to go with your 450 so as lipo a my XM plus and my capacitor back there on the very back of the quad, my dipoles back here with a TPU mount as well to my 200 milli watt VTX, which is super sweet Down here we have the s if' for flight controller, from Avant quads and to 240 SCS and they're, saying they're not telling us what size this or so I'm gon na guess those are about 12 amp, 16 of us 16 millimeter stack as well, and plenty of Dampening and we have the classic HQ 65 millimeter props on there.

Those are pretty sweet, 2.5 inch to be exact and what maybe is making this quad so fast at that these are rebranded brother hobby motors with the Avant logo. là-dessus, they're 1103 7650 kV motor super fast, two bolts on the bottom, holding that motor on the frame and on the bottom of the frame. We have three point: five millimeters that's, actually really thick for any type of micro. Brushless out there let's go ahead and zero out the scale and put the quad on there get the dry weight with no battery 56 grammes, Pas mal 55 grammes, and with the three s 450, which is the recommended battery of choice, you can get about three minutes Flight time out of that, if you're ripping for minutes, if you're just taking it easy, 95 grammes, total takeoff weight that's under 100 grammes, it's awesome, so let's go ahead and get the quad up in the air. Now this is a great test, because I'm gon na show you what happens to a 3s for 50 million at battery in 40 degrés. Look at the immediate battery sag we're, already down to 11.5 there on around 57 throttle up to around 70. We dip down to like 10 volts, so cold combo with a 3s 450, not the best choice for this quad you're. Only gon na get about 2 minutes de temps de vol. Honnêtement, avec un 3 s 450, if you're ribbing on the throttle and trying to get some speed.

Like I'm doing here, so I recommend a battery on this quad, pour vous les gars, it's gon na be the 3 s 550 à 650 sized battery, and then you're gon na have a much longer flight time in the three minutes to four minutes range, especially on those Days where it's like 50 degrees and warmer, but I have to say that just ripping around the field, this quad feels really locked in and the other thing about this quad. Is that not only is it lightweight, the power to weight ratio is probably 10 à 1 ou plus. It is pre tuned, which is great because that's why it feels like I'm flying a rocket with no vibrations, no bad jitter. Even on some of the really hard moves. I didn't see any jitter coming back down or around from some of those power loops and I'm. Loving the speed, the size and agility of this quad, I mean I can turn on a dime. I could stop. I can rip around trees and do it y'all snap. I can do huge power lips, no problem and right there I'm getting blown back from the wind. The wind is blowing quite a bit. Today was blowing around 15 miles an hour today when I did this flight test, but if you're new to quads, you have to know that when quads don't really care about wind too much, which is awesome except for when you're trying to do a power loop.

So let me go ahead and we're gon na finish out this battery in a second here before I totally toast it, and it also could be sagging mainly because of these temperatures that we're flying in the old battery and these rippin rippen rebranded brother hobby motors. So now we got the second battery on there and we're gon na go ahead and do a little more ripping with this quad. Get it going down the slalom spot right here through these trees, feeling it a little bit better this time and very very fast, not losing a lot of time around those trees right there and anybody that's flying multigp. Si vous êtes, there goes a durability test. If you are flying multigpand you want to put a quad up there on the race course it's going to be competitive with other guys on the track at this class 2.5 pouce, this is absolutely hands down. One of the fastest 2.5 inch quads I've flown for 2020 and yeah it's, still early 2020 gars, but I don't know that there's gon na be much out there. That'S gon na be faster on 3s and 2.5 inch props it's, just unless you're talking about the twig XL, but you're you're going up a size in the prop there and also power system. But it flies like a big quad around the field, which I love and I'm sporting, an xn plus on here right now, so I have tons of range with this and on 200 milliwatt for the VC X.

I get way out there. You can see a raindrop there, but the flip and roll is really nice. Nice flip super tight snap on y'all axis, vraiment sympa. It feels like I could go anywhere and do anything with this quad, so I think it. It definitely has dual purpose: it's, a race, quad or it's a massive. You know little baseball field, Freestyle quad! You can fly it in a small spot where you can take it out in the big field and just rip with it out in the big field and back down into this drainage. Ditch right hereand this takes me back. This takes me back because I've been flying Avant for several years now and if you've been on my channel for several years, you might have been with drum camps when we have the original Avant. It was my in ex4 frame sent to me from Avant man that quad was freaking crazy, obtenir le 650 batterie, bien que, and you'll have much more fun. So this is my avant NEX for a squash X, total Ripper. I rip this one out on the coast of Oregon and I flew it off cliffs for my maiden flight and it reminds me of the the old school. I forgot the name of those quads. What would they called squirt of the squash or something like that? Damn it I can't, Rappelez-vous, oh so, a friend of mine had the same quad but very similar, but they had cool blue carbon and they still make the blue carbon, ce qui est génial, but look at the size difference in these two quads 2.

5 inch and a four Inch quad man it's like the past and the future sitting right next to each other here, but both of these quads are definitely worth owning. I don't think they make the NEX series anymore. They'Ve moved on but I'm impressed with this, and it surprised me it did surprise me because I you know: I've had a ton of micro brushless in my shop and here comes another micro brushless. Pourquoi? What would be the big difference in this one? bien, the carbon looks absolutely beautiful. The finish on this carbon is really nice. The gloss looks great. It handles really well I'm. Just gon na suggest you get a bigger battery on here from a 550 à un 650 size battery out. I try to put some links down below for those batteries and this strap will fit a 550 à 650 batterie, ce qui est génial, but what a classy quad and another super super stellar released from Avant. I love every single clod of theirs that got my hands on and, if you ever own one of these, you will like it so two thumbs up for performance. The upgraded motors on here the frame is easy to work on and it's just a winner, because you can buy it behind a fly, it's ready to go so I have no problems with it.