2 les propriétaires. There are still solid reports of people struggling to get their product working or activated. À présent. Last week i did put a video out talking about the common issues, getting both the drone activated, as well as the goggles version 2.. This was based on some information shared by a user called it’s blunty, and it allowed you to actually downgrade the firmware on the fpv goggles when you don’t have the drone to allow you to switch the mode and get it working now. I did put a quick short video out in the middle of the week saying it appears this has stopped working and right now. The information i have is that might or might not be the case. Some users are finding, it is still working for them and others are finding it isn’t for fpv drone users. The majority of the issues center around the fact that they are downloading the wrong app for their android device directly from the google play store dji at the moment, are not able to update their apps on the play store due to the financial block that’s been put In place in the us on ios, they are actually able to update their app, but on placed or they’re not and to get the latest app on google, you have to actually download it directly from the dji website and sideload it on your device. À présent, if you are someone who’s having issues, i have put a video out and i’ll put a link to it in the description of the video, and hopefully that will help you through further to that this week, we’ve seen an fcc filing for a new drone from Dji called the a2s now this appears to be an updated or a changed version of the mavic a2.

There is no real information on this at this time, other than the actual fcc label now dji over the last couple of months have been changing their product, labeling and we’ve. Seen many of the products go from like osmo to oh or mavic to m2 and it’s a clear that, with this dji are looking to drop that mavic name once again, when there is more information on this, i will share it with you, but here and now I’M, expecting this to be a mild update on the product, possibly with some improvements around the camera really just a bit of a refresh to reignite sales of this model, that’s been out for a little bit of time now, sticking with dji. They have also made a big change this week to their enterprise program that has upset pretty much all of their enterprise dealers globally. They have announced that they are going to be selling enterprise models directly on their website now before to buy a dji enterprise drone. You had to actually buy it directly from an enterprise dealer. You could not buy it from dji, and the reason for this was to allow the dealers to offer the best possible help, support and advice to make sure you get the best enterprise product dji also heavily relies on their enterprise dealers to actually provide the service and Support for these enterprise models as well, toutefois, this week they have now added sales of enterprise models directly on the dji store, which cuts their dealers out of the line altogether.

Now this has not gone down well and there’s been some interesting comments posted across social media as well as dealer pages dji have said they don’t really see this as a big issue because they won’t be offering discounts. toutefois, when you do anything that takes us a dealer out of the picture, it’s certainly not going to be something that goes down well now. It is going to be interesting to see how dji handle this, because they are saying they’re going to be providing their world class customer service to enterprise users, just like they do for their normal users. There are some questions around that that remain to be seen, because anyone who has used dji support over the last couple of years might not class it as world class, but we’re going to have to see how they get on further to this. If you do want to buy yourself a dji enterprise model, you can now get yourself an m300 directly from the dji website for about 10 and a half thousand pounds a h20t for another 10 grand, and you can get yourself a battery for the m300. Pour environ 750 pounds each as well and finally, moving back to the fpv drone, there has been a number of fcc hacks shown over the last week or so drone hacks have an app that you can buy for 25. That allows you to put the drone into fcc, and some guy on facebook did share a fpv drone being put into fcc on ios.

toutefois, he hasn’t shared anything else on that at this moment. In time now, over the next week, i will be putting out a video talking around all of these fcc hacks, and whilst there are some available, they are not as simple as the fcc hacks that we have had for the ear units. They will be hacks that you need to do on the devices and there will be some skill needed to be able to get these up and running or there will be some drawbacks to using one versus the other. The ios hack does work with the fly app and it does allow you to keep the fly up open and i will be sharing more information on that in the near future. A little bit of patienceand hopefully you guys, will be able to see what some people have been working on anyway, that’s it for me from this week’s drone news. I hope you have found it interesting.