We knew this wasn't Florida he's never made so happy, he's Devin, so happy to be in Florida, his life. So this is Edwin aka you Robbie! Oh, I finally know how to say his FPV name. We featured him on community spotlights and other row to ride episodes and all of his videos he's flying all these like epic spots, all these epic Bandos, and so I hit him up and said: can we get into one of these Florida Bandos and it does not Disappoint but he's like one of the best Florida rivers, I didn't been following him for a while really psyched we're finally getting to fly together: Applaudissements musicaux, La musique, Music and always that before Music. Now I got a reputation: they don't Music, ma musique, Applaudissements musicaux, La musique, La musique. So I lost a GoPro in the grass after having a good flight, but then drew over here was really encouraging. Me gave me a GoPro here at 7 to fly with. You know what quads flying great locations pretty awesome. I think I'm being such a good flight footage so win every day. So thank you got a El Presidente Music Applause Music. This right here is old phosphate. When did it shut down? I think those 2011 that recently yeah looks like a lot longer. The town was built around this plant. d'accord, this I literally Florida Chernobyl found in every Music Music, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, Music Music me status, update what's happening needle in a haystack he's got the metal detector and he's calibrated it to my session five in hopes of finding Danny's good old session five.

I got excited these were almost the size of a session when your foot hits it not quite Music: Applaudissements, La musique, La musique, Applaudissements musicaux, La musique, La musique, La musique, Au moins 40 square feet around here. We'Ve had at least 20 different people come in. We even made two lines and everybody just two feet apart and we combed through still nothing I'm. Sorry I'm done with this yeah thanks to training.