The parachute come here baby, so we’re here in eagle, mountain it’s, a pretty ominous name for a place to train falcons because eagles are just they’re, our arch nemesis, but we’re going to try to get her to go up. She’S got a 75 foot limit. Then she’s not going above that right now, but we’re gon na try to drone her to train her to go higher than 75 pieds. Par là, she can get a height advantage and use that prowess of the stoop so stay tuned and we’ll show you what that is. Don’T forget to smash that, like button stay tuned for more jair, falcon adventures, we’re out here with blaine stewart and his prairie falcon, who is the mother to my boy, xander it’s, d'accord, come on good boy, bud and we’re gon na fly her to a drone up To 450 feet and see how well she does she’s going to show us how to fly a drone in the modern age of falconry it’s, one of the most efficient means of exercising a falcon and there she goes without hill training. So i’ve been doing the hill training thing so far, it’s worked out pretty well, but i just can’t get my bird to go over 75 feet in the flats, so we’re doing we’re gon na try this open country, télécommande, airplane stuff, elle est, climbing now a little Bit of a pop there, maybe there’s a little bit of a thermal prairies, are so fun to watch boy, elle est, climbing right up yeah.

She is that’s good, a little bit of thermal now she’s, just like oh yep. Did you get it she’s almost to the draw? No now she’s ready 370., oh l'homme, i lost she’s climbing now. Non, she set her wings yeah there’s. Definitely thermal is she’s still going up, though yeah she’s up just depends on whether she wants to come over and hit the drone she’s at 400 feet she’s at the groin. bien, she set her wings and going up in a thermal, so hopefully she’ll just go in and slam that drone i’m just going to make it auto home and she should come. I hope she comes back toward. I don’t want to go chase her yeah she’s up to 500, no she’s that’s, the beauty of thermals man. It just takes them right up, but they can go up way too far too 600 feet drone’s coming back, elle est, she’s interested bro. Pour certaines raisons. I just can’t pick her out: oh yep there she is she’s right up over there. She goes she’s going for the pigeon straight vertical there. She goes she’s gone for the pigeon straight vertical pigeon straight vertical. Oh maintenant, she’s gon na chase it straight out and she’ll. Come back eventually, d'accord, 1300 pieds de distance: she’s dried out right out! There drone out there here, she’s coming back, she really likes chasing pigeons doesn’t. She she’s like nope, not that time, she’s she’s actually flying her fat because i can’t get away though prairies they’re, like sakers and jurors man.

I can’t get that jer to lose weight either that’ll bring her in. There goes a pigeon she’s she’s going straight for it dead. She killed me. Oh boy, this is a three quarter. Peregrine quarter. Juror needs a coke job, bad he’s, a good looking bird yeah don’t make excuses. We just we just have fun, take care of them. The best we can that’s it he’s bumping out yeah bird really knows how to i mean that hybrid digger yep, that hybrid vigor for sure they’re really really useful for abatement man. Oh man yeah. They just have to fight they’re in the sky trails. Almost every time. Right they’re engineered you put juror and peregrine together, you get the fastest and the strongest and hybrid figure he’s climbing nice pumping way out, though yeah that’s, what they do so patrick says he will turn and go straight to the drone and just climb straight up on His tail he may not today, but he’s done it before the camera. Oui, he doesn’t have the experience to know he can’t. Do it and he’s gon na zigzag a little bit it’s pretty cool, though he just pumped straight up into it. Let’S see if i can get a shot with the drone yep there. He goes right to a bum. Oh he caught it right there, so he pretty much went right to it, but now he’s got a parachute. Falcon parachutes, homme, all of that in three and three and a half minutes three and a half minutes nice.

The key is how close to my without having to get in the way of the drone get to it without having to get in the way of the drone nice flight falcons back on the fist it’s a great day, yeah get it up, get it out about You know 100 150 feet and then let’s just have her fly out and take it from it. d'accord, take the hood off yep there. You are baby what you think: okay we’re gon na yep just sitting there is not as if you’ve ever trained the lure. This is the lure out there exactly. je pense, she’ll go for it, aller, get it baby, aller, get it go up, go up, go up, go right! There boom! Oui, Oui, Parfait, d'accord, great good job baby, D'accord! She did really good there’s. The parachute come here. Baby good girl, non, you don’t need a mantle it’s, d'accord, good girl, Oui. You did really really good, really really good yeah. C’était amusant. That was joe phil’s. First drone big. You know air drone training the first two times we introduced her to it. She was like yeah, i don’t think i don’t want this. I don’t want anything to do with this thing, but you know we’re progressing and this is falconry in the modern age. So i am testing out the mavic dji mini ultralight drone. As my way to drone train my birds. I ran a little cable through the inside of the drone, so just some fencing, wire and so far it hasn’t interrupted too much of the sensors.

The sensors are at the back for the auto land, donc je suis, hoping it won’t, interfere with it and then i’ve got just a you know: bread tie to secure it that will hopefully release if something else doesn’t. You know if the parachute doesn’t take doesn’t work. So then i’ve got a pigeon wing with some meat ties, hopefully be sufficient for getting the bird to go up into the sky. Eight feet of line of this high tensile paracord the parachute and to a quick release there’s a quick release. I had to do some decrease the sensitivity so that it doesn’t uh just pull my drone straight out of this guy and then that goes to the parachute and that’s a free floating system. So i mean, Je pense, Je suis, a parachuter guy, so i might as well try training my drone, my birds with parachutes, full swivel system up to the drone and hopefully it’ll work out great. This is what most guys use is the dji phantom phantom series phantom 4, and it connects really nicely, but bye. Good boy only took the bait after five minutes of coaxing him now he’s enjoying his nice reward, that’s the trouble with first time droning. Second time droning. I should have just been feeding him with it. He would have already known to just take the food that it has food attached, but you know at least now he’s getting there.