Today'S clip is the second contest in our summer of drones, giveaways that's, my favorite part of the clip anyway today we're giving away a brand new mavic air, it's, beautiful and it's in a sealed box. Brand new never been used before. If you win this contest, you get the drone a full size, manette, a battery, a charger everything you need to put this beautiful flying machine up in the air. Now you may already be thinking: wait a minute that's, a mavic air there's, a new mavic air 2 hors. This must be an older drone. It can't be that good. You could not be more wrong. This is a phenomenal drone. When this was released. It was state of the art everybody looked at this and went how could they build a drone that's that smart in that tiny little package it's one of my favorite drones? I still fly it matter of fact, when i'm done, with this clip i'm, taking this guy out back and i'm going to put them up for a little bit, but inside that tiny little package which, by the way folds up small enough to fit in your pocket. You get 4k 30 cadres, a second video recording at 100 Mégabits, a second which means you're, going to get phenomenal pictures and amazing video with this product. It can fly for 21 minutes on a fully charged battery that's, assez étonnant. It can also fly an astounding 6.2 miles now.

Don'T fly that far. We have visual line of sight requirements in the states. I hate to be your dad but i'm telling you keep it within visual line of sight. But knowing you can fly 6.2 miles means you're. Gon na have a rock solid picture anywhere. You fly in your backyard or out in an open field, so phenomenal drone from that perspective, it's. Aussi, incroyablement, smart it's got three directional obstacle avoidance built in front back and down. À présent, if you raise up into a treeand you hit a branch, you're gon na crash it, but don't do that be smart about it, but knowing it's got the smarts to know things around it and not to run into them is a really good thing. En plus de cela,, it's got active track built in which means you can zero in on the target. Maybe you run around your backyard or your kids on a bicycle down the street and it's smart enough to follow that person and film everything that's going on around and that's pretty cool in addition to that, it's got quick shots built in. So you can take this out of the box charge up the battery register at first but charge up the battery. Put it up in the air and by tapping your screen, you can get all kinds of cinematic shots, francis ford, cobalt kind of stuff where it's circling you or shooting up away from you taking shots to you in the background behind you, so phenomenal drone it's, not Really, a starter drone it's more of a prosumer level drone, so it's really really a nice little package now we're giving this away just like we did the last contest.

I love doing these kind of clips, so i can be a little bit silly, but it's a simple contest center. We don't ask for any kind of crazy behavior. We don't want you to jump through hoops we're going to make it as simple as possible. So if you look below you're going to find a link, if you hit the link, a form will come up. All we're asking for is your email address, make sure it's a valid email address and your subscriber name you want to subscribe to the channel, because that gives me two ways to actually contact you in case you win this. I hate to have you win and may not be able to get a hold of you. So put your email in there and your subscriber name and if you haven't, subscribed to the channel hit that button down there we're trying to get to 100, 000 subs and we're, hoping that these kind of contests will help a little bit. So you know put one in for the cause hit that subscribe button anyway, we're gon na give it away there's no strings attached, comme je le dis, every time, there's, no shenanigans, the person who won the last onei probably shouldn't say this, but i will, when i Contacted him and said i'm sending you the drone, he said my wife didn't, believe it and said: we'll believe it when we see it well, believe it i'm going to send you the drone, because we tell you all the stuff you need to know on the channel And we're very honest about things.

So if you win the contest, no shenanigans, no shipping charges, we'll ship it to you. I don't care where in the world you live, could be cucamonga. I think that's a place, but anyway we're gon na ship. Toi, le drone, so enter the contest and good luck to everybody out there. Now i got ta say again: nothing delights me more than finding people that are flying for the first time and if i can do anything to help you get up in the air with a drone i'm gon na do that so when we're contacted by companies like Our good friends at dji, who said rick, you have a lot of subscribers in your channel that aren't flying today, we're going to send you a couple of jones, give them away on your channel. I was thrilled so we're happy to give this away and i'm even happier that people that win these can get out in the field and fly with their families in the sunshine of the fresh air and just really enjoy the hobby. So again i really love doing this. If you're watching the channel, you know we gave away a mavic mini we're, giving away a mavic air i'm going to tease you a little bit that there's more coming that's where i'll leave it there so definitely stay tuned to the channel, because we got a couple Of weeks left this summer, even though i'm going to stretch that into september just pay attention to the channel, we got a lot of cool stuff coming.

In addition to which i have a ton of clips coming as well, we got a lot of tech we're going to be reviewing, including new drones and new products, and who knows what's coming so stay tuned to the channel for that and that's all i had for Today, so if you have any questions, drop them in the comments below i'll get back to you as quickly as i can. But please enter the contest because i love giving this stuff away, and i want somebody out there to win it and be really happy flying the drone this summer and just smiling ear to ear like.