This is a mini foldable drone, so stay tuned to the intro what’s up. My name is doug. The bearded outdoorsman welcome to another video. If you enjoyed beard product reviews, gear reviews, gear tips, then you have come to the right place. Please consider hitting that subscribe button. If you haven’t already and get over and check out my website all right, so let’s jump into this today. We’Re going to talk about this mini foldable drone of the a10 from snaptan now that’s. What the box looks like now, this drone um, i ordered it from amazon and just wanted to try it out and check it out, but it was a little bit smaller than i thought it was when i ordered it on amazon. Like i said this is the a10 a couple of the features that the box says that it does is throw and go circle fly high speed, rotation, dazzling lights, 360, flip gestures for photo video headless mode, one key takeoff and landing photo video voice control. It does like a, je pense: a 720p um is the quality of the camera, but this is a small drone. So let’s talk about what all you get in the package, so you get some extra propellers and a little screwdriver. You get, bien sûr, your instruction manual and a quick start guide, get your remote control. d'accord, it looks like a video game controller, you get two batteries and that is the battery and then to charge the batteries.

You use a usb plugs into usb and it has this small prong here and that’s what plugs in to the battery right there, and so the actual usb will light up red when it’s charging and it will light up green when it is fully charged. So let’s put that in there and i think that’s all you get in the box, so this is the drone, as is with the prop guards now i’m, not a fan of prop guards. toutefois, i’ve been flying this little booger in the house, and so i don’t want to ruin it. I don’t want to mess up the propellers or break something at home in the house, because my wife will shoot me, so i run it with the prop guards. So this is what it looks like like, J'ai dit, folds down and it just folds right up. You can fold it with the prop guards on. It does take a little finagling to get it over the propellers and then you can pull this one and i always do it backwards. I always do the wrong one first and because there’s a certain way, you do it, but that is it fully opened and ready to fly. So your battery goes in the back right here. It’S got a little tab that holds it in place and it is a little bit of a challenge to get it in and out because it is such a snug a little fit, but it just goes in right.

There and we’ll click when it’s in so that’s that then on the front side, you’ve got two lights here and that is your camera. Now there’s, no gimbal there’s, no changing the camera angle. It’S there, okay let’s, look at the remote for a second, so the remote feels really good. It feels quality. You mount your phone here and my only problem is: it takes a screwdriver to get to the batteries. I just don’t like that. It does not come with the batteries and i think it uses three triple a. Maybe i may be wrong, but the website tells you so a couple of the features that this remote has. Bien sûr, you’ve got your power button here, your joysticks, your your joysticks you’ve got your take off button. You’Ve got a circle. Button to go around, you’ve got a headless mode, and then this button here is a 360 rotation des degrés. When you hit that button. If your drone is facing this way, it’s going to just start in place, it has hover, it will hover in spot uh when you hit that button. It just starts spinning really fast in one location and when you hit you it’ll, do it until you hit the joystick and when you hit your directional joystick, it goes back to whichever way it was facing. So if it’s facing you, when you push that button and then it’s, spinning and say it’s here when you push forward, it finishes the rotation and then starts flying.

So i love that because first time i hit the spin, i was scared that i was going to hit direction and it was just going to go some way. I didn’t want it to go, but you don’t have to worry about that. These buttons over here are your trim buttons, so you can trim it if it’s drifting and then this button up here actually will turn the led lights that are on this drone. Uh it’ll turn them on and off up top your triggers. You have four buttons. You have one for photo one for video, you have a speed control, it has three speeds and what it’ll do is when this drone is in the air uh and you hit this button. Ça va, give you an audible sound will, give you audible, sound to let you know which speed it is it’ll, be once for first two beeps for middle grade and then three beeps for fast. Then you have 3d flip. So you push this button. It will start beeping and then you use your directional button and that’s the way it will flip and go go back. So i mean it works really. bien, so let’s talk charge time so charge time on the batteries is a 45 frais de minute, time which isn’t bad, but these are some small batteries, so i thought it would be better, mais 45 minute charge time according to amazon. This has a seven minute flight time per battery.

Maintenant, j’ai 10 minutes. I got easy 10 minutes of flight per battery, donc c’était génial. C'était super. Um says that it’s got 80 foot of distance to where you can see on your phone. What the drone sees, so you can go 80 foot away and then you have control of it with the controller up to 260 pieds. Donc, c’est, not a long range drone by by any means, but it is really fun to fly. Je peux vous dire: it has been awesome awesome to fly now. Let’S talk price, while this thing’s sinking up price 46.99 pour ce drone, not a bad price. d'accord, so we’ve got our drone synced to our controller. Comme vous pouvez le voir, our lights are solid. They’Re not blinking anymore, and to take off you just hit, take off button and it’s going to just go straight up and hover and there’s a little bit of wind. So it’s going to drift on me. So let’s bring it back and i will show you probably the coolest feature. This drone has so let’s land and we caught it back so now the controller i’ll just do this, so you guys can see so here’s the controller i’m not pushing any buttons i’m. Just holding it in our lights are on ready and it’s flying, oh and we’re gon na crash, because i got the controller upside down, and that is it. That is super simple to fly and it is so much fun.

I am probably going to buy another one of these for my kids to play with, but it is so much fun in the house. c'est, so lightweight it’s been just really windy and the weather hadn’t been right to fly it outside, but in the house it is definitely worthwhile to play around with and for the price i dropped my cheat sheet and for the price you cannot beat it. The price. 46.99, at the time of filming this on amazon i’ll have a link in the description below and you can get over and check it out on amazon if you’re interested. But this is the snaptan a10 mini drone i’mreally not worried about the camera. I did check it out and test it and took a picture in my house and it’s typical 720p um kind of grainy, pas le plus grand, but it did take a picture. There’S no place for a sd card on this, so everything is stored straight to your phone, but just for something to play around with in the house. This is a cool little toy, especially for a child to play around with now. According to the box, they they have to put this on there. They don’t recommend it for ages, euh sous 14 années d’âge, mais euh, mais, like i said for my kids, i think it would be fun to teach them how to fly a drone. Donc, avec cela étant dit, this little lightweight drone hovers 360.