We have a new al plus two here on the bench I'm, going to open this up and show it to you and I'm going to tell you what's different about this l2 versus the older al. Some of the upgrades that are included on this one and maybe why you possibly want to buy it so anyway, what's new, is definitely the OSD on here for battery voltage. The pilot name you've, seen that already on the channel from the Swift and some of the newer 2017 run camps are all coming out with those same features also has an onboard microphone. So you can add audio and record your motor noise. Some guys like to do that, while they're flying and also a little sort of beefier sturdier mounting bracket that comes along with it, but I'll go ahead and open that up and it is also eye, are blocked. It also comes with this little three position mounting brackets on the side of this little extra plate here. So if you have some sort of a configuration, we need to use this that's nice that they include that in this setup. Now this is a hundred and fifty degree field of view on this lens. le 2.5 limbsand this is the body that comes along with itthis is the single mounting bracket body. Aussi, on the back of this, it has a different style backplate. You can take this one off if you don't want to use this I'm, typically using racer quads this for racer quads.

I usually take this off if I'm going to mount it to the mount that comes along with it. I'Ll leave this on there, but you have another backplate here as well, so you can also get this one in NTSC and PAL versions are going to be available. I think they're an orange and black it's, always with run camp now, it's cool, because all the screws included with it also the accessories are now all m2 kind of standard m2 screws, yours that mounting bracket. You can use these on quads or SPD planes, qui est un peu agréable. You can adjust the tilt on here as needed. This one doesn't have little notches or degrees of tilt printed on this one I just noticed, but you do have a variety of mounting holes through the bottom there. If you want to use those now, this one is also I our blocks, comme, J'ai dit, with a lot of the other run cams. They are IR blocked and make some nice image quality and your input power on this one's 5 à 36 volts. So you can run this one directly off of your battery terminal. If you wanted to on your quad and it's, not going to fry it as long as you're flying 4 à 5 s runcam, it has a pretty nice voltage range on most of their products and muster their cameras are actually pretty wide voltage range, but it I Always suggest using an LC filter in between your video receiver and your board, if you kind of bounce off and do that directly from your power source on your quad as always now the weight of this one is fourteen point, seven grams, it looks like it has A pretty large lens on here so I'm expecting it to be a little bit heavier than something like the Swift might be a little heavier than that one.

But you also have the option with this one. It is called owl, so you have that sort of night vision the capability on this one. You can fly at night with this one and that's what's neat about the original owls that this one kind of sees in the dark and I'll try to give you a little example of that before we in the video now also in the Box. Aside from the camera, you get a variety of acessories with runcam stuff and I always liked our accessory packs. I always look forward to opening these up and adding them to my gear box and I'll. Show you a couple different things that come along with these? If you've never seen runcam stuff, this is cool because they usually give you one of these little OSD programmers. Non, not the OSD on the quad, like minim OSD, the OSD on the camera itself. So on the back here you can go into the camera settings with this little guy. If you just plug it into this far right port right here and once you're powered and you look inside your goggles or your monitor, you can hold it an upright position, just like this and press down to make a selection or you can use the joystick to Go left right up and down, and the cool thing about this accessory pack is also you get this little cable, and I love this because this actually plugs into to the far right hand side over here and once you do that after it's mounted on your quad, You can run this little cable down and out to the side of your race quad, so that you don't have to take your camera off or take a plate off the top of your quad to plug in your OSD programmer.

If you want to change some settings on the fly, I suggest mounting this somewhere, so you can access it. Some are accessible from the Saudi air quad, so you can plug that in and do your OSD programming pretty sweet, but you have a lot of things inside these cameras that you can change. You can change the brightness contrast, wdr settings and so on. Also in the accessory pack is two other cables here. This is the standard. This is your video, 5 volt and ground cable, and these are silicon by the way. I love that runcam gives silicon cables because sweet, because when you're soldering things, if you have to cut this wire and solder it onto some other type of harness for connecting to another VTX or flight board, vous pouvez le faire. And if you touch the side of this wire with a soldering iron you're not going to burn it, it's not going to melt and start smoking on you like a lot of plastic wire, does it's included with a lot of Cheaper components, runcam typically not really considered To be a cheaper component, so you also get some another harness on here as well, for hooking up to your camera and to your flight controller. If you need toand this is that m2 hardwareI was telling you guys about tons of hardware inside this pack – aussi, you get some nice spacers, some plastic spacers, so you don't have any problems with shorts, but these camera housings are plastic as well.

So you shouldn't have any problems with shorts, but if you're building, I always tell people to use a smoke stopper. If you don't know what a smoke stopper is just look it up on YouTube. You can build one for a couple: bucks pretty nice when you finish up a build to use your smoke stopper now so far, just powering this up outside and testing it before. I actually have it on a quad to go out and fly. This is great because hey in the Pacific Northwest, where we're at it's dark a lot, so this camera is great for places where it's going to be a little darker during the day. If you have an overcast day. C'est génial. It does really really well in low level light situations and when it approaches dark, it's been a lot of times when I've been flying cameras close to dark during the summer time and I'm out until the last minute of a day, and it gets a little bit Dark and then you just can't, see anything anymore, but as the Sun Goes Down with this particular camera, you're not going to have to worry about that, because this owl 2 plus is, is really going to change, as as the light levels go lower and lower. You'Ll still be able to see the ground, which is great some of the problems with some of the other cameras out. There is the fact that, when you're flying and the Sun starts to go downor it gets a little bit dark, tout d’un coup – you can't see below the tree line and the whole ground below the sky line looks black until you fly down at the Ground and get back to the ground level you'll be able to see again but very important that you're able to see to get back home safely.

Donc, de toute façon, guys that's been this quick little unboxing review of the run cam now let's go outside and show you some. Some footage of how my testing went with this owl plus 2 La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, La musique, d'accord, let's do some testing at night, it's, really pitch black outside right now and I'm, able to see pretty well with this camera. This altitude plus looks pretty good, I guess the definition, the tree trunks, I can see the leaves and the trees, and I definitely think I could fly with this camera at night, not supposed to be flying at night and I'm kind of a big channel so I'm. Not going to do that, but just wanted to go out and have fun with this camera at night and show you what it looks like outside in the pitch black in the dark. So thanks again for watching I'm Justin Davis I'll see you in the next one.