Protocol Galileo Stealth Quadcopter Drone (w/HD caméra) La revue

Please get pleasure from my evaluate of the Protocol Galileo Stealth Quadcopter Drone—a reasonably large drone that includes an HD digital camera & the flexibility to do some actually cool flips.


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  1. J’ai eu 1 pour 70 dollars ……I have mix feelings about this drone…..the drone itself is pretty cool the remote feels very cheap example the 1 I got the cable came off the circuit board so it wouldn't cone on due to a bad soldering job which I fixed myself I got a new remote and my next issue was that the drone stop transmitting a Wi-Fi signal so I could use the phone app. Now my camera stop working. I will say it is big and fun to fly despite its downfall. It should have a bigger better battery I do like the take off and landing controls feature. On a scale of 1 à 10 i will give it a respectable 6.5 which I think is very fair. Customer service is slow at first but they are very helpful and quick to resolve any issue that you have long as you have proof of purchase.

  2. Bonne vidéo, I just got one of these for Christmas. I’ve got some large gas RC airplane experience but this is my first drone. I can’t wait to go fly it!

  3. I can't even get mine off the ground!!

  4. I enjoyed your video, I have to be honest for the price tag in Canada I am not too impressed with my drone and I think the syma series would have been the way to go if I was comparing to a similar drone. Now this is the first drone I have purchased but I find it is quickly affected by interference, The video quality really is nothing to brag about and the Wi-Fi video to my phone is very choppy. During flight the drone is fun to fly but flight time is very short…. my two cents

  5. I need a drone with gimbal,and camera for 150$

  6. Do u think this drone is worth 60 bucks someone is selling it to me

  7. hey leo how does this drone have a gimbal for a gopro. the camera on the drone is tiny and i have never been able to find a photo of it either. i think i will be getting this drone i just need to make sure it can carry a gopro like u said

  8. I just bought one yesterday at bestbuy and its not releaseing any sort of wifi, is there a way to fix that?

  9. dad just got this, broke it on first flight

  10. D'accord. Thank you for your tips. I think I'm gonna keep looking for a drone but I will always know that the Galileo stealth should be a serious contender with the other drones I look at.

  11. Thanks Leo. Dernière question, what is the best drone for 300 dollars in your opinion I've been wanting to get another drone for quite some time now and I want to try to get the best one possible in my price range. My other drones were pretty cheap. I got them just so I could learn how to fly but now I think I am a very experienced pilot flying for more then 3 years now and I now all the little tricks most drones can do. So now I want the best drone I can get.

  12. Thanks Leo and btw I live in Canada. So between the stealth and the regular Galileo drone which one do u prefer

  13. aussi, does the stealth come with a gimbal or do you have to buy that separately?

  14. I'm thinking of either getting the Galileo, galileo stealth or the 3dr solo which one should I get

  15. I want a drone that can attach a gopro but also has good flying time unlike some of the other drones that carry gopros. Also love the videos they are so helpful

  16. Merci beaucoup. what drones would you recemend for around 300 dollars

  17. and does the phone holder come with it

  18. does this drone have a gimbal for a gopro like the older version or no?

  19. what's the range from the quad to the control

  20. How do I get the app I can't find it on the app store

  21. just bought 2 pour $53 on clearance at TJ MAX.

  22. I would haveliked to see a review of the controller and the trim tabs otherwise a good review

  23. cool video! I'm just now getting into drones/quads, I also subscribed feel free to check out my channel and subscribe if you'd like thanks.

  24. Do you know how to replace a motor in a protocol galileo stealth

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