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  1. Well your video ended before you gave your review after flying it. Qu'en penses-tu?

  2. I don’t know which one to buy this one or the more expensive blade inductrix please help

  3. If we get a lipo battery that is bigger, will it overload the drone? Or lengthen the flight time?

  4. Just a note: The Calibrating (both joysticks to the 5 o'clock position) is probably something you should be in the habit of doing. I didn't, and the Tunnel Drone flew uncontrollable, up into the tree. heureusement, was able to activate the props again, and it dropped to the ground. Another flight, it would not land and I had to swat it down. The flight time was limited to 3-4 minutes. The lack of an on/off switch is a negative, but perhaps just something less to break and the plug is nearly microscopic and appears quite fragile. Mais, for a mere $15, this can be a fun little drone. Advice to new drone usersnever trust your friend who claims to know how to fly your stuff, unless you are prepared to forgive them for losing or crashing it.

  5. I love this size and this time of year (hiver) these are a must have. Great to train with!

  6. merci pour cette video et presentation et surtout un joyeux noel

  7. I'm wishing you a wonderful merry Christmas to you and your family 🌲😊👍❗

  8. Wow it looks good – grande revue
    Does it only come in black?

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